San Francisco will shut down every church within the city limits that does not believe in gay marriage.

Downtown San Francisco


By Mario Murillo

San Francisco will shut down every church within the city limits that does not believe in gay marriage.  You heard me right and here is why I believe this.  I am a native of this city and have kept my hand on the pulse.  Sources that I refuse to reveal, for obvious reasons have explained to me the secret plan and how it will be carried out.

1. IT WILL BEGIN WITH AN END RUN AROUND THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION. They use the phrase “freedom of worship” instead of “freedom of religion,” the way Obama and Hillary Clinton use it.

Rick Santorum said I’m sorry “When you have the president of the United States referring to the freedom of religion, and you have the secretary of State referring to the freedom of religion, not as the freedom of religion but the freedom of worship, you should get very nervous, very nervous,” he told students at Hope College, a Reformed Church school.

“Because there’s a lot of tyrants around the world who will talk about freedom of worship, but they won’t talk about freedom of religion. Freedom of worship is what you do within the four walls of the church. Freedom of religion is what you do outside the four walls of the church. What the president is now seeming to mold, in the image of other elitists who think that they know best, is to limit the role of faith in the public square and your role to live that faith out in your public and private lives.”

By employing the phrase freedom of worship instead of freedom of religion, San Francisco can claim that forbidding public gatherings by churches that do not believe in gay marriage does not violate their freedom to worship.  They are willing to test this all the way to the Supreme Court.

They will aver that no religion should exist that opposes gay marriage.

2. It will not come directly, but indirectly.  The ban on churches will unfold in insidious ways.  Unlike most cities that only require churches to have a use permit, San Francisco requires an additional “public assembly permit.”

There are several agencies that can revoke a Church’s public assembly permit for different and arbitrary reasons.

Recently, a pastor friend of mine was visited by the fire department.  An official barked to the pastor that “I have a right to come in here whenever I want!”  This Pentecostal church had made its view on marriage very clear.  This spot inspection trumped up thousands of dollars in “necessary changes” that had to be made before granting a church that has been in existence for over 60 years a renewal of their permit to assemble.

This was not about safety but intimidation.  It was a miracle that this church had the money to remain open, many smaller ones would have had to close.

3. San Francisco is being aided in this experiment by forces all across the nation.

San Francisco will be a test city to see if they can successfully shut down churches.  Other cities are waiting to see the outcome.  I am sure you can guess the names of those other cities.

This blog is not intended to scare anyone but to soberly alert you to the facts.  Jesus said “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” –Matthew 16:18

S.F. cover insert

Neither the gates of hell nor the Golden Gate will prevail against the church! 

However, there is a lesson in this story.  The churches of the Bay Area who have not been able to obey Christ’s command to love one another will be forced to drop their petty squabbles and unite in prayer against a common enemy.

Here is what must happen immediately first to the Bay Area churches and then to all the churches.

1. We must organize intercessory prayer gatherings that drop denominational labels and doctrinal technicalities.

2. From that prayer, we must forge a clear and uncompromising statement that explains that we do not hate the sinner but we hate the sin.  We must push back on the lie that believing what the Bible says is “hate speech.”

3. We must quit hiding behind a lie of our own, namely that we should not speak out politically.  What San Francisco means to do is illegal and blatantly unconstitutional.  This lie of sitting silent as secular progressives erode our freedoms is how we got into this mess to begin with.

4. If you let San Francisco do this it will come to your hometown eventually.  The war on the faith that has been instituted here is a war on every Christian in every city, town and hamlet in America.

Did you ever think you would see an underground church in America? Well, you are seeing it!   Pray fervently, speak out boldly and act decisively.  AMEN.



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