The American Eagle is Crying Out.

final eagle

5 thoughts on “The American Eagle is Crying Out.

  1. My dear friend and fellow watchman,
    I completely bear witness with your position and in my opinion you couldn’t be more right on!!

    I so appreciate your willingness to yield to the deep dealings of God within your life and what has become the emphatic points of your life, labors and outreach. Concerning your first point, the Lord had spoken the same to me.

    I preached it some time ago and called it, “WHAT DOEST THOU HERE” : The Elijah Syndrome. The Prophet, came to a point where he rendered his own ministry irrelevant and ineffective, simply because of the “isolationist” mentality he adopted, demonstrated by his persistence to become a CAVE DWELLER! Even when God sent an angel, in attempts to address this faulty mindset he had embraced.

    Elijah no longer recognized the Lord’s “remnant” who were dwelling in the midst of such wickedness and political corruption that he was commissioned to confront. Finally, he was instructed by the Angel of the Lord to anoint another prophet in his place.

    Regardless how corrupt and evil the powers that be become and even the surrounding culture. The Lord has a HOLY REMNANT throughout the Land who are joining in this great chorus of intercession. WE MUST NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THE REMNANT!!

    I stand upon the promise found in Isaiah 1:9 “Except the LORD of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, and we should have been like unto Gomorrah”.

    God always works his mightiest miracles through a REMNANT who have become so fully apprehended by the Holy Spirit and by the desperate need of the hour.

    Mario, you are in our prayers as you continue to be a faithful WATCHMAN ON THE WALL and as you go to STRENGTHEN THAT WHICH REMAINS. May God anoint you in a fresh and powerful way to confront this present culture and generation with the miraculous power of a GOSPEL that is worth it all!!

  2. This is such an encouragement to me that I am not alone in praying and crying out for our nation! Also to hear reports that God is moving. Please come to Denver! Thank you for doing what you do and speaking out. My son works at the state capitol and is so deceived. Please pray for his eyes to be opened to the truth.

  3. Mario, I am so happy that you will begin your revivals again. When you began your 40 days of prayer I felt that you were disappointed in the reaction you were getting from the readers your blog, or maybe the lack of reaction. I started to read your blog while you were here in Santa Rosa and felt then that the fire was growing. I witnessed people writing in from all over the world excited about the revival and so hungry for it to come into their area and lives.

    Your article above mentioned something that really struck a cord with me and gives me even more hope of your revivals starting again and the impact they are having for the kingdom. You mentioned that during your prayers you felt that you were “joining the chorus of the righteous”. Your prayers joining with others. Prayer is where the battle is won! The greatest thing that any believer can do is to pray. There are many important things that we can do after we have prayed, but nothing as important until we have prayed!

    I have been on an incredible journey and walk with the lord over the past six years. My faith has been tested to the extreme, but I believe that god has a plan. This is his training ground and our training is waged through prayer, for we war not in the flesh, but against princes and principalities. I see the tide turning. My faith in gods word has gotten me through so much that I know he hears our prayers and that the answer is on it’s way.

    When the IRS scandal was revealed along with the Benghazi cover-up I could hardly contain myself. I knew that God was at work. The devil always overplays his hand. Darkness will be brought to light. Lets all continue to pray for more to be revealed.

    Thank you for standing in the gap for this great country. This is and will continue to be one nation under God. We may have gotten off track, but God has a way of bringing us back to him. I will continue to pray for your ministry and I am so excited to start reading about all the souls coming to the Lord! God Bless you and your family!!

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