Hey everyone…fasten your seat belts for the Martinez Miracle.


Hey everyone…fasten your seat belts for the Martinez Miracle.

By Mario Murillo

Three years ago an unassuming meeting began at 1015 Estudillo Streeet in Martinez California.  How can I describe the meetings?   In some ways they are a throwback to a simpler more innocent time in the Charismatic/Jesus Movement and in other ways it is a cutting edge event with all of the advancements of new millennial outreach.

Anyone remember the days of the simple joy of coming together in unity, rejoicing in the Lord, and welcoming signs and wonders with childlike faith?   Anyone remember when Jesus was the main attraction and the presence of God was unmistakable?  Do you recall when people did not work so hard to impress anyone?

Souls come forward to be born again here because they are drawn by the Holy Spirit to truly serve God.  They are not cajoled or mesmerized by human persuasion.

There are no big shots or little people in this family.  Everyone is valued and liable to be used of God at any moment.   Cancers vanish and crippled limbs are restored.   Wounded and fallen leaders are healed and get back in the race.

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I was ordered by the Holy Spirit to begin these meetings without fanfare or an advertising blitz.  Word of mouth has been the main vehicle to spread the word.   Neighbors walk to the meetings and others have come from all over California, Texas, New York and even other nations.

If I had to use an analogy it would be this:  Remember that restaurant that was such an amazing find and you felt wonderful just being there?   That’s it!  But I did not do it…this was only God! We meet every Saturday at 5PM.   Come and see for yourself the simple and wonderful thing that Jesus is building in Martinez.

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Every Saturday at 5 PM   1015 Estudillo Street

Martinez CA  94553  Cal 925 300 3007

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P.S. Come and find out if the rumor that Mechelle and I greet everyone is true or not.

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