Week Two at Calvary Temple of Campbell

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By Elijah Garcia

From the moment people walked in…they could feel God was there.

This was the second week of the meetings at Calvary Temple of Campbell. On a Sunday night the church was packed and the expectations were high! The sermon titled, “Violent people: stop apologizing for your miracle” was being preached.

Then it happened.  Suddenly, Mario Murillo said “I’m getting angry” as he grabbed the microphone with authority and starting walking down the aisle. This anger was a righteous anger that burned against sickness and torment that the devil was causing on the people.

There were so many miracles on this night, we couldn’t possibly name them all. There was a woman which had pain issues throughout her body. When the word of the Lord came forth with healing, and out of His mercy using Mario to name various spots (neck, shoulders etc..), she rejoiced but the individual next to her was not satisfied. The one next to her was her son.

He stood up in complete desperation. Clearly frustrated, he was not satisfied with what God had done for his mother. He stands up, almost interrupting the meeting. He then yells out ‘you didn’t say her hands!”. His mother, who was being humble, was clearly bashful about this whole incident. She tried to quiet him down. But he got all the louder. He then began to say “I don’t know if I believe everything that is going on here. But if God is here…He will heal her hands.”

Mario said “you’re doing exactly what I just preached about. What are you going to do when the Lord heals her?”

“Tell everyone” was his response. The torment of his mom, made this young man all the more persistent.

Mario lifted his eyes towards heaven and said “Lord, we’re not testing you.” He continued to pray that God would heal her body and get the glory. He then had the mother move her hands in a circular motion. He then told her…”go home and play your piano. Play the songs that hurt you to play. You’re going to see God did something in you.” The whole congregation was in an uproar. Jesus was glorified

Then there was the young man wearing batman T-shirt…he had liver problems. God told him he was a righteous trouble maker and this sickness was not the end of him. Mario had him put his hands on his liver. He told him his liver was healed. He was already weeping before God used Mario to have him stand up. God was at work in his heart. Then his wife was also called out for healing and she gave her life to Christ!

Another woman in the second row was called out for spinal pain. When she stood up, immediately she began sobbing heavily. God touched her!!

Another woman had nerve pain in her legs. When the power of God fell on her, she fell out! She remained on the ground for 10 minutes. Mario then told her “go to your doctor and this healing will be medically verified”.

There is so much going on in Calvary Temple of Campbell it’s inexplicable. The good news is you can be a part of it also. There is another healing service tonight at 7 pm. Bring your sick and unsaved friends so God can touch them and most importantly, save their souls.

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