Democrats Start To Panic As White House Announces New Obama Care Delay.

Democrats Start To Panic As White House Announces New Obama Care Delay

By  on September 27, 2013


Guess what, everyone? The White House has just announced there will be yet another delay or issue with the Obama Care implementation that is scheduled for October 1st. Not that another delay is really anything to be all that surprised about. After all, we have seen a whole host of them come up, especially during this past month or so. This is to be expected, right? I mean the Obama Regime has only had 3 ½ years to get things put together properly. Yeah, we all know that you can never count on a Democrat to keep their word, or their timing promises!

The thing is that it seems like Obama is even a bit out of sync with his own White House right now? How can we say this? Because the other day Obama had a speech he delivered in Maryland to basically hammer and mock the GOP and all the others who have not been in support of his precious Obama Care. He also likely wanted to gloat about the terribly restrictive new gun control law that is about to go into effect in the state on October 1st, coinciding perfectly with his Obama Care implementation.

Anyway, Obama began to mock the GOP. He said that “Affordable health care is worse than a law that allowed slave owners get their runaway slaves back.” Amazing. Would a Republican president have gotten away with saying something that racially inflammatory, even if it was obviously in jest? I think not. But be that as it may. OK, so Obama wants to gloat that his law passed and that now we are on the ropes and having a hell of a time trying to either defund, delay, or simply roll back this insane health law.

Almost immediately after Obama concluded his little party of Republican and Obama Care hater bashing, his own White House released a little press blurb. Now, it seems that the Obama Regime is delaying another piece of the plan. Online enrollment is going to be postponed in some of the small business exchanges that had been scheduled to open on October 1st. These so-called SHOP exchanges that are run by the federal government will still be able to take paper applications. Of course, what government does not like paper! However, small businesses will not be able to enroll online. Gee, I thought easy and online enrollment was one of the promises we could all expect? Yeah, right up there with ‘health care that is cheaper than your cell phone bill,’ right Mr. community organizer in chief?

Federal health officials also said recently that they will not be able to transfer Medicaid applications to the various states right away. So, we are continuing to see the ‘implementation’ of a system that is rife with holes, inefficiencies, delays, and just overall systemic problems and malfunctions. This is what we all wanted? This is our vaunted ‘affordable’ health care? Health care that even those who do want it (where are they by the way?) cannot sign up for because of problems with the online exchanges not even correctly calculating the premiums?

Do you remember that during the spring, there were other alterations and delays to these very same small business exchanges? So, I guess this REALLY should not come as any kind of surprise. I guess maybe Obama is thinking that all of these delays and problems can be solved by a little GOP bashing. Sure, just try and distract the people. However, according to a new NY Times and CBS News poll, this is not working. Only 39 percent of Americans actually approve of Obama Care. Heck, this is also the likely reason why Obama’s job approval rate has dropped to 43 percent. I guess a terrible economy combined with a crappy health care law that cannot even work according to the crappy standards developed by the White House combined with an incredibly weak foreign policy leadership can do wonders for an approval rating.

More interesting than all this is the fact that now we are beginning to see some Democrats read the writing on the wall and looking to jump off of this sinking ship. US Senator Joe Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, has publicly stated he would support a stopgap spending plan that delays the individual mandate in Obama Care. There is, of course, wide public support for such a delay. Now it is looking more and more like Democrats are coming on board with this…it could be an interesting potential compromise.

It also seems like Senator Harry Reid is scared of this very thing happening as well. He issued the following tweet: “ Next year, 129 million with pre-existing conditions can get covered. Tell Republicans to stop shutdown threats over health reform.” Amazing. 129 million? Where does he get that statistic from? Not to mention that it overlooks the still 30 million who would be uninsured even under Obama Care.

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