The Silicon Valley of Decision

Silicon Valley around San Jose

The Silicon Valley of Decision

By Mario Murillo

In 1982, God poured out His Spirit on San Jose California.  It made headlines in Major newspapers and network television.  Thousands met Christ is a harvest that went on almost every night for 22 weeks. The total attendance was well over 200,000 people.

It took supernatural strength for me to preach night after night from February until July.  Strangely, the Holy Spirit has never permitted me to return to the Silicon Valley in a revival since then…at least, not until now.

Many of you have heard why I have returned but let me summarize the stunning events of the last two weeks:

Friday night February 28th in Martinez, I asked three people to stand and then words began tumbling forth:   “You came from 60 miles away.”  But the Holy Spirit did not leave it there, telling me to add: “you are from 60 miles south of here.”

Their entire life opened like a book: “Satan has tried so hard…almost succeeded.  You have been drilling into solid rock. The Lord is saying that the drill bit is at the last layer of shale.  You are one inch away from a gusher that is going to affect thousands of people.”

It turned out that these 3 people, Pastor Dennis, Jim and Debbie were from Calvary Temple of Campbell. Not only that, but we found out later that the church is 60.9 miles south of our building! But what was explosive was when we realized that I was already scheduled to speak in this church on March 2nd!

So, on that date we filled the church, the Spirit fell, and many were saved.  The impact of the meetings has forced us to add a second week.  We are returning tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM/ 6PM and then Monday and Tuesday at 7 PM.

People are coming from all over Northern California to witness the power of God.  I know for a fact that families are bringing loved ones who are near death.  What will happen in these meetings?  Only God knows what is about to happen.           Click here to hear audio of actual prophecy

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