If you think that what he does with giant alligators is amazing.

alligator 1

If you think that what he does with giant alligators is amazing you should see what he does to giant devils from behind the pulpit.

Not far from the scene where Trayvon Martin was killed, God is using Pastor Richard Summerlin to grow a multiracial miracle in a converted airplane hangar.

Richard was a bounty hunter who went after dangerous felons and then became an expert alligator hunter until he decided to become a pastor.  Some say that these are the right skills for pastoring.

God has graced Richard with a wisdom and leadership mantle way beyond his young age.  There is no doubt that his preaching and miracle ministry will be an explosive encounter for leaders and all believers.

This Thursday November 14th will be the first time that Richard has ever preached on the West Coast:  I have asked Richard Summerlin to come all the way from Florida because I believe he is building the next generation of revival congregations in America.  I have seen with my own eyes what God has done at New Way in Palm Coast.  Thousands have been swept into the Kingdom of God.

Richard Summerlin

Richard preaching on the West Coast is not the only first.  He will be preaching at the very first R.I.O.T. Conference sponsored by Mario Murillo Ministries.  R.I.O.T. is an acronym for REVIVAL IN OUR TIME.  R.I.O.T. will become an annual event to promote a moral awakening in America.

Richard will be preaching the opening night of R.I.O.T. this Thursday night November 14th at 7PM.   He will also do a second session Friday November 15th at Noon.

R.I.O.T. is for every any pastor, evangelist, leader or concerned believer who is contending for a moral awakening in the United States.  If you have a burning desire for revival you will not find a more deliberate attempt to understand and release revival anywhere.  The very atmosphere of the RIOT itself will burn out doubt fear and confusion about revival.  Join us this Thursday night for a when revival history will made in Martinez.


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