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In just 5 short years, America will be a place that you will not recognize and where you will not want to live.   For the first time in my life I can say with conviction that 300 years of Christian legacy can be erased in less than one generation.

Some will surely quote to me, “On this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” –Matthew 16:18.   I have no doubt that the church will survive, the question is will America and the American church survive?    I am certain that many European Christian leaders quoted that verse for decades, nevertheless, today over 50% of Europe claims to be atheists.

Any preacher who tells you that conditions are not this dire in America is a part of the problem.  Shall we rehearse my reasons for this ominous declaration?  Let’s start with Detroit.

Detroit is big enough to fit New York, Chicago and San Francisco within its borders.   A vast amount of that area would remind you of Berlin after the allied bombings of World War Two.   The miles and miles of burned out homes and commercial buildings would stagger even the most hardened urbanite.  This bankrupt town is a testimony of what happens when you destroy the family unit.  Violence, corruption, and addiction spread until there is not enough money on earth to cure the city.

Why do we think that the devastation of Detroit will not spread and other municipalities will not fall like dominoes?   Ultimately, the spirit of Detroit will overtake every aspect of America because politicians, Hollywood stars, and the liberal media are screaming for more of the spending and values that destroyed Detroit.  They would rather kill the patient than question the medicine.

So what is the solution to America?  It is uttered by honest intellectuals in hushed tones in safe corners of academia.  It is said with sullen resignation by atheistic voices that would never before have dared to say it until now.

What is the solution to America?  It is a solution that is haunting even that most avowed anarchist, occupier and limousine liberal:  America must have a moral awakening.  America must have fathers return to their children, pastors who return to the Bible, schools that return to prayer, and leadership must return to integrity; in short we must return to God.

In this whirlwind of confusion, in this maelstrom of perversion, under this moral avalanche, what should we preach?  What must soul winning look like now?

That my friend is why I am writing you.  Not only do I know the answers to these questions, but we have already seen God answer them in Concord California at our very first Living Proof Crusade.

We have had good meetings before, we have seen miracles before, and we have seen masses converted before.   This was beyond any of those elements.  That is what makes this report unique and urgent.


In Concord, it was not that God showed up, it was the way that He showed up.  Never in 45 years of ministry have I seen God take vengeance on Satan like this.

Remember, we were in the San Francisco Bay Area, a bastion of the secular progressive movement.  However, at the first note of worship none of that mattered anymore.   Jesus Christ wanted to make a statement.  The question of His superiority over the works of darkness was eternally settled.

When Paul described the resurrection he said, “These things were not done in a corner!”   Never did those words fit better than in these nights in Concord.

You would think that the subject of Christ would be controversial and that my message should be muted to fit the local values.  Instead, fire came forth to burn the hay, wood and stubble of skepticism.

This was not me speaking.  This was not man ministering.  We lost control of the meeting and the Holy Spirit enveloped souls leaving them helpless before the Gospel!  Just look at the young men who left all on these nights to follow Christ!

Healings?  Oh no not just healings.  Here in Concord, the Holy Spirit required a deeper degree of obedience, and a higher level of boldness in the supernatural.  Our healing team met the challenge and waded into the fray of human need without hesitation.

souls at concord copy

No one left doubting the reality of Christ.   If only you could have sat in the atmosphere of Glory!  If only you could have witnessed the effortless domination of Jesus over the spirit that is destroying our nation.   The two nights in the Crowne Plaza in Concord California stand as LIVING PROOF that God can save our nation.

But there is another message that came out of these meetings.   The time is short and the door is closing.   We must act with courage and resolve if we hope to make a difference where it matters.

If you were to ask me what was the most important result in Concord?  I could say that it was the proof that our nation’s evil and sickness is still no match for the power of Jesus Christ.

But as awesome as that result is we got another that is even more important; WE GOT MOMENTUM!!

No sooner did we leave Concord than we began our next outreach.  We are going to bring LIVING PROOF TO FAIRFIELD CALIFORNIA!

Momentum is a gift that God requires us to nurture and protect.  Paul said, 12 Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me. 13 Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, 14 I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

I could not live with myself if after seeing what I saw in Concord and knowing what I know is about to happen to our nation if I were to waste this momentum that Jesus has given us to attack the devil with this fresh weapon of LIVING PROOF.

new concord blog copy

America’s sickness is now beyond words.  Words alone cannot heal this nation.  We must demonstrate LIVING PROOF!

“Here is what we are going to do.”  That phrase comes out of a heart that has seen the disaster and is not content to fret or complain about the way things are.  That phrase comes out of ministry that has a plan and heaven’s endorsement to carry out that plan!

Here is what we are going to do: We are going to cut the chains of compromise and preach a total Gospel.  We are going to clear the cobwebs of this generation and roar forth a message of true revival and repentance.  We are going to empty our war chest because we know that it is now or never for the United States.  We are never going to let up, back down, shut up or stop.  In city after city, we are going to bring an ever increasing intensity of the fire, power and glory of Jesus Christ!


4 thoughts on “Here is What We are going to do

  1. Please contact me about a Vegas meeting. Our Pastor spoke on Ezekiel 37 last week and the whole church was stirring with excitement. There are many Churches teaching the Gospel here but we need BOOTS ON THE GROUND to take this to the enemy. The “prince” of Las Vegas must be DESTROYED!!! I will send my contact info again. Please call me, time truly is short for America.

  2. Praying for America…and what part I can do…Keep preaching the truth Mario…God Bless You. Please come back to Redding, CA and awaken us once again!

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