Reaching 700,000 Views: Taking Back America!

FINAL 700,000 blog

Reaching 700,000 Views: Taking Back America.

By Mario Murillo

This morning at 6 AM California time we reached 700,000 views to our blog.  This is no small feat.  The blog is literally only promoted by word of mouth.   This little blog defied the odds and the experts and continues to baffle those who know all about blogs.

Prevailing wisdom says that any evangelist who speaks out against the government’s tyranny, political correctness and the racial double standard is doomed.

They warn that many doors of ministry will close.  I am still waiting on that one because I can use a rest from the intense schedule I have been compelled to keep because of the many open doors for winning souls.

They caution me that the unchurched will use my stands as an excuse to reject Christ.  It always amazes me how the church underestimates the love of truth in the average American.  By jolting the obvious nonsense and lies, many have come to trust what we say about Jesus.   Many lost souls are suffering under the insanity of our culture and are relieved to hear someone explain why it is so damaging.   As a matter of fact, many Americans, because they know better, despise the rosy picture that many preachers are painting.

Some have ordered me to shut up and just preach the Gospel.  I can guarantee you that those people have not been in our meetings.  They would see that 99% of all I do is preach salvation and healing to lost and hurting audiences all over America.  In September alone we will be invade 4 Cities with soul winning and signs and wonders: Fairfield CA, Houston TX, Santa Rosa CA and Salinas CA.

Many timid souls long for the days before September 11, 2001.  Many yearn for time before Barrack Obama out and out declared war on our way of life or simply cannot face reality.   It is urgent that we do not confuse wisdom with denial.  Just because pulpits are filled with voices that act as if nothing disastrous is afoot does not make it so.

The Jesus in me, the one who lovingly told the masses “come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden” is also the Jesus who ran the money changers out of the Temple and called King Herod a fox, (a highly derogatory name back then.)

William Wilberforce did as much as any man in history to end slavery.   When he told John Wesley that he was going to speak out against slavery, the great man of God gave him counsel.  He warned him that many in high places of politics and religion would vilify him and oppose him with all of their might.  Very Godly people would even join the chorus of railing against him.   “You must be certain that God has told you to speak out” he said.   “I know that God will protect you and help you to finish your great task.”

Today we see a holocaust in the black community.  Beyond the rash of black on white thrill killings, we are seeing thousands of young blacks kill each other.    Government programs, racial hucksters, and hip hop hoodlums victimize their own.  It is a new plantation with new slave masters.

So I confess that God has told me to speak out for my country and the multilevel slavery that is being forced on all Americans by Obamacare, the war on marriage and a host of double standards.  You can hide behind your sense of spiritual entitlement (believe me, the church has its own full-blown nanny state going on.)  Or you can join me and millions like me that see that speaking out against evil is a natural extension of the Christ within us.

In conclusion:  I am not crying in despair but in hope.  I know that by turning over rocks and shining a light on the evil the vermin can be stopped.  Above all, I am praying for America and believe that she will be saved.

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P.S. I am wide open to reason and counsel.  But don’t waste your time attacking me when you do not offer facts or rational explanation.   It would be a personal blessing to hear from you.  Your words of encouragement have a much greater effect on me personally that you know. Please leave a comment!   P.S. S.Join us in Fairfield CA for two nights of soul winning and signs and wonders.

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6 thoughts on “Reaching 700,000 Views: Taking Back America!

  1. Thank you for standing tall for Jesus, and America. I met you in person at NBCC Portland where you signed your book for me. Now I read your blogs, and watch Kim Clement weekly.
    Keep on the fight of our lifetime, anf God give you abundant wisdom. Blessings, Kathy

  2. Thankyou for your work. As an Intercessor I have been attacked by other Christians for being too “political”. For not staying “neutral” and just “loving people”. I keep telling them that the TRUTH should be spoken no matter who it offends, no matter what arena it goes into.
    Thanks for speaking out!

