I Am Overwhelmed by 55 Million Babies Killed Since Roe v. Wade

I Am Overwhelmed by 55 Million Babies Killed Since Roe v. Wade

by Kristan Hawkins | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 1/22/13 11:40 AM

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about today?

Yesterday evening, I was sitting in my living room working while watching my sons play. I began to think about what my life would have been without them. How different I would be. How their lives have already made this world a different place since they were born. How much I would hurt if I had chosen abortion.

Then, I thought of the more than 55,000,000 lives that have been taken in the U.S. since 1973, and I became overwhelmed at the tragedy. Tragedy for the babies, their mothers, their fathers, families, and us.

Who is our nation missing? What price is our society paying for the ultimate deceit of abortion?

40 years ago today, seven men on the Supreme Court decided in favor of a case presented to them from a 27 year-old, unknown, post-abortive lawyer, Sarah Weddington. That case was Roe v. Wadeand, along with its companion Doe v. Bolton, it legalized abortion in all 9 months of pregnancy, for any reason, in the United States.

Today, this 27 year-old is writing to you as a survivor of that decision. The undeniable fact is that nearly a third of my generation is missing. We are missing brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, husbands and wives.

You see, Miss Weddington’s generation got it wrong. In attempting to correct gender inequality in the workplace and in our society, they set into motion the ultimate act of discrimination – abortion. Instead of glorifying motherhood, they pitted the mother against her child, creating an endless cycle of selfishness, pain, and deceit.

But this generation is determined to set it right. We’ve seen the ultrasounds of our siblings, googled “abortion” and seen the bloody images, and sat with a friend as she cried about her abortion. This youth generation is the most pro-life generation of young people since 1973; we’re even more pro-life than even our parents’ generation. And this week our presence will be known as this generation will be the predominant participants in Wednesday’s March for Life in Washington, D.C. and pro-life rallies across the nation.

This week, we will be proudly carrying our “I am the Pro-Life Generation” signs, and Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry will watch their target audience slip away.

In fact, we already have. When Nancy Keenan, the former president of NARAL/Pro-Choice America, announced her resignation last year, she cited the lack of young pro-abortion leaders as the reason she wanted to step down. This month’s Time magazine headline story dealt with the same problem, claiming that the pro-abortion movement has been losing since 1973.

And last week’s new Planned Parenthood video and talking points on abortion confirm this fact. They don’t want to use the term “pro-choice” anymore because it’s too negatively associated with abortion. You see, they know when abortion is mentioned, their favorability falls. Their goal? Never bring it up.

So, what should be our goal? To bring up abortion in every conversation we can – in church, the grocery store, at school, and at the neighborhood party. To never forget about abortion, no matter how busy our lives may get or how sad or immobilized we become by this immense, overwhelming tragedy.

Friend, it’s time to rise up. Rise up off of your couch, out of your dorm room, or pew. Rise up and dedicate your life to something bigger than yourself.


It’s time to investigate the bogus IRS ‘investigation’

It’s time to investigate the bogus IRS ‘investigation’


Published January 17, 2014

  • 011114_JER_Obama_640.jpg

The Obama administration has apparently decided it’s time to bury the IRS targeting scandal.

No more fake repentance.

No more expressions of concern for systematically violating the constitutional rights of American citizens.

Just end it. Move on. Pretend it never happened.

Justice may be delayed, but it will not be denied.

And why not? After all, President Obama won reelection, his base hates the Tea Party anyway (and believes conservatives deserve any punishment they get), and the media had moved on to covering national catastrophes – like lane closures in New Jersey.

So it was time to end the pretense.

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI did not expect to file any criminal charges in connection with the IRS’s admitted, systemic, multi-year targeting of conservative nonprofits for improper scrutiny.

To be clear, the FBI made this decision without interviewing even a single one of the American Center for Law and Justics’s 41 targeted clients. And we’re not alone. Other Tea Party attorneys report their clients weren’t interviewed either.

Put simply, the FBI leaked its conclusions in a criminal investigation without even interviewing the victims of the potential crime.


It’s inexcusable, but hardly surprising. After all, just days before the FBI leaked its determinations, the news broke that the Department of Justice attorney in charge of the investigation was a longtime, significant donor to President Obama.

She began her cycle of donations on January 30, 2008 – early in the primary season and just days after then-Senator Obama defeated Hillary Clinton in the South Carolina primary. Her donations totaled nearly $7,000 over the years – putting her in the top tier of financial contributors to President Obama’s campaigns.

