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The last two nights in Salinas have been beyond words.  Lost souls have answered my forceful appeal to follow Jesus, but it is the way that they have responded that is beyond words. Healings have come but it is the intensity and abundance of them that it is beyond words.

beyond words 2

Salinas is a special example of demonic activity.  The Mexican cartels are here, violence is increasing at a rate that leads the nation.  Law enforcement and civic leaders do not know what to do.  Satan is gnawing at the very fabric of civilization here.  Families live here under a siege of bullets, drugs, chaos and despair that few of us can even imagine.

beyond words 3

LIVING PROOF SALINAS was born from prayer and obedience.  In every Living Proof Outreach that we have done God has required strict obedience.  He has gone so far as to tell me that I may not know what city was next until after I was finished in the current city.

We had finished LIVING PROOF FAIRFIELD and I prayed, “Lord we have to know soon in order to plan effectively.”  He said, “When you walk back in your house, you will get a phone call and someone will tell you that they are giving you money for Salinas.  14 minutes later Ruben Dominquez a prominent and successful real estate broker from Monterey called my house.  “Mario, I am closing an escrow and Jesus told me to send you $3,000 for Salinas.”  I told him how God had just spoken.  We both nearly fell under the power of God!

Meanwhile in Salinas, Pastor Alex Musumeci who leads the Communidad Cristiana De Fe got his own word from God.  He was told to set up 7 tents in key locations of the city…even in the very heart of gang warfare!  Intercessors began raising an unending cry for God’s power to fall.  Free prayer was offered to any who would come in the tent.

beyond words 4

Souls walked into the tents and were born again.  Healings broke out in the city!  One woman asked for Jesus to heal here heart of sorrow and despair, “my son was shot and killed two weeks ago; I need power just to keep on living.” The One sent to bind up the broken hearted gave her more than what she could have ever imagined!

It all culminated at the 2,000 seat Sherwood Hall in the heart of Salinas.  I preached the Cross, the Blood, and the Resurrection without fear, compromise or limitation.   Try to imagine how many altar calls I have given in my ministry.  Only then can you appreciate my saying that I have never seen God render lost souls so helpless before His power.  They tell me that over 300 souls came forward.  All I can say is that they invaded the front, they stampeded to God and they cried out for salvation with an intensity I had not seen before.

Word quickly spread all over town that we had announced a healing service for the next night.  Faith saturated the Sherwood Hall.  I read the story of blind Bartimaeus form Luke 18.  He cried out when he heard that Jesus was nearby.  He might never pass that way again.  The blind man cried out and did not care what anyone thought!  “Do that now!” I said.   My friend, that is all that it took for a hurricane of healing power to consume the audience.

beyond words 5

One woman got a notion to leave her wheelchair and boldly strutted on her new legs across the front.  Another man demonstrated his new sight!  We had our own Bartimaeus…but he received so much more!  His heart, ears, diabetes and arthritis were healed!   These are only a fraction of the miracles that ignited across the building.


And just when I thought that the harvest could not match the night before, the Holy Spirit overruled me.  Hundreds came forward again with the same abandonment, maybe even more than the night before.

I was supposed to end it last night but we have added one more night!  Tonight will be even greater…  I am already trembling with expectation!

P.S. We are soon to post the breath taking results of last night: Tuesday, October 1st


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