By Mario Murillo

The last days are dangerous and wonderful.  However, prophecy teachers often sound like a blind committee describing an elephant. One grabs the tail and says it is like a great snake, another feels the ears and declares it flat winged like a great bird still another grabs its legs and compares it to a tree stump, and finally, one touches the belly and calls it a whale! They are all correct and they are all wrong. Likewise, fear mongers grab a single verse and run wild.

Look at what I call the Apocalyptic Elephant:

Those who teach that the end times are desperate evil and starvation are right. Those who predict a time of vast prosperity and breakthrough for the righteous are also right.

It is correct to say that natural disasters await us but it is also correct to say that these will be times of refreshment, favor and protection. It is true to say that we will go through some things and it is equally true to say that we will escape many things. It is accurate to believe that men will be more perverted than ever and on the other hand, that the Glory of God will rise on the church as never before.

More people than ever will fall away, men will hate the gospel as never before, yet it is just as true that prophecy points to the greatest harvest of souls ever.

Bible Prophecies are not contradictions, they are paradoxes. Do they force you to dig in and pray?  Yes they do!  I believe that they are mysterious by design so we’ll press into God.  They force a dynamic tension: be ready for a soon coming and while you dig in for the long haul.

God is not concerned the about the circumstances of the future so much what kind of person you will be in those circumstances.

apocalyptic elephant


In these last days, you will either absorb stress or you will radiate the power of God. This is why I am asking you this question that I regard as the most important question anyone could ask you in these end times: Are you a Catalyst or a sponge?

What is a Sponge?  A sponge absorbs the color, smell and flavor of whatever is going on around it and allows circumstances to control it. Sponges are depressed simply because they are told to be depressed. A sponge cannot let a grudge go. They believe that the whole world is against them. They struggle to see how anything is their fault.sponge-face


If you meet a sponge, you will soon hear about everything they have suffered and you will hear who or what they blame for their suffering.  They sit back and passively accept the lie that the crisis is out of control.

Now let’s see the awesome life of the Catalyst. Scientists define a catalyst as, “Any element that changes everything around it without itself undergoing a change.” The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest catalyst in history. The world was totally changed by this unchangeable force.

The catalytic nature of Christ must live through us in the end times! Daniel said, ‘The people who know their God will be strong.” This is a promise that we would draw on the life of God and it would overrule and neutralize the emotional erosion in the end times.

Paul described the catalyst this way, 2 Co 4: 16 “For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.” The world cannot taste of this renewable energy!

The catalyst sees that what is in them is more powerful than what is going on around them! “Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world!” (1 John 4:4) The catalyst looks for exploits not exits!

The Catalyst knows that when times get tough, that The Holy Spirit will make them tougher than their times! The Catalyst does not wait for a cold chill, a hot flash or the brush of Angel’s wings before taking action! The Catalyst is decisive, expectant and ever seeking an adventure in faith.


The declarations of a Catalyst.

When you decide to be a Catalyst, you are making several declarations.

1. You take full responsibility for your mistakes and you refuse to waste time blaming others.

2. You are suspicious of your own moods and feelings and refuse to let them factor into your final decisions.

3. You sense the needs of the people around you more than your own needs.

4. You have tapped into an intimate prayer time with Christ that replenishes your soul.

5. You view world events from the perspective of God’s throne.




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