Benghazi is our national litmus test to see if we deserve to remain a free nation

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A few weeks ago Obama gave a graduation speech in which he told students that the idea that their government would be guilty of tyranny was absurd and that they had no reason to fear their government.   Now, he has given all us of the proof that we need that he acted with tyranny in sacrificing 4 Americans in Benghazi in order to protect his reelection.  The first question you must ask yourself is this…”what else is he willing to do to protect his power?”

He has vilified gun rights as we know them and has now become a poster child for why we need the Second Amendment.  He has shown us that in all prudence we must use our remaining rights to protect ourselves from him.

Jay Carney said that “Benghazi was a long time ago.”  Imagine how that sounded to the four families who lost loved ones in that embassy inferno?   He said that an independent council had reviewed the events in Benghazi and given them a clean bill of health.  The problem is they never spoke to the ranking diplomat in Benghazi who was most aware of all of the events.

Where was Obama during those eight hours of attack?  Why were rescuers told to stand down?  How could they blame the attack on an anti-Muslim video for two weeks after they had proof it had nothing to do with the terrorist attack?  How could they threaten and excoriate those brave leaders who tried to talk to congress?

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Hillary Clinton is equally guilty of lying and covering up the truth.  She is not fit to lead this nation and has given us fair warning that her presidency would be more of the same cronyism, duplicity, arrogance and incompetence of the current administration.


Your blood should be boiling over Benghazi.  If it is not, then you are probably the victim of the other heinous villain of Benghazi: The American Media.  Their breathtaking betrayal will also live in infamy.  How can the Washington Press Corps live with their cowardice and compromise?

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How is it possible for them to lay claim to the noble profession that tediously and relentlessly tracked down the crimes of Watergate when they are acting like belching lap dogs for Obama.  They refuse to face facts; they refuse to ask the hard questions.  They will do whatever they have to do to insulate a man that has shown nothing but contempt for them!

What makes you want to pull your hair out is that we do not know why.  Why Obama is allowed a pass for these crimes?  Why is there no groundswell of outrage from the general public?

We have all been horrified by the events in Cleveland where three girls were held hostage for 10 years in a basement.  How could this be we wonder?  Can any man be that skilled to hide three girls in his house for ten years?  Then we come to realize that someone had to know and simply did not act.


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It is the same here.  You and I cannot say that we did not know what this president did with our rights.  We cannot say Obama kept it from us. Benghazi is our national litmus test to see if we deserve to remain a free nation.  If we fail to find the rage, the love of liberty and the clear sense of how wrong Benghazi is, then we declaring ourselves unworthy of freedom.

I am first and last a man of Faith who believes in a loving God who is all powerful.  It is in this faith that I make this declaration: God has His vessels out there and it is time for them to roar.

6 thoughts on “Benghazi is our national litmus test to see if we deserve to remain a free nation

  1. Brother Mario please check on the news conference today with Freedom Works and Allen West and some of our military Generals regarding the deaths of Seal Team Six and their parents.They allowed their bodies to be cursed by a iman,Their identity revealed as those who killed Bin Laden by this administration.Please watch the news conference was live this morning but you can catch it on youtube this is a disgrace!

  2. So what do you suggest we do with this information? A petition wont work of this is the case. We can’t go to capital with guns a blazin’.

    1. Its time to cry out. In the book of judges the Israelites forsook the lord and they became oppressed by different nations but when they cried out(Judges 3:15) God sent them a deliverer and they would free them from the oppressors (Judges 3:30). I believe that as we cry out a deep cry of anguish we will see a judge sent to deliver us but it will be as the holy spirit coming in a way we have never seen before and he will rally the troops for one great assault on the kingdom of darkness that will cripple it in a way it has never been before. Its time to cry out, rise up and get ready to battle as the victorious christians we were called to be. To cast out demons and heal every sickness and disease and bring glory to the lamb that was slain.

  3. How do I go about or learning how to come against our corrupt government and stay inside the heart of God? This is something I have never encountered before.

  4. People Perish for Lack of Knowledge: most important CHRISTIAN movie AGENDA: GRINDING AMERICA DOWN. click on VIMEO link (photo link does not work on FB) connecting all the dots on what is happening in America and Why! This movie needs to go VIRAL. EVERY believer needs to see it! I have watched it 15X (yes) to master all that is presented. it is THAT GOOD and THAT IMPORTANT! Please give it 5 minutes and you will see what I mean.

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