Fire and Glory over Los Angeles.


Fire and Glory over Los Angeles.  

What happened last night March 4th 2013

The night began with souls coming to Jesus.  No sermon was preached just raw conviction that made souls come to Jesus.  Dozens made the ultimate decision and filed into the prayer room with the shouts of joy roaring from the audience.

Now Mario asked to turn to Mark 10 and see the power of crying out to God.  Blind Bartimaeus got even louder when they warned him to stop crying out to Jesus!  Mario’s point is that churches are now so formal that we fear crying out to God for our miracle.  He went on to show how our cry effects God deeply.  He said, “Jacob would not let go when he wrestled with God even though it meant death!”

Then it happened!  A silent but desperate cry went up from the heart of a lady in the back.  She embodies everything that is happening in this outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Ontario.  For months she has volunteered at this church sometimes 30 hours a week.  She volunteers despite an indescribable pain throughout her body.  Image a migraine that is not a migraine… but a beast that takes away your eyesight when it hits!  However, this is only the beginning of the devastation of Lupus.  She lived knowing that her body had declared war on itself! Her limbs were targets of torture and degeneration.

She had her regular job and then volunteered at church and still found time to come to these meetings every night.   Like Tabitha in the Bible, God remembered her good words.  She sat near the back and center of the sanctuary.  Then her moment arrived:

Mario looked all the way in the back and asked her to stand.  By now, you would think that the audience would be used to these things but it hit us all as if it were the very first time. The word of healing began, “you have excruciating pain all throughout your body.  Place your hand on your head and the power of Jesus will heal you. You are also being healed in your hands, arms legs, spine, muscles and nerves.”  As surely as those words were spoken she felt the power that no one can describe.  He body obeyed the creative healing authority of Jesus.  We all felt as if we were living out a page from the Bible.  Lupus’ symptoms vanished!  She was made whole in the name of Jesus.

What else happened last night?  Do you have a lifetime to hear about it?  A woman near the front abandoned her walker and marched across the front.  We laughed when Mario reminded us that this was so appropriate since it was March 4th and sure enough she marched forth!

Mario strode to the other side of the building and told a man “please stand and be healed of heart disease, diabetes and neuropathy.”  The man broke into open sobs as it was blazingly clear that this was all true.

The Holy Spirit swirled and flowed like a ribbon of healing racing everywhere in the hall.  Miracle upon miracle came to all who reached out in faith.

Right now at 5PM Tuesday March 5, 2013, people are heading to Echoes of Faith.  Already the crowd is forming but we have plenty of room for everyone in this large sanctuary.  If you are near Southern California, do not think that it is too late or that your case is impossible.  Bring those you love for these last two nights that begin at 7PM.

To the rest of our partners across the world please pray for this great miracle to expand and influence this region for Christ.

7PM Tonight and Tomorrow! All seats are free.  Childcare provided.  Echoes of Faith:  Address: 11255 Central Ave, Ontario, CA 91762 Phone: (909) 627-0927 for more information.  See you there!

2 thoughts on “Fire and Glory over Los Angeles.

  1. ohhhhh we will not get to LA until friday … but it looks like (according to the email) it will be over by then … I will check everyday to see if anything has changed … we were truly hoping to catch you in service while in LA for the weekend ..

    I dont know if Carman will having his scheduled service now either – (as Im sure youve already heard) .. that his reports came back much worse than docs anticipated – and want him to start cancer treatment immediately in Tulsa at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America …. I’m trusting in God and speaking his word over the situation … but is it enough … ? I mean … I’m not really anybody … does it matter ? My natural mind wants to give into hoplessness and despair … and fear … Is it wrong for me to blindly trust God ? Am I really just acting in denial ?

    I’m starting to really take inventory and inspection of what it is I really believe – and why do I believe it – and again …. is it really enough ?

    Help me .. I need impartation and Godly instruction from someone who knows the truth and how I should act on it …

    Wow! It never occurred to me .. I might need it for myself as well … Am I being negative by sharing this .. theyre sending me to a kidney specialist … thats all Im going to say. Do I do as they want me to … or do I stand on God’s word and leave it in his hands ? … Im serious Mario … I want to learn despertely – in a way I never have before. I am SICK and TIRED of the devil sticking it to my brothers and sisters in and those who are weak or unaware … I want to be a powerful and mighty tool in the hand of God, and a mighty tool of destruction in the enemy’s camp. I wanttot each people how to take back and recover ALLL the devil has stolen from them … Blessings to u and Mechelle my brother …

  2. Mario & Family: I am agreeing with you in prayer for many more to come to the Lord; and for the Fire to Fall and expand outward in L. A. JOY! JOY! JOY!

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