steve-hill-portrait copy

Steve Hill: The Lion with the Unending Roar.

By Mario Murillo

Steve Hill a mighty revivalist who, to his very lost drop of life contended for the fire to fall on America is in heaven.   I have preached revivals that lasted as long as 22 weeks so I cannot imagine the discipline and the energy demanded to live in the glory for nearly 7 years as brother Steve did at Brownsville.

To say that he touched millions is an understatement! To place him alongside of men like William Seymour from Azusa Street and Evan Roberts of the Welsh revival is not exaggeration… it is just and proper that we do this.

Brownsville was the touch of God felt around the world.  The untold numbers who came to receive the fire will tell you that Heaven did not merely invade earth in these meetings.  Heaven arrested earth; yea, heaven exerted total supremacy over the earth.

No historian will be able to calculate the number of pastors and leaders who made a pilgrimage to Pensacola on their last leg.  Men and women may have limped in on that last leg but they left aflame with revival and charged back to their respective pulpits and started more fires!

In this season of gooey grace, Steve Hill roared for righteousness.  But his call to “love God with all of your heart was not condemning bit filled with love and hope.  Night after night God equipped him to be a searchlight of mercy and conviction into the deepest recesses of the hearts of his audience.

Masses were ignited to be holy and felt a boundless joy in doing so!  Yes there was a fearful conviction, yes people quaked and even feared for their lives…but oh the glory that followed the tears of repentance.

To his family this is an incalculable loss and we pray wholeheartedly for them… but to the Body of Christ there is not a loss because, STEVE HILL IS THE LION WITH THE UNENDING ROAR!  Demons will still feel his roar; the church will still be provoked to holiness by his roar, young revivalists of every stripe and ilk in every nation under heaven will hear and feel the roar of this divine arsonist and they will start new fires around the world.

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