What if Christ took a city


what if



What if Christ took a city

By Mario Murillo



Last night a small city in America encountered something unheard of.   The churches of the city, came together to stand for revival.  Word got out. Families scoured the city for loved ones. 8 senior pastors dropped all and told their people to come together.  The mayor came and sat on the front row.  The picture above is just a portion of those who came to Christ last night.

When John and Rita Calderon of Day 3 Church asked me to come, there was something completely different in their appeal.  I was taken aback by the innocence of their request.  They are by no means naïve.  They have weathered all of the storms of pastoring in modern America.  What struck me was how unselfish they were in their cry for their city.

They told me that they believed Los Banos to be on the verge of a sustained revival.  I explained our Living Proof Crusade to them and how we hit youth directly with signs and wonders and God brings in the harvest.  We all sensed the hand of God on this endeavor.

Jason Michael copy

Los Banos, California was hit hard by the real estate crash of 2008.  Gangs from L.A. saw an opening to make this city their private playground.  But John and Rita have stood their ground. 

So it was that last night Christ decided to make a statement.  Their large classic converted movie theater is sandwiched between bars in downtown Los Banos.  The Body of Christ decided that this is no longer just a church building…it is ground zero for revival

Have you ever seen a Christian gathering where a host pastor spends 30 minutes honoring all of his fellow pastors and taking tangible steps to build a relationship with them?

Now, the band began to take the audience somewhere they had never been before.  I could see that this was all so new to many visitors.  I could also see that pastor John’s son Jason is not just a remarkable worship leader, he is a secret weapon.  The music was winning souls!

When I stood up I immediately called souls to Christ and they came from everywhere.  One young lady began wail in repentance crying, “God please forgive me!” over and over until that peace that passes understanding enveloped her. 

The Lord gave a woman stunning and undeniable miracle.  In strict obedience to Christ I began to elaborate on a dozen major health issues in her body.  She began to leap, run and glorify God for her complete healing.

There is nothing more glorious than to watch a new generation witness the power of God for the first time!

The meeting reached a crescendo and it was inescapable that we had to add a meeting tonight.  Tonight, they are bringing the sick, the addicted and the unchurched. We have already heard that people are coming tonight from over a hundred mile radius!  

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