The Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act: Opening the door for gay marriage in all 50 states.


Is this a set back or a set up?  To be sure it would be nice if the courts that enforce civil law would also uphold moral law.  However, that is neither possible nor is it desirable.  Romans chapter 8: 7 says “Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be.”

Those who think that we can legislate morality forget this truth.  A heart must be converted to be moral.  That is not say that there aren’t many decent people who not yet met Christ it is just that righteous acts that please God require the born again experience.

The Pharisees and Sanhedrin at the time of Christ are timeless models of why we do not want a theocracy.  Ministers and the church should not run America!  We do not need to rule America, we need to do something much higher; we must influence, comfort, and inspire through love and conviction.

On the other hand we do need to pray Godly leaders into office and do all we can to place believers in strategic places of leadership. We must vote our conscience!

In no way do I want to trivialize the damage of this assault on marriage. There is no doubt that it will unleash further persecution against Christians, but it is not nearly the end of the world.  Only as a matter of perspective, remember that Roe versus Wade brought us the holocaust of abortion and who can calculate the disaster of banning prayer.  The Charismatic movement and the Jesus Movement both happened after these twin disasters were legalized.

Today’s ruling does nothing to diminish the mighty role that the Body of Christ plays in our nation. It is not a setback, it is a set up! This, I suspect will be the fuse to ignite the prayer and unity that we have so desperately needed.

Yes, a tidal wave of immorality will ensue but heaven is not passive.  God knew this was coming and He will do something that no power of evil can guess or stop.

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10 thoughts on “The Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act: Opening the door for gay marriage in all 50 states.

  1. He will shake yet again heaven and earth to awaken his Bride to prepare herself for Him and to represent Him here.

  2. God is my moral guide and I stand believing that this but a chink in the armor. His banner will be raised and stand FOREVER!

    Praise GOD!

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  4. I believe this will make Christians that are sitting on the fence go to church. Hopefully many will see the spiritual warfare behind all this.

  5. Oh wow…Mario, thank you so much for this reminder!

    I know we are Kingdom people and we also live in the land. This whole cultural sunami has been hard to stomach; as perspective though, King Herod slaughtered innocent children with impunity. Cultures rise and fall, yet I know that Jesus Christ is plowing through history on a D9 Caterpillar tractor, and at the end He will reign victorious.

    I want to be behind that tractor when he stands up and sez’ once for all that it’s a Done Deal. God help us to be his hands and feet and heart in the meantime…

  6. There will rise up leaders in this day that will speak against this and seize the moment, furthering the advancement of His kingdom here on earth and our country. Jesus Christ our Lord will cause our ways to prosper and that we would be in health. Stay keenly aware of Gods presence in your life my friends

    1. I totally agree my Brother but we must also strive to hear His voice in all of thisw surrounding chaos.

      “Let everything that hath breath, Praise the LORD!”

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