Child of God listen, Obama is leading us into a trap.


Child of God listen, Obama is leading us into a trap.

By Mario Murillo

Admit that Assad is a mass murderer who must be stopped.  Admit that the United States has historically been a force for good.  Admit that Obama is right to condemn chemical weapons and that America must step in for humanitarian reasons.  Admit all that but the disturbing truth is that this is a trap that holds the future of our nation in its hand.

Obama should have acted 6 months ago not now.  Because he waited something has happened to the rebels.  Across much of Syria, rebels have evolved into a complex guerrilla and criminal landscape.  American military action could inadvertently strengthen Islamic extremists and criminals. His baffling tendency to waffle, wait and reverse course leaves him open to the accusations that he is a sympathizer with Islamic interests… since, they are the only beneficiary of his actions.

Now the Russians want to present a 100 page report that shows that it was the rebels and not Assad who used chemical weapons.  The fact that we are seriously this considering information from the Russians shows how little credibility Obama has in America.

We have no allies going in.  None of the local nations who have armies will do anything about Assad and yet we are willing to come from half way around the world and deploy an already depleted military.

What if Assad survives our attack?  Then he will boast to the world that he has defeated the once mighty United States.   See China over there in the corner?   They are hoping with all of their might that we are stupid enough to do something that will in fact leave them as the most powerful nation in the world.

Barbara Boxer wants a war?  Doesn’t anyone find this a super nova of irony?  Why would she vote for a resolution that allows for as many as 75,000 of our soldiers to go to Syria?   (Don’t believe  John Kerry’s lie that there will be no boots on the ground)  This is the same spirit that rammed through Obamacare. It was a mindless backroom frenzy of ramming through something just because Obama wants it.

They promised you that Obamacare would lower premiums, advance the economy and let you keep your doctor.   Obamacare has done the precise opposite of everything they promised and its tentacles are strangling our economy more and more each day.

Listen people!  The same people who forced Obamacare on you are now forcing a war on you.   This would be a  war where both sides will shoot at our sons and daughters.  Al Qaeda terrorists who make up at least 20% of the rebel force will attack them.  The army loyal to Assad will attack them.  Obama’s leadership style will not even allow our men and women in uniform to fight a fair fight.

Here is Obamacare the Syrian war version will look:  Billions drained out our already bleeding economy.  Death on a scale we are simply not prepared to bear.  A community organizer leading the charge.   An international mood that will gladly let us go it alone.

The cry is “we have to do something!”  100,000 have been killed in this civil war in 4 years.  Now we have to do something?  Obama bungled the protection of just 4 Americans in Benghazi and he still has not told us where he was while they were being  murdered.    Now he says “trust me” this will be a shot across the bow to degrade Assad’s chemical capabilities.  We will go in and get out”   I am asking all of you, even the most oxygen deprived Obamite: Can’t you see that there is no way we can trust this man at this time to do this insane thing?

Yes, the world community needs to step up and destroy Assad and Al Qaeda.   America cannot go alone this time.   We have no plan, no support and most of all no leader.

2 thoughts on “Child of God listen, Obama is leading us into a trap.

  1. On many fronts, the Obama/GOP quisling faction has launched a general offensive against the constitution and self-government of the American people. Any precedent that confirms the false notion that the president of the United States has unchecked unilateral power to keep the nation perpetually involved in military conflict must be regarded as part of that offensive. The two Johns (Boehner and McCain) may be willing to flush away the congressional prerogative that empowers the American people to thwart this tool of designing despotism. But any GOP representative or U.S. senator who want to escape complicity in their betrayal of America’s liberty would be well-advised to vote against Obama’s dangerous Syrian folly. Instead, they should think through the additional evidence it offers that the Obama faction, and all those in government collaborating with their ant-constitutional schemes on any front, must be removed from office before it is too late

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