A Nation that is Beyond Words. By Mario Murillo

beyond words

A Nation that is Beyond Words.  By Mario Murillo

There are still some who believe that America can be talked into Christ.  However, a growing number believe that America is now beyond words.  I agree wholeheartedly.

It is never safe to describe the “mood of America.  No matter how hard you try, you will generalize. My take is that America is pagan, addicted, digitally distracted, angry, depressed and skeptical.

While that description sounds like I cannot find much good in Americans the radical opposite is the case.  I believe Americans are still the best in the important categories of faith, generosity, and courage.  The current condition of Americans is a matter of what is assaulting their senses and the toxic condition of their leaders.

America was paganized by a media tsunami of filth, the tyranny of secular progressives and the silence of the Shepherds. If I had more time and room I would elaborate on those factors.  Americans are weary from financial burdens.  They are overmedicated by misguided doctors and laser guided drug dealers. They are bitterly divided by politics.  Finally, they are saddened by the general defeatism of our nation and worst of all, feel no hope for the future and no longer believe what anybody says. In short, they are in a condition that is beyond words.

What do we do now?  There is a clue in something Billy Graham once said.  When a reporter accused him of setting the Church back 50 years Billy said, “I was trying to set it back 2,000 years!” In the year 34 AD the world lived in a similar swampland of despair, perversion and anger.  Christianity emerged from that morass.  But how did she do it?

The church verified the resurrection of Christ with signs, wonders, and miracles.  The church embodied the gospel with their infectious joy, the irresistible love for each other, and their golden service to the poor and downtrodden.  These things provided the Christian clout.  This is why Saint Francis, who ministered to the poor and operated in gifts of divine healing said, “By all means preach the Gospel and if necessary use words.”

What we need today is what I call The Blatant Attempt.  The blatant attempt is drawing a line in the sand that alerts the public and defies Satan. It consists of three clear steps.

1. A highly public and powerful invitation: We have been guilty of asking people to attend things that are not compelling and do not stir the heart. Moreover, we have feared to make that invitation a matter of public knowledge.  We must invite people to encounters with the power of God.  We must spell out the possibilities of the event for those who suffer.  Consider the fact that when people brought the lame, the blind and leper to Christ there must have been a conversation about what could happen if they came to the event!  That kind of expectation is a must in a blatant attempt.

2. We must alter the service to meet the challenge: Nothing is worse than selfish Christians. Dismantling a church service in order to make room for divine intervention is a must.  Clinging to business as usual demonstrates our ignorance about how desperate things really are!  The new meeting must include fasting and intercession.  The new meeting must include a format that allows the Holy Spirit to express His full authority.

3. Contend for the continuation: When the Glory blasts through keep going!  There should be no return to normal, this is the new normal.  Trust God for strategies that maintain the fire and channel the fire into a sustainable way of life.

This is precisely what we are doing at New Life Church in Houston this weekend.  These three rallies are a blatant attempt to declare the Gospel that is beyond words.  All of my sensors are screaming that this will be one of the greatest demonstrations of healing power that I have seen in my entire ministry.

I am pleading with all of those who are within driving distance of Houston to bring the sick, the broken hearted, the addicted and wounded believers for not just a meeting, but a collision with Christ!

Tomorrow Sunday October 20th at 10:30AM/ 6PM and Monday October 21st at 7PM

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5 thoughts on “A Nation that is Beyond Words. By Mario Murillo

  1. This is absolutely powerful and true..and I am seeing some of it where I attend church..praying for your meetings in Houston…wish I could be there. God Bless You Mario and your ministry!

  2. I pray that God brings it down there in Houston! That sounds like a Holy Ghost Party, we used to call it! Please consider Las Vegas, NV! We need this here, as our church does manifest in spiritual gifts, but sometimes I feel our pastors hold back for whatever reasons. I’d like to see it take off across this city!!

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