Heartbreak After Pastor, Father of Four Murdered for Asking Neighbors to Turn Down Party Noise

Heartbreak After Pastor, Father of Four Murdered for Asking Neighbors to Turn Down Party Noise

By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter
August 5, 2013|2:31 pm
Tatiana Kirby

(Photo: Screen Grab via WDIV 4)
Young Tatiana Kirby wants justice after her father, Pastor Tim Kirby, 46, was murdered after he asked neighbors at a party in Detroit, Mich., to turn down the music.

Young Tatiana Kirby cried until she couldn’t cry anymore last Monday night after an angry man attending a party next door pumped several bullets into the body of her father, Pastor Tim Kirby, 46, after he asked them to turn down the music.

“It was devastating. I cried for a minute, and then it was like I couldn’t cry no more,” the young girl told WDIV 4 of her father’s untimely death in Detroit, Mich.

“He was a good father. He was always a caring person. Every Sunday we were always in church. He always made sure we had clothes, good clothes on our backs, food on the table,” she said.

According to local police, Kirby’s neighbors were hosting a big party complete with loud music and screaming when he left his apartment to ask them to tone down the noise.

Tim Kirby

(Photo: Screen Grab via WDIV 4)
Pastor Tim Kirby, 46, was gunned down outside his home in Detroit, Mich., after he asked that the music be turned down at a party next door to his home.

Upset by the pastor’s request, a group of men turned the encounter into a full blown confrontation and began shouting at him. One of them got so incensed during the dispute that he shot the man of God three times. His lifeless body was left to stain the cement outside his apartment building while his shocked family and friends descended into mourning.

“I was laying on the couch and I heard gunshots around 11:30,” said a neighbor. “I never thought that it was Tim. Never. Never crossed my mind.”

“When I received the news it was like wow, unbelievable that a preacher, a pastor, someone would do that type of thing to him,” Kirby’s longtime friend Pastor Berry Loston Jr. of Prophetic Corner Deliverance Ministries International said in an interview with The Christian Post on Monday.

“I’m trying to really grab hold of what has transpired because it’s just like mind-blowing, seriously. And it’s like really what can you say? It’s a lot of emotions in the air,” he added.

Right now, explained Loston, “the family is heartbroken and looking for answers.”

Kirby, a well-known member of his community and a fiery preacher was in the process of organizing a new church, according to Loston.

“We were brothers in Christ,” Loston explained as he prepared to officiate at Kirby’s funeral slated for Monday evening.

“I’ve been knowing him since we were teenagers coming up in church. He was a great supporter always shouting, praising and dancing during the service.”

As of Monday morning, the Detroit police told The Christian Post that there had been no new updates since Kirby’s murder. His young daughter, however, is hoping her father gets justice.

“I hope my daddy gets justice because he didn’t deserve this,” Tatiana told WDIV 4.

This is not that day

By Mario Murillo

There will be a day when we will speak out about the disastrous factors that led to this man’s murder.  Today is not that day.   All kinds of opinions will be spouted in all directions because this is such fertile ground for the current race narrative in America.  However, this is not that day.

Today we pray for a wife and 4 children who lost a father in an unspeakable crime.   Today we ask God to pour in comfort and mercy for this devastated family.  My heart is burning to speak out about what is going on but I cannot and will not today.

Today we have no color, no political opinion, and no rant against the other side.  Today we are mourning the loss of a man of God who wanted to win a desperate community to Christ.

Oh but I can speak of Satan today!  His contamination, the odor of his work infests this story.  He laughs at how easily he can seep in, manipulate his victims, and commit heinous acts and then just slither away.

However, I know his outcome and remind him daily of the doom that is coming to him from the one who records and remembers all.

Holy God in heaven we pray for this family.  Send your Spirit to bring them comfort.  Ignite the Body of Christ to come to their aid.  Let them feel your love and peace today in Jesus’ name!

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3 thoughts on “Heartbreak After Pastor, Father of Four Murdered for Asking Neighbors to Turn Down Party Noise

  1. Thanx from San Diego, brother Mario! Like me, many of us are challenged to come up with Holy Spirit perfection of prayer as we scroll through the news and work our daily jobs or careers, but our hearts and quick words to God can still be moved in an instant. Wr are not defeated when we can read things that men and women of Got pour out for our awareness. Thanks again andGod bless!

  2. Opportunity for the Body of Christ to be the heart, hands and feet of Jesus as they gather round this family to uphold and comfort them …

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