TV Ratings: MSNBC Falls Below HLN in May, Rachel Maddow Hits Lows

TV Ratings: MSNBC Falls Below HLN in May, Rachel Maddow Hits Lows

Fox News Channel maintains a handsome lead in primetime and total day, while primetime runner-up CNN continues a healthy climb from the lows of 2012.

The Rachel Maddow Show - H 2013
“The Rachel Maddow Show”

HLN’s wall-to-wall coverage of the Jodi Arias trial has had substantial ratings legs. Surging around the time of the May 8 verdict, the network notched an extremely rare monthly victory: It topped MSNBC in total day and primetime. And with CNN posting its second consecutive month as a distant primetime runner-up to Fox News Channel, MSNBC is in a very precarious fourth place.

Averaging 539,000 viewers in primetime and 175,000 viewers in the adults 25-54 demographic, MSNBC suffered double-digit drops from last May — down a respective 20 and 19 percent. Losses were less substantial in total day, down 10 percent to an average 346,000 viewers and down 7 percent to 115,000 adults 25-54, while all other nets pulled growth in multiple categories.


The soft start for All In With Chris Hayes has not helped. Hayes, down 32 percent in total viewers fromThe Ed Show last May, has offered a poor lead-in for MSNBC’s primetime flagship, The Rachel Maddow Show, at 9 p.m. The show delivered its lowest-rated month since it debuted in September 2008 (717,000 total viewers) and its second lowest with adults 25-54 (210,000). Maddow was topped by typical time slot victor Sean Hannity and CNN’s Piers Morgan.

Winner FNC, posting modest year-to-year losses in the key demo, was still number three across all of cable in both primetime and total day. Heavily covering White House woes like the Benghazi hearings, the network averaged 1,246,000 daily viewers (up 24 percent) and 236,000 adults 25-54 (down 5 percent) for the full day. Primetime saw 17 percent growth with 1,973,000 total viewers and a 6 percent dip with 308,000 in 25-54.

Read the complete rankings, May 2013 versus May 2012, via Nielsen:

Total Day
FNC: 1,246,000 total viewers, up 24 percent (236,000 in 25-54, down 5 percent)
CNN: 465,000 total viewers, up 61 percent (161,000 in 25-54, up 92 percent)
MSNBC: 346,000 total viewers, down 10 percent (115,000 in 25-54, down 7 percent)
HLN: 494,000 total viewers, up 111 percent (175,000 in 25-54, up 90 percent)

FNC: 1,973,000 total viewers, up 17 percent (308,000 in 25-54, down 6 percent)
CNN: 660,000 total viewers, up 70 percent (225,000 in 25-54, up 97 percent)
MSNBC: 539,000 total viewers, down 20 percent (175,000 in 25-54, down 19 percent)
HLN: 624,000 total viewers, up 91 percent (209,000 in 25-54, up 97 percent.


Is it me or did you notice a mood change ever since Obama said “God Bless Planned Parenthood”?   The crack in his armor seemed to spread quickly as scandal after scandal crashes in on him and his agenda.   I believe that this tragic remark crossed some kind of invisible line.

Let’s not leave prayer out of this observation.   Heaven hears the cry of the righteous not only here but around the world.   

Throughout history, God has provoked Satan to overplay his hand.  In our time, we have seen a rush to promote the death of marriage, the legalization of drugs, job killing environmental bills and a host of other crazy projects. 

You would think that the left would take its foot off of the accelerator but no they cannot seem to help themselves.  This too seems to be the result of divine manipulation.

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC are the current victims of this intervention.  Her nightly rants, cheap shots and heavy handed pontifications have finally frayed the nerves of even the most open minded progressives.   MSNBC hitched its wagon to Obama and he is leading them over a cliff.   The growing chorus across America seems to be “good riddance!”

Is the hand of God in all of this?   I say yes!  To be sure this is but a small victory when you consider the great breakthrough of moral awakening that we seek but it is a victory.  That is why I want to ask you to step up your prayers for greater victories, speak out for morality and marriage and do not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

2 thoughts on “TV Ratings: MSNBC Falls Below HLN in May, Rachel Maddow Hits Lows

  1. God help us!
    If God be for us who can be avaunt us!
    Yes! God is and will bring judgement upon the leaders of this nation! Glory to God! He is raising up a mighty army for God to intercede ion this hour when a nation is crumbling before us! Immorality, dishonesty, murder! God help us! Hear our prayers oh Lord!

  2. The illiberals call Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh “mean-spirited.” Maybe that’s because they criticize the illiberal agenda. Remember, if you criticize them, that is HATE! When they criticize any conservative, well, they just got it coming. But I listened to Rachel Mad Dog onc — ONCE! — and that was more than enough. She could give lessons in mean-spiritedness!

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