Robert Redford in Talks to Play Oral Roberts in Film ‘Come Sunday’ (Exclusive)

Robert Redford in Talks to Play Oral Roberts in Film ‘Come Sunday’ (Exclusive)

One edge you get from living on the West Coast is that you get the back story before most of the nation gets it.  COME SUNDAY is a revenge film that supposedly recounts the outrageous treatment that Carlton Pearson endured at the hands of a merciless Body of Christ.  Those already opposed to preachers will get their jollies but they will  not get the truth from this hatchet job.

Get this…Carlton openly stated that “GOD REVEALED TO ME THAT THERE IS NO HELL” and then expected the whole church to follow him.   That fairly well says it all.

Oral Roberts, whom I knew personally during the time of Carlton’s “revelation” was nothing short of a tender and heartbroken father to Carlton and desperately tried to dissuade Mr. Pearson from his folly.

It doesn’t get much lower than this:  You take a stand that ends your anointing and thereby your livelihood, so to recoup your losses, you become an ally of the God haters, make a film that besmirches the memory of the most honorable man you ever knew.  – Mario Murillo

Robert Redford and Oral Roberts

Jeffrey Wright is also in talks to star in the Jonathan Demme-helmed movie about the world of evangelical ministers.

Jonathan Demme is set to tackle the world of evangelical ministers with the film Come Sunday and is enlisting Robert Redford to play the late Oral Roberts.

Roberts, an early pioneer of TV evangelism who reached millions of followers worldwide over more than six decades, served as Pearson’s mentor. Redford, whose recent credits include the superhero pic Captain America: The Winter Soldier and J.C.Chandor‘s All Is Lost, is in discussions to tackle the supporting role of the controversial minister.

The project, formerly titled Heretics, was originally set up at Endgame in 2010 as a directing vehicle for Marc Forster, who will be involved as an executive producer. After seeing little action for years,Come Sunday was resurrected thanks to Demme’s interest.

Marcus Hinchey (All Good Things) wrote the screenplay, which is based on a This American Lifebroadcast that originally aired in 2005.

The project is being eyed for a spring 2015 start, leaving Demme room to squeeze in another film first.

Endgame’s James D. Stern is producing Come Sunday alongside This American Life‘s Ira Glass and Alissa Shipp. Color Force’s Brad Simpson, who was involved in the project when Forster was developing it, is executive producing.

Julie Goldstein and Lucas Smith are overseeing the project for Endgame.

Redford is currently filming Ken Kwapis‘ A Walk in the Woods opposite Emma Thompson.

He is repped by WME and attorney Barry Tyerman.

Demme is handled by WME, LBI Entertainment and attorney Michael Adler.

Wright, who recently appeared in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Only Lovers Left Alive, is represented by CAA.

Hinchey is repped by WME and Hansen Jacobson.

Stephen Galloway contributed to this report.

3 thoughts on “Robert Redford in Talks to Play Oral Roberts in Film ‘Come Sunday’ (Exclusive)

  1. You joke sarcastically about the “merciless Body of Christ,” but I see nothing in your blog that suggests otherwise. Bishop Pearson has never had anything but the utmost respect and undying love for his spiritual father, Dr. Oral Roberts, and in no way does the film “besmirch his memory.” Why don’t you stick to preaching against things you actually know something about?

    1. Oral Roberts emphatically told Carlton to drop his apostasy. He did it privately and then in writing. Carlton did not listen and does not admit what Oral did. I was in Tulsa, I knew Oral and I do know what I am talking about. He is besmirching Oral’s memory by omitting and misrepresenting Oral’s reaction to Carlton’s “revelation.”

  2. I hope Pearson does not smear Roberts. It was obvious to everyone that Rev Roberts loved Carlton like a son and that it broke his heart when Carlton embraced universalism. I saw in a recent interview with Pearson where he is stating that Roberts affirmed Carlton and his heresy prior to his death. This is truly pitiful of Pearson to float this now that the man is dead and can not defend himself.

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