Moreover, this partisan attorney came from the DOJ’s civil rights division, its most partisan division.

Reviewing the timeline, it’s easy to see how quickly the Obama Administration reversed course from public contrition and damage control to aggressive anti-conservative spin – and now to burying this scandal.

On May 10, 2013, the IRS’s Lois Lerner admitted to systematic targeting, blamed lower-level employees, and apologized on behalf of the IRS.

On May 14, with the media in full cry (for the first time in the Obama Administration), Attorney General Holder announced a criminal investigation, and the next day President Obama condemned IRS misconduct.

How quickly things changed.

In June, FBI Director Mueller was unable to even identify the lead investigator of the investigation. By July – only two months later – the IRS scandal transformed from a source of outrage to a “phony scandal,” with the President openly dismissing its significance in public statements.

In the months since, the message from the White House has been the same: Move along. Nothing to see here.

And throughout, our clients waited – patiently – for the phone to ring. And it didn’t ring until late December, more than seven months after Lois Lerner’s apology.

Then, before the first interview could be arranged, the news broke of the partisan investigator followed quickly by the news that the results were predetermined.

Representatives Darrell Issa and Jim Jordan are correct. It’s time toinvestigate the investigators. The Department of Justice’s Inspector General should launch his own investigation, and that investigation should answer a few, key questions:

  • Why didn’t the FBI interview the victims of the potential crime before making its determinations?
  • Why did the lead attorney’s record of partisan giving create an appearance of a conflict of interest within the meaning applicable federal regulations and local bar association rules?
  • How was the investigation conducted?
  • Did its conduct mirror that of other investigations, or was it cursory and conclusory – with a predetermined outcome?

Regardless of what ultimately happens in the criminal investigation, the Obama Administration is mistaken if it thinks it can use its considerable resources and executive discretion to insulate itself from accountability.

It may be able to appoint partisan investigators within the DOJ, stonewall congressional investigators (for now), and intensify efforts to publicly sweep this unlawful targeting scheme under the rug, but it still faces civil litigation and accountability before a federal judge.

Our ACLJ lawsuit on behalf of 41 clients in 22 states is ongoing.

Discover looms in the case, and we will get to the bottom of one of the most significant – and consequential – political scandals in recent American history.

Justice may be delayed, but it will not be denied.

Jay Sekulow is Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). Follow him on Twitter@JaySekulow.

Why I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

pauley ballroom BLOG

Why I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

By Mario Murillo

“Here in Britain, it is more likely that people would deny they went to church even if they actually did, on the grounds of embarrassment. To say you’re religious in Britain is to risk excluding yourself.  When Tony Blair was Prime Minister, and a rare question arose about his religious views, his press secretary said firmly, “we don’t do God,” and refused to answer.”

This is an excerpt from the preface of Unapologetic, the ground breaking volume by Francis Spufford.

This paints a bleak picture of soul winning in England.  It also explains why Islam has made so many inroads in London.  Moslems are not ashamed to speak out, nor are they embarrassed by their faith.

This blog is not a rant against Islam, nor is it a call for Christians to seize the White House. It is a call to take a hard, honest, deep look at what is a snapshot of our immediate future.

Soul winning is now a hate crime in England and the trend is growing here.  There is a rising tide that calls for Christians to “keep it yourself.”  This argument is being put forth by a strange Confederation of voices.  Atheists want us to hold our peace because we are irrational and a threat to human progress.  Secular progressives condemn us as hating the poor, the homosexual and women.  Many modern pastors, including the Pope have asked Christians, “to tone it down.”

There are millions of innocent bystanders who hear the message of Jesus maligned every day.  They are caught in the middle between those who, out of hatred, tell lies about the gospel, and those that present an incomplete gospel out of embarrassment.Berkeley Campanille

The answer is not to tone down the Gospel, it is just the opposite: It is time to turn up the true Gospel. By being exposed to the real message of Jesus presented through Spirit-driven vessels, those millions who are stuck in the middle will experience history’s most pleasant surprise.

Everyone that knows me well knows this very singular fact about me: I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  But why am I not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

To answer that, you must see the different path this ministry has taken than most evangelists that you have ever heard of.  It seems that Christ went out of his way to plunge us in the deep end from the very beginning.

While others have been called to areas of America that are sympathetic to Christian values, we have always been cast into locations that are hostile, atheistic, immoral and highly intellectual.