  3. Thank You Brother Mario, God took me on a journey in Feb 2013 I had an abcess tooth and my blood sugar was uncontrolled because of infection. I just wasn’t feeling up to constantly going,being on the move lke I normally am so..I had lots of down time and rest, prayer, talkin to God , listening to God speak .Oh wow well I didn’t know why at first I started watching movies Winds of War, The Piano ,My Name Is David, Last Train ,Boy In The Stripped Pajama’s and many more reading Resistance On A Bicycle (about the Dutch resistance to the Nazi’s ) It just went on and on I cried,I prayed ..I asked God questions , I told God I couldn’t watch people get shot down like that without doing something …God showed me Bonhoeffer and those that took actions to hide Anne Frank at the risk of their lives ..He reminded me that Esther wasn’t just called to fast and pray …she had to risk her life to reveal to the King the plan against her people.She had to take a stand against evil ! God showed me all this for a reason and I don’t know why yet but I asked God to give me courage not to be afraid in the face of evil,to speak against it even if it cost me personally.Also during Feb I was reading Jerusalem Countdown and about mid way thru was a chapter on Nazi’s, Hitler , and he said not many people make the connection between Hitler and Islam. I am on a journey seeking God ‘s path and when you started to speak out against evil it confirms what God is revealing ! We have been muzzled into believing if we speak out against wrong or evil. we are being hateful if we talk about repentance or judgement we are being judgemental.I just thank God for you and pray he will give more the courage to speak while we are still free to do so. I believe there is coming a day really soon we will have to make it abundantly clear who we serve..God Bless You and your family .

  4. And it will keep growing in leaps and bounds because the people are waking up. You speak truth Mario and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I occassionally watch some older videos of you on YouTube when you were just a young man. You have been preaching the message for a very long time and it bewilders me that the growth of followers is so slow (in the sense of standing up for what is right for our country). I commend you for your diligence, steadfastness and boldness. You are a gem. You are setting the stage for many to follow and daring pastors, evangelists and preachers to get out of their cozy boxes and preach with truth and great force. We are all in this together as a nation. We have a choice and we have a voice. Let us use both wisely for the sake of humanity. God bless America and the great Harvest of souls.

    On another note, thank you for coming to Bethel in Redding recently. I thoroughly enjoy listening to what God has to say through you. I was the crazy gal that came up to you at the end of service and insisted on a hug from you. I listen to a great number of prophets, pastors and evangelists and love them all because I hear what the Lord is saying to us through them. But you are a different breed and I completely relate to you and agree with you and what you are doing. I encourage others to listen to you and read your blogs as I know it might just change their lifes.

    Always praying for you, your family and your ministry. Shalom.

    Love Rachel

  5. Hallelujah! keep on being that man of God on fire ..sounding that Trumpet of alarm to wake up not just the church but the whole world!!! May more men and women rise up in His Resurrection Power and Authority and Declare His word and see just what He is getting ready to unleash when we come together and trust in Him to do that which He said He would against wickedness and evil. For He has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. Glory to God!!! Lord, provide strength, courage, and wisdom to our military people, too. Give wisdom and insight to our government and everyone involved in the elimination of terrorism. Provide instruction in the development of effective and efficient anti-terrorist strategies that will give us an advantage against our aggressors, allowing this country to remain safe and secure.
    I also pray that You enter the hearts of the instigators of terrorism, so they recognize the evil of their ways, and repent and denounce their cowardice acts of destruction against humanity. Without repentance, may they reap the consequences of their actions through Your Divine Justice. May the fear of our retaliation be greater than their hatred of democracy. Guide us in efforts to seek out and eradicate these merchants of death. Reveal to us the names of those responsible and in allegiance with terrorist organizations and expose their hide-outs. Enable our military to become swift, powerful, and accurate in any action of retaliation. Help them keep the innocent safe as they stop these evil people. Thank You, for Your angelic army that stands forever ready to follow Your instructions when Your people rise up and call upon You. The battle belongs to the Lord but declaring His word belongs to us all so He can assign those warring angels and guardian angels to do what only they can do. In the mighty name of Jesus. ❤

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