Mario Murillo Ministries Takes One Giant Step Forward

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A giant step forward?  Yes a really giant step forward; a step that exposed a very dangerous lie…a lie so dangerous and widespread that every American evangelist slammed into it.

For the very first time in history there appeared to be no place for mass crusade evangelism in the United States, essentially extinguishing the office gift of evangelist.

How did this happen?  A generation that lost its Christian roots allowed the United States to enter a period of misery and decline by putting God haters into power.  This is described in Judges 2:10, (a verse that you have heard me quote repeatedly), “There arose another generation that knew not God neither the things that He had done for Israel.”

The God-haters seized the day turning soul winning into a hate crime and the Bible into hate speech.

The response of much of the church only made matters worse.

Many mainstream theologians say that America changed so fast it shocked many pastors.  They became frightened to quote scripture or to ask sinners to repent. The “new, improved church” pivoted to messages on self-betterment and gave up on converting unbelievers.

They go on to say that not only did celebrity pastors stop winning souls; they openly opposed those who were winning souls.  In their growth seminars, they actually warn pastors not to have outreaches.

It became so blatant that even atheists began saying that pop preachers are ignorant of the Bible and go on to accuse them of crafting a convenient, compromised, complacent, and counterfeit gospel.

Critics within the church said that these religious entertainment centers are exactly what 2 Timothy 3: 5 warned against, “having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof.” They fill pews with bodies but not disciples.  Seekers, they say, are “teased by light hope and half cures.”

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For this and many other reasons mass evangelism was pronounced dead.  Soul winning messages and altar calls virtually vanished.  The end result: a nation purged of morals, self-control and sanity.  Our failure to convert Americans is a big reason we are in this mess now.

In a nutshell:  A generation forgot God, atheists hated God and preachers wanted a crowd more than they wanted God.

Mario Murillo Ministries was led in the opposite direction.  We knew that this was all a big lie and that the Gospel of Christ which had triumphed over centuries of adversity would prevail again.

-We took a stand to declare the unvarnished message of Jesus.

-We would present exuberant worship that clearly exalts Christ.

-We would preach Bible based messages that take people to the foot of the Cross and then to the Resurrection.   

-We would surrender to the Holy Spirit to give LIVING PROOF to a lost generation through signs, wonders and miracles.

-We would confront pastors with a fiery call to return to their first love.


We are not the only ones who have taken this stand!   I thank God for Franklin Graham, Rhinehart Bonke and a host of others who continue to harvest souls!

God granted us success.  However, a big question remained unanswered.  Yes, we had good meetings and yes we could attract young audiences but could this weapon called LIVING PROOF rise to the point of piercing the culture and reverse the nation’s course?

The answer came like an asteroid striking the earth in Los Banos California.  It was here that we first truly saw how an outreach can leave something that would keep expanding.

1Part 2 of this report tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Mario Murillo Ministries Takes One Giant Step Forward

  1. this is so true. Sin is still sin and without people having a true encounter with GOD they will never know the truth. I cry for pastors to wake up and preach the truth without compromise. Stop smelling like the world but preach the blood of Jesus

  2. Praise the Lord. It’s time for all the the hard core Christians that are walking the talk, to take it up a notch and snatched those souls from the pits of hell and allowing the Holy Spirit and God’s power to flow thru you without hesitation. To God be all the glory. May God’s power and fire continue to add more fuel for you and the ministry. I’m with you in prayer. God bless you MMM. We love and miss you all.

  3. The sad exodus of the evangelist is truly shocking and amazing but maybe no more shocking as the exodus of a church singles group. But, as I was told by one megachurch pastor in San Jose, the reason that particular church had no plans for inviting in evangelists is because “its the old way of doing things”. I guess he meant, lets no longer invite an unsaved friend to church and have an altar call, instead lets put out an altar call on the church website along with the smiley face of pastor, with the ice cream social headliner. There are now two groups of people who it would seem aren’t “welcome” at least implicitly or explicitly in Silicon Valley megachurchs, first singles, then the unchurched crowds.

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