While still in high school I preached in the Haight-Ashbury; ground zero for the love and peace movement in San Francisco.  The ministry went from the frying pan into the fire by moving to Berkeley California during the antiwar demonstrations. We were planted there for the next ten years.

For a great part of the early ministry I rarely stood before an audience that actually wanted to hear what I had to say.  You could say that God sent the worst equipped person to convert the best armed opponent.

We do need not to present any further evidence than this to show you the power of the gospel: If there was a flaw in the message, any fantasy whatsoever, the crucible of Berkeley would have blown it to smithereens.

Our first building copy

Instead, at each point of challenge something from out of this world would step in and move the ministry forward.  The least likely would be converted. A greater proof still is the fact that we had not a clue about what we were doing and yet our numbers kept growing.

We were one of those rare ministries in history where the new converts could explain what God was doing better than we could.

Paul said he was not ashamed because it was the power of God.  That is exactly what it was for me…the power of God doing the impossible.

When the words should not have been there they were.

When the money could not have been there it was.

When the method had no business being effective it was.

But finally and foremost, the Gospel proof was the power it put in people.  They who hated it were transformed; they who had no power to stave off addictions were resurrected.  In short, all who tasted the power of the Gospel had an engine installed that became an impetus to loving and positive choices.  That is why I am not ashamed nor will ever be ashamed of the most awesome message mankind has ever heard!

Tomorrow:  How we stop the trend away from soul winning.

This is an excerpt of Mario’s message tonight at the ARC at 7PM

1015 Estudillo Street  Martinez CA 94553

Hobby Lobby’s religious convictions aren’t for sale

Hobby Lobby’s religious convictions aren’t for sale

Friday, January 10, 2014 6:29pm

ZEPHYRHILLS — The first clue that Hobby Lobby isn’t your typical retail business is a sign at the front door saying the craft store is closed on Sundays “to allow employees time for family and worship.”

Once inside, other clues dot the shelves, from the large selection of religious crosses to the decorations quoting biblical verses. Listen closely and you can hear Christian songs playing in the background.

The faith-based subtleties are backed by conviction. David Green and his family founded Hobby Lobby more than four decades ago with the guiding mission to run the business in a way that brings glory to God. Over the years, Green has donated an estimated $500 million to Christian charities, including Oral Roberts University, of which his son Mart Green is board chairman.

Those beliefs are a footnote to most shoppers, who spend more than $3 billion a year on picture frames, craft supplies and home decor items. Even fewer know the Oklahoma-based chain is at the center of a U.S. Supreme Court dispute over a federal health care law mandate requiring employers to cover abortion-inducing drugs.

Last week, Hobby Lobby opened its second store in the Tampa Bay area, at 7333 Gall Blvd. in Zephyrhills in Pasco County. City Manager Jim Drumm described it as a big deal for the rural city of 15,000, where residents are used to driving a long way to get to top retail brands. A craft store had ranked high on a recent Chamber of Commerce survey asking what goods and services residents wanted in their community. Several singled out Hobby Lobby by name.

“We have a fair number of retirees, and a lot of times when you are retired, you have a lot of time on your hands and want to take up new hobbies,” Drumm said. “People were really happy when Hobby Lobby was announced.”

The store took over a Sweetbay supermarket that closed last year as part of a chainwide contraction that affected 33 underperforming locations. Hobby Lobby co-manager Kevin Ross said shoppers lined up outside before the soft opening on Jan. 31, and more than one customer has remarked that the store is busier than it ever was as Sweetbay. A surprising top seller so far? Yarn.

David Green founded Hobby Lobby out of his Oklahoma City garage in 1970. The son of a preacher, he and his wife, Barbara, started out making decorative frames, then added craft supplies, home decor and holiday decorations. They opened their first store in 1972 and have since expanded to more than 550 locations nationwide. The first Tampa Bay store opened in late 2010 in New Port Richey, another community a long way from the urban core.

Hobby Lobby chooses places where it can rent big-box buildings at an affordable rate. It doesn’t target the corner of Main and Main, like Trader Joe’s, which is opening stores along Fourth Street in St. Petersburg and off Dale Mabry Highway in South Tampa. It also doesn’t need to be across from International Plaza, like the Container Store.

