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It is possible to have an astounding meeting in a city and it would not mean city wide revival.  Signs and wonders can flow like a river as they have every night here in Indianapolis, and still it would not indicate a community outbreak.

The fact is, I have seen indescribable results in many cities  that have not led to anything beyond the 4 walls of the meeting hall.  I have been in church meetings where it seemed impossible for anything to stop the power from flowing out to the whole region.  Nevertheless, the hand of man would worm its way into the momentum killing the fire because of petty jealousy or emotional extremes.

You have not heard me say this before; there is something different going on in these meetings here in Indianapolis.  It is deeper, stronger and purer. But there is one thing that stands above the rest of these powerful traits that tells me that Indianapolis could be the first major American City to turn to Christ.

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To understand what it is that makes me declare this I must introduce you to Pastor Ron Neal of the Creekside Church.  God has graced this brother with a humility that disarms and bridges the gap between leaders. I cannot remember a more selfless attempt by a church to give away revival.

Every Wednesday 70 Pastors and leaders from all over the region meet at Creekside to pray, worship, celebrate unity and receive prophetic guidance for all of the churches.  This Wednesday, when I spoke to these leaders it was not 70 but nearly 200 that showed up to seek revival.

Another man that I must introduce to you is David Noel who leads the Indianapolis School of Supernatural Ministry.  The same passion for revival beats in his heart and Jesus is using him to spread the fire in the city.

(Tomorrow I will tell you about Carmine and Jennifer Azzato.  They are the reason I came to Indy.  Their story will rock your worldl!)

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Worship without flesh, meetings without a human agenda, and miracles that flow freely crown every meeting here.  Here is the thing…I am not preaching in one location but in 5 different locations building a ring of fire around the city.   The Christians are commuting to each location bringing the glory with them!  Not only this, but I have committed an unprecedented 9 days straight to be in Indianapolis!

What is the outstanding feature that makes me believe this city can turn to Christ?  If it isn’t miracles, amazing worship then what is it?  The answer is an effortless and strong unity between the churches.  I have not seen this, like this, anywhere else in America!  Dozens and dozens of Pastors and leaders joyfully cooperating with childlike excitement over what Jesus is doing in their city!

Stay tuned the best news is coming tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “WHY INDIANAPOLIS?

  1. Awesome to see that unity between pastors. Too many ministers look at each other as competition when we are all supposed to be on the same team with a common purpose. it’s not about us, its about Jesus!

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