Today is the 47th anniversary of Mario Murillo Ministries


47 anniversary



On this day in 1967 I was a wild eyed little kid with a fiery dream.  My mandate was simple; pray and obey.  I ran to my post office box like a child that had sent away for a decoder pin.  I found the letter I was looking for and frantically tore it open.  It said that the United States Government had approved our status as a ministry.

My first thought was of my friend Larry Cobb who had just died.  He was my first role model as a Christian.  We were classmates on a violent, racially torn high school campus.  A black student and a Latino witnessing together was at best bizarre and at worst dangerous.  Larry was stabbed and I was exiled from my group.

The day after we graduated he called me to his home in the Hunter’s point area of San Francisco.  I sat in chair and he explained why he asked to me to come.  “A year from today I will be in heaven. You on the other hand will live to preach the gospel to millions of people all over the world. You must never quit because you will carry both of our callings.”  I had no way to absorb the words he spoke.  I didn’t have bus fare to get out of the ghetto and I would preach all over the world? Not only that, Larry was the preacher and I was the Timothy.  I told him he was crazy and to never talk like that again.

Soon afterwards he was drafted for the Vietnam War and a year later he died.  Emotions moved within me like tectonic plates.  I mourned my best friend but I also knew that I could never quit.

I did indeed go all over the world and preach to millions.  There is no room here to reflect on all of the historic events of this ministry.  I hope you will view the video and give God the glory for all that He has done and continues to do!

For a while there we thought that God had a quieter life for us and that our outreach would taper down.  Then a memory began to haunt me.  That memory is the defining moment of this ministry. On a rainy night in Berkeley I heard the obscene chants of a thousand students inside Pauley Ballroom at the University of California.  They were cursing God and America in the name of free speech. I raised my Bible and pointed it at that hall and made a confession: “I will be in that hall with larger crowd who will make a louder noise to glorify God and bless America!” That confession came to pass in explicit and overwhelming reality.

The Spirit of God showed me that those same voices that once screamed foul language in that hall are now writing foul policies in the highest level of our nation to erase Christianity.  God said, “it time for you to point your Bible at the heart of proof generic

There is a chilling verse in Judges 2:10 “And also all that generation were gathered unto their fathers: and there arose another generation after them, which knew not the LORD, nor yet the works which he had done for Israel.”  This is a solemn warning to America.  Another generation has come and they are toying with atheism, Islam and socialism.  They do not know what made America great and they are willing to toss it out.

The answer is LIVING PROOF.  This is a fresh mandate for us to crisscross America in meetings that overflow with signs and wonders.  It is urgent that we reach millions of youth while there is still time.  Come with us on this great quest.


2 thoughts on “Today is the 47th anniversary of Mario Murillo Ministries

  1. I so appreciate your ministry, Brother Mario. May God grant your desire to see multiplied thousands come to Christ in the near future.

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