Hobby Lobby usually leases space previously occupied by another retailer. Former supermarkets, hardware stores and Kmarts in mid- to higher-income suburban areas are prime sites, said Justin Greider, vice president of Florida retail brokerage at Jones Lang LaSalle commercial real estate. The space costs 50 to 70 percent of what a new building would cost.

“They are very, very sensitive to the amount of money they can pay in rent,” he said. “They are focused on families with some disposable income who like scrapbooking and decorating, but are price sensitive. They aren’t competing with upper-income stores like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel.”

On average, stores draw from a 10- to 15-mile radius, significantly farther than a 3-mile reach for a grocery store or 5 to 7 miles for a Target. That makes it possible, for instance, to add a store in Carrollwood or Brandon but still attract shoppers from Tampa’s urban core, Greider said.

Hobby Lobby stores can be as large as 90,000 square feet but, more recently, have taken over smaller retail space in order to facilitate growth. By comparison, Michaels and Jo-Ann stores are about 20,000 to 25,000 square feet.

Hobby Lobby has been referred to as a combo Michaels, Kirkland’s and Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store on steroids. Stores carry 70,000 products, many of which are made at the company’s manufacturing plant in Oklahoma. By comparison, Michaels, which has twice the number of stores, carries 37,000 items.

Hobby Lobby has been successful in more remote communities like Zephyrhills and New Port Richey, which have limited retail options, real estate officials said. In the case of the newest store, the nearest Michaels is 15 miles away in Wesley Chapel. The nearest Jo-Ann store is 24 miles away in New Tampa.

“If you locate in a more rural area, you tend to have the entire market to yourself,” said David Conn, executive vice president of retail services for CBRE commercial real estate in Tampa. “You’re not splitting the market with other competitors, and it’s unlikely a competitor will go there.”

Closing on Sundays, while welcomed by many employees and believers, comes at a price, he said. Competitors are open daily and have longer hours. Hobby Lobby operates 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. six days a week — a total of 66 hours, while Michaels is typically open 81 hours a week. To stay competitive, Hobby Lobby needs less expensive rent in areas with likely shoppers.

“It all comes down to the bottom line,” Conn said. “They are running a business. They aren’t selling Bibles.”

hobby lobby

Hobby Lobby has earned a reputation as a strong, solid retailer, particularly among government and real estate officials who have dealings with the company. The chain carries no long-term debt and starts its full-time hourly workers at 90 percent above the federal minimum wage — about $14 an hour — compared to other retailers that start at minimum wage. David Green, who owns the entire business with his wife and three children, was ranked 246th on Forbes’ list of world billionaires in 2013, with a net worth of $4.5 billion.

The family’s religious beliefs run companywide. The chain employs chaplains to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of its employees, who come from all faiths, a company spokesman said. Gruesome or bloody Halloween decorations are strictly prohibited.

Though not as widely known as Truett Cathy and his family from Chick-fil-A (another business closed on Sundays), the Greens are big names in Christian circles. Last week, Hobby Lobby president Steve Green, one of the sons, appeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network to talk about his family’s collection of 40,000 biblical documents and artifacts, which is said to be the largest private compilation of its kind in the world. Items from the Green Collection have been on display in St. Peter’s Square and Vatican City and are part of a traveling exhibit called “Passages,” currently in Colorado Springs. Eventually, the Greens plan to open a museum for their collection in Washington, D.C.

It hasn’t been without controversy. A few months ago, Hobby Lobby officials apologized after complaints that the stores didn’t carry Jewish merchandise. As a result, the company said it would sell some items at stores near large Jewish populations in New York and New Jersey before Hanukkah.

In September 2012, Hobby Lobby filed a lawsuit against the federal government opposing a requirement that it provide the “morning-after pill” and “week-after pill” for free under its insurance plan. Compliance, the family said, would violate its religious beliefs.

Hobby Lobby won on an appeal but in October joined the government in asking the Supreme Court to take up the case. The court agreed in November and is expected to issue a ruling by June.

More than 90 lawsuits have been filed by nonprofit and for-profit groups nationwide against the Health and Human Services mandate involving contraceptives. Hobby Lobby is the only non-Catholic-owned business to sue and, so far, its case is just one of two headed to the Supreme Court.

Officials at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, the Washington, D.C., law firm that is representing Hobby Lobby for free, said a court victory would prevent the Greens from having to choose between violating their faith and violating the law.

“They hold their religious convictions closely. They are very sincere in that,” said Becket Fund spokeswoman Emily Hardman. “They just want to operate their business the way they have been.”

