How Sunday Morning Will Save or Destroy America: Part Two.

train wreck

In a blog earlier today, I told you about how in the last several days, two Sunday morning services have been the site of  massive train wrecks that have devastated the cause of Christ in America.  However, yesterday I witnessed the epic power of a Sunday Morning Service in Houston.  

Before I tell you about my experience yesterday let me make an urgent point:  One million Americans left their church this year but many did not leave because they backslid.   They left because of a ravenous desire for more.  They want more intense worship, more messages that will arm them to take a city.  They want more of the presence of God. They want public calls for sinners to repent and come to God and they want more of the moving of the Spirit in power!  The number one complaint that they have with their church is that they cannot feel the presence of God.

Nevertheless, there are many Churches that prove to us that Sunday Morning can be an awesome weapon for America’s restoration.  I call these Ground Zero Churches

They are zones of the presence of God.  Matthew Henry describes the zone, “He can, when he pleases, strike awe upon the worst of men, by the tokens of his presence in the assemblies of the faithful, and force them to acknowledge that God is with them of a truth.”

There are many examples of places that oozed God and dropped hardened sinners to their knees. The zone will replace our strenuous effort to entertain and convince people.  The presence of God will do to the sinner what we could never do.

They have a God given tractor beam.    God gave the lamp stands to the seven churches of Revelation to make them a magnet for hungry souls: A regional signal that was sent by the Holy Spirit that tells the harvest where to go.  This does not replace but enhances outreach.

They are a giant church full of giants.  You hear some pastors boast of the size of their church saying “we are a giant church and others claim “I do not want a giant church.  I want a church full of giants”. God wants both, a giant church full of giants!  The ground zero church produces leaders of true authority. Even the entry-level officers have the firepower to set Satan scurrying for cover!

They are an ongoing miracle rally.  The ground zero church does not sit and hope that their favorite miracle evangelist will come around soon.  They move in signs and wonders.  They see healing as a normal part of church life.  God crowns each service with gifts of power expressed freely and in order. They have embraced the simple promise that “these signs will follow them that believe”.

A Ground Zero Church is the epicenter of God’s dealing for a region. They are a body of believers that have made the supreme covenant with God.

Yesterday I witnessed the explosive potential of a Sunday morning service in Houston at New Life Church.  I have heard worship bands all over the world but I never felt anything anywhere that was more overpowering.  It was worship that can render the sinner helpless and launch the Christian into heights of power to serve God.

new life church houston

Pastor Dusty Kemp stood ostensibly to encourage the people to be in our Living Proof event for the next two nights.  Instead he delivered one of the most wonderful calls to action that I have ever heard.  It was convicting by not condemning.  It radiated with urgency but with great hope.  It laid out the national disaster but made a convincing case for victory.

Even the offering was compelling.  When Diane Devalle stood to receive the offering she painted a picture of the actual condition of our nation and the world. The effect on the audience was undeniable we wanted to give, serve and believe God for big things.

Most evangelists want the pulpit ASAP but on this Sunday Morning it was not an issue.  It is not even important for me to talk about my sermon.   On this day all of the elements of power came forth.  The power of the Church of Jesus was on display and their rising faith was not just a massive breathe of fresh air but a harbinger to Satan that there are still Sunday morning services across our nation that flare up and fan out to envelope our nation.


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