Now it is undeniable in  Portage Indiana: Turn away crowds, abundant healings, and a great harvest of souls. 

If you could pick one night for your beloved skeptic to be in church…this was that night.  Miracles did not just happen, they overwhelmed, they sought out people, they overpowered doubt, they cancelled religious notions and obliterated disease, pain and spiritual wounds…it seemed that God was not fighting fair.

Oh how the people sang!  Voices raised in glorious praise as every seat filled until no more could fit in the sanctuary.  They sang the chains off!  They did not care about  race, religion, gender or age…it was all about singing from humble hearts, who believed no matter what the need they would never be the same.

No hurt was too deep, no sickness was too strong, no problem too big for the God they worshiped.   

Mario only preached as long as the Holy Spirit would allow in this electrified atmosphere.  He told of the Jesus who has never changed or suffered a power outage.  He declared the Name that would eject devils and destroy disease.  All of the evil of these times could not stop God from blessing, healing, loosing, releasing and saving.

The call to come to Christ came early in the night and before we knew it scores were standing at the front to receive the greatest miracle of all!  The sinner’s prayer was clear and forceful no doubt wafting in the air and out into the surrounding community.  People nearby must have heard and felt conviction as they cried “Jesus save me now, I repent of all my sin.”!

If only the people could speak for themselves!  They would tell in detail of this unforgettable night.  Take the woman who hesitated to respond for several minutes when called out for explosive pain in her head.  When she finally stood it just made it all the more amazing as power overtook her.  When she obeyed God the atmosphere changed the people were transformed.  Now Jesus directed His love to a man who was stunned that God would love him so much to describe every detail of the disaster in his body.  A ruined heart, dulled hearing, bones deteriorating in his arms, legs, knees, a cacophony of pain and weakness evaporated on the spot.


Next was the spine healing of a young woman due for surgery for scoliosis.  Overtaken by gratitude, she sobbed to realize that God had named her disease and gave her His touch.  

She testified, “You ministered to me tonight about my spine and scoliosis. You also said I would grow half an inch and I actually felt my back stretching.  Thanks for letting God use you.”

Oh but it was not just the body that God healed it was spirits. People were singled out for a miracle in their broken hearts.  It stunned us all when a mighty deliverance was called out and received.

Now it became a cloud of healing settling over the entire audience.  Rivers of power swirled, yea raged and took up the crowd in its current.  Shouts of “I’m healed,” rang out, outbursts of joy as sickness after sickness was evicted from bodies.  Dozens healed in their abdomen, heart, lungs and limbs.  Again and again we would hear and see those who had received healing give God the glory!

Indeed God did not fight fair and I say AMEN to it!  Hundreds are fasting.  They are on their way to the meeting two hours ahead of time.  It is going to be another night of glory!!!

 Closing night!   

The fire continues tonight night at 7PM.  If you are in the Portage Indiana area join us at City Point Church  6474 Central Ave, Portage, IN 46368 Phone:(219) 764-8229




  1. Mario, Please pray with me. I pray with the Power of the Holy Spirit that my severe diverticulitis will be eradicated before up coming surgery. I pray that our Father, His Son who healed so many other sinners like me throughout the ages will also heal me. I have 2 appointments with 2 different surgeons Aug 4 and Aug 5th, 2014, and I believe that the Holy Spirit will cleanse me so I don’t have to have surgery. Along with this I pray that the Holy Spirit will also rejuvenate the nerves in my eyes so that the beginning of glaucoma will be restore to it’s good sight. Please pray for this healing. Thank you Jesus for your prayers. Betty

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