Cruz Calls President ‘Dangerous And Terrifying’

Cruz Calls President ‘Dangerous And Terrifying’

January 10, 2014 10:24 AM
File photo of Sen. Ted Cruz. (Photo credit - JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

File photo of Sen. Ted Cruz. (Photo credit – JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

AUSTIN, Texas (CBS Houston/AP) — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz has told a conservative conference that President Barack Obama is lawless, providing the right wing rhetoric that makes him so popular in his home state.

The conservative Republican laid out his reasoning for why he thinks the president is “dangerous and terrifying.”

According to the Statesman, Cruz also slammed Obama for what he referred to as a pattern of “lawlessness on a breathtaking scale.”

“We are a nation of laws and not men,” Cruz was additionally quoted as saying by the website. “If we had a system where a president can pick and choose what laws to follow at utter whim … that is seriously dangerous.”

The public policy conference at which he spoke was sponsored by the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation. Minutes before his address, the organization posted a photograph of Cruz on their official Facebook page.

His address comes just one day after he released a statement on his official website that took aim at Obama’s “promise zone.”

“It’s altogether fitting that President Obama is … talking about income inequality because income inequality has increased dramatically as a direct result of his economic policies,” the statement reads. “Unfortunately, rather than stop Washington’s job-killing policies, President Obama proposes yet more government spending and debt.”

It concludes, “All of America needs to be a real ‘Promise Zone’ – with reduced barriers to small businesses creating private-sector jobs – and we should start by repealing every word of Obamacare, building the Keystone pipeline, abolishing the IRS, and rolling back abusive regulations.”

Cruz has garnered national attention by frequently condemning the Obama administration and the federal health care overhaul. In addition to calling for a complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act, he said he would replace it with a conservative alternative that would expand health care coverage.

Cruz also criticized Obama for not enforcing drug laws in states that have legalized use of marijuana.

Phillip Martin, deputy director of the liberal Progress Texas group, said Cruz’s positions have damaged the nation, particularly when he led Republican efforts to shut down the U.S. government if Obama did not repeal his health care program.

“Ted Cruz’s temper tantrums cost taxpayers billions of dollars and did nothing for the 6 million Texans without health insurance,” he said.

Cruz is often mentioned as a potential candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

The Final Word: Kirsten Powers, Isaiah the Prophet, and the Glory of God.

final word

The outstanding feature of Kirsten Powers’ testimony is that she experienced the fear of the Lord.   She said, “I was more traumatized by Jesus visiting me I tried to write off the experience as misfiring synapses that but I couldn’t shake it when I returned to New York a few days later and I suddenly felt God everywhere and it was terrifying more important it was unwelcome it felt like an invasion I started to fear I was going crazy”

The layers of intellectualism, and the objections to the FAITH that modern preachers insist must be addressed were answered by fire.  Instantly, her doubts were consumed by the Glory of Christ that appeared to her.

We have all heard the verse in the Bible that says perfect love casts out fear.  However, love is not the only thing that casts out fear.  As a matter of fact, the best killer of most fears IS A GREATER FEAR.

Once, as a young preacher I sat on a jet writing out my bills. I was vexed by my shortage of finances.  I blurted out a misguided prayer.  I said, “How am I supposed to believe You for vast sums to win the lost if I am fearful over basic bills? Lord, deliver me from this fear of finances.”

Moments later, the Captain came on the intercom and announced that “we have just lost engine number three.”  I was instantly delivered of my fear of finances.

This is exactly what happened to Isaiah.  Isaiah is in the temple to seek comfort for the death of his first cousin King Uzziah. We know that they were close because Isaiah wrote the King’s life story.  Second Chronicles 26:22 says, “Now the rest of the acts of Uzziah, from first to last, the prophet Isaiah, son of famous wrote.”


Uzziah was a righteous King who welcomed the prophets and obeyed their counsel. After 51 great years of leading his people under the grace of God, Uzziah forgot about God he became proud and arrogant.

One day, Uzziah entered the temple to light a candle on the altar of incense. This was a gross violation of God’s law. As a result leprosy broke out on his forehead.  He was banished until he died a slow and horrible death.

During those five years, Isaiah lived in the shadow of past glory.  He must have regretted the years he wasted. The standing invitations to Royal events, rubbing shoulders with the intelligentsia, cast a spell on his judgment.  Isaiah is devastated by his failure to speak and act for God.  Now he fears the future.

