Do You See the Chains?

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Do You See the Chains? 

Philippians 1:14 and most of the brethren in the Lord, having become confident by my chains, are much more bold to speak the word without fear.”

Paul was in chains because of Christ. This ignited boldness in the church.  It was when they saw the chains that it all became clear. What needed to be done became clear.  What needed to be said became clear.   The thought of their beloved apostle in chains… unchained them!

Let me ask you a question.  Do you see the chains?   Can you see basic rights removed and false rights created? Have you watched churches threatened by the IRS and local governments that want to exile congregations out of the American life?   Are you watching tax payer money used to advance an anti-God agenda?  Do you see the chains?

As you read this our government expands its ban on free speech and freedom of worship in the United States.  I know that a statement like that can seem unreal but let me assure you it is not.

Protests halted an outreach with Tim Tebow at First Baptist Church in Dallas simply because that church taught that homosexuality is a sin!  How could anyone have imagined a day when sermons could be censored or banned as hate speech simply because they upheld the Word of God?

Washington D.C. has declared war on Christian evangelists.  Many of them on television do not want to say anything about this.  Let me ask you again: Do you see the chain?

We must see the chains and become bold!  How do I know that bold preaching will work?  I know it will work because the Word of God has never returned void!  I know because it is only a minority of radicals in politics, Hollywood, unions and the media that are making all the noise. The vast majority of Americans want truth!

I know because as you read this a cluster of revivals are breaking out in the region surrounding the San Francisco Bay Area.  Think of that!  In the bastion of liberalism, youth are turning to Christ because God is confirming His Word with signs, wonders and miracles!  Not only here, but fires continue to burn in our nationwide outreaches.

hands out

If there is one truth that I tried to drive home in the main article it is this:  IT IS NOT BECAUSE WE ARE HATED THAT WE DO NOT PREACH THE TRUTH, IT IS BECAUSE WE DO NOT PREACH THE TRUTH THAT WE ARE HATED.

The Body of Christ has the combination that America needs right now.  We have the soldiers, we have the message, we have the opportunity and we have the anointing!  Only one thing is needed, the ammunition of boldness to strike the church to take the fight to the heart of darkness in the Name of Jesus!


I cannot impress upon you the urgency of registering to be alerted on these blogs.  We fully expect Obama to seize more control of Facebook.  Facebook is in the tank because they just got billions of dollars in tax break.  See the documentation for this in a coming blog.

5 thoughts on “Do You See the Chains?

    1. RSS or Really Simple Syndication feeds are great. All of the blogs you are following are in one place. You can get alerts when they are updated depending on the RSS client you use. I use Google Reader and it’s great!

  1. Mario,

    There is a revival of sorts going on all over the country and it has been steadily increasing… it is known as the house church movement. No worries about archaic IRS rules and censorship. The relational aspect of a house church/fellowship eclipses what is found in traditional church due to size and efficiency.

    Plus, house churches and their networks are persecution-proof–at least a lot more so than a traditional church with a huge sign out in front.

    The sooner that we recognize that there is more to the Church than the local building with a steeple, and as we recognize and utilize other methods of communication and meeting, the greater the outreach potential of the individual members of the body of Christ working in every nook and cranny of society.

    These are exciting times!

  2. Here is what I know. The day is near that limbs are going to grow instantaneously. How can you be sure sure Merritt koller? I am absolutely positive the gift of miracles exist in the body of Christ, thats how I know, How can you be sure sure Merritt. The Holy Spirit impressed that fact deep inside my spirit. Are you trembling Satan? Good, you should be doing exactly that. Amen

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