So you want to lead a revival? There is no mystery.




Yes we do mystify revival and someone invisible does not want you to know how you can lead a revival.   Here is what you need to know:


The fate of the nation rests in the hands of the righteous. God’s decision to spare America begins by purifying His people. When the righteous turn toward God in fervent prayer, it does untold damage to evil.   No wonder Satan makes it a top priority to make our efforts feel futile.


Moreover, the enemy wants us preoccupied with the depravity of our country.  If we keep looking at the sin of the nation we will not see our own sin and repent.
Revival starts with a core that makes itself a living sacrifice, utterly available to reach critical mass. They aren’t rebels; they aren’t out for personal glory. They do not want to split churches or walk around with superior countenances. They only want revival.


Jesus’ voice thunders across the centuries, “If any two of you shall agree as touching anything…” (Matthew 18:19 KJV) The promise is that it will be done! It can literally start with only two. They need no great talent except to totally agree on what needs to happen.



Want to make Lucifer quake in his boots?  Weld yourself to this conviction: “God is going to give us revival!”  Then you will survive the journey fraught with battles and arrive at revival standing strong.


Think of the altar of God that Elijah rebuilt.  Think of the fire that came out of heaven and consumed both it and the sacrifice.   We are asking to become the literal altar upon which the fire will fall.


Here is the real scary part:  You are also asking God to express His retribution on satanic activity through you.


This is all such a threat to Satan’s future that he must continually dig up your past.  When you seek revival you must never take your eyes off of the righteousness of Jesus Christ.  You must wrap yourself in that righteousness so completely that Satan will fail every time he throws dirt at you.


God puts confidence in a new revival leader…not a shallow confidence but a cast iron trust in God.  The burning bush transformed Moses from a timid sheepherder to a prophet who towered over Pharaoh.


Samuel was a living legend when he arrived at the house of Jesse; No one knew why he was there. Nobody could imagine a king coming from that place.   Samuel sees the raw material of greatness that lived in the scrawny boy named David.


Later, when Saul hunted him like an animal, it was the anointing of Samuel that held him till he became King.   He faced a mountain of sorrow and in the end he thundered from Psalm 20, “Now I know that the Lord saved his anointed!!!” (Psalm 20:6)

Cover for reaching critical mass


This confidence is not transferred nor inherited. It is personally given by God to each generation. Although Joshua had the greatest of teachers in Moses, he had to hear those words that would carry him to the finish line. “As I was with Moses, so will I be with you.” (Joshua 1:5)


No amount of fortitude or tenacity will cover for the feeling of being a second-class citizen. To evict devils and establish justice, we must know beyond knowing that our ordination to see revival is from the highest court. This is the only way we can come boldly to the holiest place to plead for the cause of an entire nation.


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