Then Isaiah saw something that should have killed him instantly.  6:1 In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple. 2 Above it stood seraphim; each one had six wings: with two he covered his face, with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew. 3And one cried to another and said:“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts;  The whole earth is full of His glory!” 4 And the posts of the door were shaken by the voice of him who cried out, and the house was filled with smoke.”

There was the mighty, awesome God flanked by two of the most dreadful beings in heaven: the Seraphim; towering beings of pure fire whose voices caused violent earthquakes.

Isaiah’s old fear is vaporized before this holy awesome ultimate godly fear.  Soon his sin is purged and a legendary Prophet is commissioned. This is what I yearn for my brothers and sisters in the ministry.

The story of Isaiah is our story.  We are at the end of our human wisdom in a nation hell-bent on destroying herself.

The most disturbing thing about Kirsten Powers’ conversion maybe this:  God sidestepped us to save a soul by His own power.   He is not consulting us for advice and He will replace vessels to do His work, His way.

Leprosy has indeed broken out on the forehead of the seeker model. It cannot speak to the sin of our government, to the villainy of the entertainment industry or to the works of Satan that are devastating the public.  It worked for a while but Uzziah is now dead.

We must return to the Temple.  We must fall of God’s mercy and await the Glory and the fire.  Let us reinstate the Holy Spirit as the commanding officer of our endeavor.  Seek Him whose strategies will not fail.  Be endued with power that will not dissipate.



Jan. 7, 2014 9:00am
First-grade teacher in California told a student that “Jesus is not allowed in school” before removing a religious story the child affixed to candy canes in celebration of Christmas last month, a non-profit legal firm claims.

The incident reportedly unfolded on Dec. 13, when 6-year-old Isaiah Martinez brought gifts for his peers to Merced Elementary School in West Covina, Calif.

According to a press release distributed by Advocates for Faith & Freedom, the firm handling the case, “Each gift consisted of a traditional candy cane with a message attached that recited the legend of the candy cane. The legend references a candy maker who created the candy cane to symbolize the life of Jesus Christ.”

And that’s where the controversy comes in.

According to the legal group, when Martinez presented the gifts, he was met with major resistance from his teacher, who reportedly took the candy canes and removed the Christian story affixed to them.

“After conferring with the school principal, the teacher told Isaiah that ‘Jesus is not allowed in school’ and, at the apparent direction of her principal, ripped the candy cane message from each candy cane, threw the messages in the trash, and handed the candy canes back to Isaiah for delivery to his classmates,” the press release continued. “Isaiah then nervously handed the candy canes to his classmates in fear that he was in trouble for trying to bring a little Christmas cheer and ‘good tidings’ to class.”

Now, Advocates for Faith & Freedom is demanding an apology from West Covina Unified School District, calling for policies that would restrict “bullying and intimidating Christian students and religiously affiliated students.”

The legal firm sent a letter to the district outlining its views on the matter.

“It is in the best interest for everyone if the school sets an example of tolerance of differing viewpoints, whether it be on Christmas, about religious subjects, or about cultural issues, that kids in public schools should have a right to hold differing views,” Robert Tyler, an attorney representing Martinez, told the Los Angeles Daily News. “The courts have, multiple times, upheld the rights of students to express themselves to each other.”

KNBC-TV reported that district leaders are reviewing the situation, with Superintendent Debra Kaplan explaining in a written statement that officials’ intent is to “honor and respect the beliefs of all students in matters of religion.”

“At the present time, we do not have any reason to believe that the teacher or any other district employee had any intention other than to maintain an appropriate degree of religious neutrality in the classroom and to communicate this to the child in an age-appropriate manner,” Kaplan said.

The school district has until Jan. 13 to respond before legal avenues could be taken.

The incident raises questions about church-state separatism and students’ personal rights in the classroom. It is reminiscent of another case in Texas surrounding candy canes in the classroom — one that has been dancing through the courts for the past decade.

Part two: Kirsten Powers, Isaiah the Prophet, and the Glory of God.


Here is the burning question:  Can the mega church save America?  I am not asking if you think they are successful.  I am asking… do you believe that the rising tide of anti-God, pro-perversion forces that are propelling the nation to oblivion can be reversed by mega churches.

I am positive that even the most famous of seeker pastors would not dare say that their approach is going to result in an American moral awakening…the one and only thing we need now.

