The Conversation Holder Doesn’t Really Want


By Mona Charen – July 19, 2013

Eric Holder dismissed America as a “nation of cowards” because we wouldn’t, he argued, have a “national conversation” about race. It’s a slander wrapped in a farce. We talk of race unremittingly. That’s the farce. The slander is hydra-headed.

No honest conversation about race is possible when accusations of racism replace reasoned arguments. Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, who mentioned high rates of crime among black males, was rewarded with the racist label within minutes by some of those (The Atlantic, Slate) who presumably agree with Holder that we are too timid when discussing race.

Many American liberals are achingly nostalgic for old-fashioned racism. It offered them a helium high of moral superiority. It was deserved … in 1967. But by perpetuating the fiction that modern America has not changed, they’ve become more than ridiculous, more even than grossly unjust, they’ve become dangerous. Look around you. The violence and bitterness that have followed the Zimmerman verdict were virtually ordered up by convicted slanderer Al Sharpton and his many imitators.

The Zimmerman case was complicated. Any fair-minded person could see that it was difficult to conclude that Zimmerman was not acting in self-defense (however unwise his initial actions may have been). But the racial-grievance industrial complex doesn’t permit complexity. Racial enmity is their living. Stirring feelings of victimization and injustice among blacks and, to a lesser extent, among other designated minorities is their delight.

When you consider the steady agitprop churned out by the racial-grievance industrial complex, it’s amazing that race relations aren’t worse. The RGI has circulated falsehoods about black voter “disenfranchisement” in the 2000 presidential election, about a spate of “racially motivated” arsons at black churches, about George W. Bush’s “indifference” to the lynching of a black man in Texas, about voter ID laws being a conspiracy to suppress the black vote, about Republicans opposing the civil rights act of 1964 (MSNBC recently ran a picture of George Wallace that ID’d him as a Republican), about “racial profiling” by New Jersey state troopers and about “racist” killings of black immigrants by New York cops. Each of these is an outright falsehood. There was zero voter disenfranchisement in 2000, George W. Bush signed the death warrant of the killer in Texas, Republicans were more in favor of the Voting Rights Act than Democrats, the tragic shootings of two black men in New York were mistakes, and on and on.

This is not to suggest that racism has been expunged from the heart of every American. But while the RGI bravely fights the battles of 1954, African-Americans (and not only they) face new challenges that require serious attention, free of the cant and destructive incitement that characterize the grievance mongers.

The RGI propounds the myth that the criminal justice system is indelibly racist. Young black males, we are told, are far more likely than whites to be arrested and to serve time in prison. When it is observed that a disproportionate share of offenders are black; that significant numbers of most city police forces are black; and that most victims are also black, we are invited to consider the ultimate proof — the glaring disparity in the penalties for powder and crack cocaine.

The federal criminal penalties for crack, passed in the 1980s, were a response to the devastation crack was causing in black neighborhoods. The huge spike in crime during the 1980s — and the vast victimization of inner city blacks — was primarily attributable to crack addiction. If it was racist to impose these penalties, why were members of the Congressional Black Caucus the first to champion the legislation? Heather MacDonald noted in City Journal that the laws on crystal meth have a similarly “disparate impact” on whites. “In 2006, the 5,391 sentenced federal meth defendants (nearly as many as the crack defendants) were 54 percent white, 39 percent Hispanic, and 2 percent black.”

From 1976 to 2004, 65 percent of executions involved whites, but whites committed only 47 percent of murders. Evidence of anti-white bias in the system? You could make such a case, and it would have as much validity as the manufactured panic about anti-black bias in America.

America continues to muddle along. Black/white unions comprised 11 percent of marriages in 2008. Black married couple families had an average income of $63,566 in 2010. Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012 — which is evidence of poor judgment, but clearly not of the kind of racist cauldron the grievance industry eternally conjures

3 thoughts on “The Conversation Holder Doesn’t Really Want

  1. If Mr. Holder had any truth, honesty or integrity, he would know that it was the Republican party in both houses of Congress that gave LBJ (D) the necessary votes to pass the Civil Rights act of 1964. Since that bill was passed, I have heard never ending proclamations that the Democrat party was the champion of civil rights.It was Republican votes that brought about cloture in the Senate so a vote could be taken and in both chambers, A far outnumbered Republican Caucus in both chambers voted 80% or better to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 while Democrats voted in the affirmative in the 61 – 69%. For many years following, Democrats did everything they could to keep Black Americans in the ghettos. Alas, now it seems both parties are no longer interested in ANYONE’S Civil Rights. It seems these days that we no longer have a left v right government. More of a more left and less left mentality with a few honest “Citizen Servants” who stand for what is truly right on both sides of the fantasy “aisle” in both chambers. We now live under statutes and codes which are defined as a “color of law” not the Constitution which IS the highest law of the land.

    Whenever I find myself debating the Constitution with our government schooled masses, I am told that things have changed. My response comes from:“

    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    ― John Adams

    The only thing that has changed is that we are no longer a moral society. Morals have been unconstitutionally removed from our government, our schools and the public square. How then can we expect to elect men or women of morals when we live in an amoral society?

    The only hope we have comes from the same Bible that ALL elected officials, appointed officials and military members swear an oath on (except those who choose to Affirm rather than swear {another point in case of an amoral society [What prevents an honest person from swearing an oath?].

    If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    — 2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Bible (it reads the same in most English translations)
    {Yes, this is an Old Testament verse but, as Believers in Christ Jesus, we are adopted sons (and daughters) of father Abraham and the blessings and curses of God extend to us to this very day.}

    The Remnant, the Church (or Body) of Christ is all that stands between God’s Blessings and His Curses on this nation.

    We need to Evangelize, stop allowing the government to educate our children and unite together as one Body to save this country from utter destruction.

    The Church must stop majoring in the minor things or we are doomed to serve another king and one who is closer than King George was in 1776.

    Racism remains rampant in our country but a recent survey (do your own research on this) African Americans are far more racist then any other culture today and that is evident to anyone who has eyes to see.

    I could go on for pages but I think anyone who has read this far should have a pretty good idea of where I stand.

    If you want to find the truth of how this nation was formed, is a very good source of original (not revisionist) documents written by many of our Founders.

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