Part Two of A Giant Step Forward for Mario Murillo Ministries



Yesterday we told you about our giant step forward.  Here now is the conclusion of what changed this ministry forever.  The answer came like an asteroid striking the earth in Los Banos California.  It was here that we first truly saw how an outreach can leave something that would keep expanding.

It feels like the atmosphere of the city changed.  Not only are souls saved and sickness healed en masse, people feel hope on the streets.  Reports of jobs and people getting raises are common.  Even the weather changed bringing much needed rain to this drought-stricken region.

God is invading all levels of need.  Night after night they come to hear the Gospel and be saved.  They drive from over a hundred mile radius with friends, family and even enemies to hear the message and see the power of God.

The Holy Spirit has put in place a fellowship of pastors that we believe will sustain revival long after we leave.  They meet together.  They pray together.  They combine forces for the good of the city.

While we are eternally grateful for the miracles of healing we have seen in Los Banos there is one that is very special to us.  A little girl just 5 years old faced a horrible situation.  Her spine had an 18 degree curvature from scoliosis.  She was to have a rod inserted in her spine once the curvature reached 20 degrees.

Now catch the significance of this healing…I did not call her out.  Her parents brought her to the leaders of the church for prayer.  I preached it over and over again that Jesus wanted to transfer His anointing of miracles from select vessels to the entire Body of Christ.  It was time for them to take their stand in miracles and they did!


You can see from her X-rays before and after her healing!  Talk about LIVING PROOF!

Now let’s talk about the return of repentance.  This is the story of the president of one of the most notorious motorcycle gangs in the world.  He sat humbly and expectantly during the worship and the message.

Then the power of the Holy Spirit began to convict him of his sin.  The convulsive breaking of this man reminded me of the conversion of John Newton the slave trader who wrote Amazing Grace.

Large tears welled up in his eyes as the sorrow over his sin crashed down upon him.  Then the hope that he could be forgiven became infinitely more important than his pride.  He did not care that he no longer looked strong or intimidating.   Who can describe the glorious work of the Spirit?

I watched the process in him as he lived out the words “twas grace that taught my heart to fear and grace my fear relieved.  How precious did that grace appear the hour I first believed.” 




How holy and beautiful is the work of the Holy Spirit in convicting modern Americans of sin and convincing them of forgiveness.   When you see dozens under this influence you realize how tragic a thing it is to cheapen the Gospel or to believe that America is now somehow immune to Christ’s power.

Imagine the joy when scientists and doctors emerge from grueling tests to find that the medicine they have discovered has been proven beyond all doubt to be a cure for some hideous disease.  Now you know how we feel…we know that LIVING PROOF works.

Nevertheless, our joy is tempered by a profound soberness.  In 6 short years we have lost nearly 300 years of Christian heritage and American greatness.  This was Satan’s masterpiece.  He will not let this sacred ground be retaken without giving us the fight of our lives.

We have a towering opportunity before us but it is a long hard road filled with adversity.  Paul said it best, “For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.” – 1 Corinthians 16:9

However, soldiers upon winning a battle that they know is a turning point in the war do take the time to savor their hard won victory.  Mario Murillo Ministries has just taken a giant step forward.  We know who we are and what we are called to do, and we will not apologize for the standard of excellence that we must maintain in our events.  The vision that we have received from heaven has been tried in the furnace of our nation’s present wickedness and it has come forth as gold.

Precious partner rejoice!  This mighty locomotive called LIVING PROOF has left the station and the momentum is the greatest we have ever seen.  Help for America is on the way!



P.S. How proud and grateful we are for John and Rita Calderon who lead Day3 Church and who served so sacrificially to build unity and facilitate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

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