Those who blindly hold to the seeker model may be our version of the “Warmists.”   Global warming is such a tenuous theory that they had to rebrand it “climate change.”  In spite of the coldest winter in Chicago’s history they cling to their religion and stick to their guns.   Even playing the ultimate mental goobly gook by saying, “these occasional cold spells are caused by warming.”

Our version of global warming goes like this:  We are facing a spiritual ice age but the problem is actually heat…heat that was caused by hot Bible preaching, revivalism, fervent prayer and repentance.  The solution to the coldness of America is to remove even more heat from the church?query_letter

So what is the answer for the American church?  For some, it is simply “at all cost, keep the lie alive.”  To consider the urgency of revival can lead to the most dangerous of all questions: what is the point of any church program that has zero chance of waking America up?

This is why the conversion of Kirsten Powers matters.   The seeker manifesto orders us to expect conversions that are gradual, comfortable and noninvasive.  Read in her own words how her experience is the polar opposite:

“then one night on a trip to Taiwan I woke up in what I felt like a strange cross between a dream and reality Jesus came to me he said here I am it felt so real I didn’t know what to make of it I called my boyfriend but before I had time to tell him about it he told me he had been praying the night before and felt we were supposed to break up. So we did. I honestly while I was upset I was more traumatized by Jesus visiting me I tried to write off the experience as misfiring synapses but I couldn’t shake it when I returned to New York a few days later I will cost I suddenly felt God everywhere and it was terrifying more important it was unwelcome it felt like an invasion I started to fear I was going crazy”

One of the most recognizable and outspoken voices of secular thought violently reverses courses, claiming a supernatural vision of Christ ala Saul of Tarsus?  We better sit up and take heed! Here is what I believe this miracle says to us:

big boy pants

1. Our strategy for reaching America must come from the Holy Spirit and not man made marketing.  No matter how unreachable she seems, God has a strategy He wants to execute through us but only by the Holy Spirit.  Jesus gave this role to the Holy Spirit and any plan we invent on our own will not only fail it is disobedience.

2. No active ingredient of the Gospel should be left out in our preaching.  Yes sir, your message was full of inspiration and dazzling anecdotes.  And, I must say, the fancy footwork that left out hell, repentance, the Blood, the Cross, and the Resurrection was indeed impressive but wholly ineffective for deliverance from sin.

3. Conversion is not comfortable but in many cases it is fearful and overwhelming.  When Kirsten got back to New York she felt God everywhere and wondered if she was losing her mind.  People sobbing at the front of a Church, pastors getting calls at 3 AM from distraught souls will become a common byproduct of true awakening.

And this is just the beginning.  The most indispensable fact of Kirsten’s conversion is a message to pastors about the Glory of God.  That is what I will tell you about tomorrow.

Kirsten Powers, Isaiah the Prophet, and the Glory of God


Kirsten Powers, Isaiah the prophet, and the Glory of God

Have you heard about what happened to Kirsten Powers?  I will tell you all about that, but first I must tell talk about something very disturbing.

It may not seem very important, but recently a highly regarded expert made 14 predictions for the American Church in 2014.   If what he says is true it is the worst news for the church in American history.  Here’s why:

It says essence; Americans do not want to hear the Gospel.  Many churches will close their doors and combine with other churches.  Massive layoffs of church staff are coming.  Cities will clamp down on any new church building to protect their tax base. Only mega churches will grow.

None of that is good news, but saying that only mega-churches will grow is really bad news. This is because it is implies:

1. The church is not supernatural.   To survive she is compelled to apply marketing concepts that are from corporate America.  Programs must be based on what the public wants and rebranding Christ to answer the secular objections to His teachings.

 2. That he is giving a ringing endorsement for the seeker sensitive model. The dirty little secret that few want to admit is that seeker churches do not win unbelievers so much as they attract complacent believers.

For a lukewarm believer who wants less accountability but still feels a twinge of guilt about church attendance, the mega church is the perfect hiding place.  They can lose themselves in the crowd, be assured the service will end on time and the chicken soup for the soul sermons can salve the pain of their double life.

3. Since the seeker model does not win souls, growth can only come from stealing sheep from other churches.  This is the worst news.  Let me use Wal-Mart as an example of why this is so destructive.  When Wal-Mart came to your town, it did not increase the number of people who needed sweat socks and beef jerky.  It merely herded the buyers into one location.  Many other stores who could not compete with the price and convenience shut down.  This is a brilliant concept in the business world but disaster in the Christian community.

Like Wal-Mart, the mega church does not increase the number of buyers.  It only rearranges where the already converted worship.  Churches that cannot compete shut down.   Making matters worse, these lukewarm Christians suffer spiritual malnutrition and get even weaker.  The army of God suffers a perilous drop in quantity and quality without even knowing it.

Mega churches can be the best party going on the deck of the Titanic.  As America sinks, the ballroom is filled with people partying as if there is no disaster.  It is possible for a celebrity pastor to beam with confidence even as America, on his watch, suffers the most cataclysmic moral decline in history.

Our actual numbers are dropping.  Our influence in America is declining.  But this addiction to false success blinds us to these realities.  The Christian birth rate in America is virtually zero.  We are not replacing the Saints who are dying off.  Every day we lose influence because there are less of us in number to counteract evil legislation.

But is this expert right?  Is this how the story of the American church ends?  With our numbers dwindling except for a few pockets where the soldiers are getting weaker?  Doomed to fade into irrelevance?   Apparently not.

Kirsten Powers is the outspoken atheist that we all know from television.  She despised Evangelical Christians.  She epitomizes the unreachable American intellectual.  Listen in her own words to why she is now fervently following Christ.

“then one night on a trip to Taiwan I woke up in what I felt like a strange cross between a dream and reality Jesus came to me he said here I am it felt so real I didn’t know what to make of it I called my boyfriend but before I had time to tell him about it he told me he had been praying the night before and felt we were supposed to break up. So we did. I honestly while I was upset I was more traumatized by Jesus visiting me I tried to write off the experience as misfiring synapses that but I couldn’t shake it when I returned to New York a few days later I will cost I suddenly felt God everywhere and it was terrifying more important it was unwelcome it felt like an invasion I started to fear I was going crazy”

Part two tomorrow

1400% Radiation Hot Spot Found on San Francisco Beach

1400% Radiation Hot Spot Found on San Francisco Beach

Experts say no link to Fukushima

Paul Joseph Watson
January 8, 2014

Following reports of abnormally high radiation readings on a beach in San Francisco, experts have discovered radiation hot spots measuring 1,400 per cent above normal background levels, although they are keen to stress there is no link to Fukushima.

Image: Radiation Sign (Wikimedia Commons).

As we reported on Monday, after a viral video emerged showing a man recording measurements of over 150 micro-REM per hour, 500 per cent normal background radiation, on a beach south of Pillar Point Harbor, San Mateo County officials confirmed the spike but said they were “befuddled” as to the cause.

In a new development, El Granada electrical engineer Steven Weiss, a 40 year veteran designer of Geiger counters, took his own measurements and found hot spots that were returning levels 14 times normal background radiation.

“It’s not normal. I’ve never seen 400 cpm when I just wave my Geiger around.” Weiss told the Half Moon Bay Review. “There has to be something radioactive for it to do that.”

After studying a dirt sample in a spectrum analyzer, the substance was found to contain radium and thorium, which are both naturally occurring radioactive elements. No evidence of cesium-137, the fissile material used in the Fukushima reactors, was discovered, leading Weiss to conclude that the radiation had no link to the nuclear plant in Japan.

“There are reports that a pipeline was once at this location and oil pipelines can collect heavy radioactive minerals,” said Dan Sythe, CEO for International Medcom, which designs and manufactures Geiger Counters, adding that babies and young children should be kept away from the beach, “to make sure they don’t inhale or eat the sand.”

Many were concerned that the radiation could be related to Fukushima because experts have concluded that the radioactive plume from the nuclear accident in March 2011 will reach U.S. coastal waters by early 2014.

As non-scientists, it remains difficult to ascertain the true threat posed by the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. Opinion seems to be polarized, with some saying it represents a dire threat to humanity while others, mainly those in positions of authority, downplaying the issue as completely harmless.

The truth must obviously lie somewhere in between, but constant efforts to mislead the public on behalf of both Japanese government and TEPCO officials by lying about the true scale of the radiation release has only stoked suspicion. A recently passed law also imposes 10 year prison sentences on journalists who seek to obtain sensitive information about Fukushima.

The EPA’s horrendous role in lying to the American people and tens of thousands of ground zero workers in the weeks after 9/11, telling them that asbestos-laden air was safe to breathe, has also created an environment of distrust when it comes to public health concerns.

Paul Joseph Watson

Look for my comments on this development later this week.

God bless you,