Have I Abandoned Bay Area Revival?

San Francisco, CA, USA



Have I Abandoned Bay Area Revival?


By Mario Murillo

I have moved to Reno.  At the same time, there have come out the East Coast some renewed prophecies of the destruction of San Francisco.  Some have taken this to mean that I have abandoned the quest for revival in the Bay Area. Here is the real story.

Some pastors who embrace San Francisco values and believe it is never right to criticize Obama made it clear to me that I was no longer welcome in the Bay Area.  I did not take them seriously because they do not represent the overwhelming majority of ministers that I know and love in this region.

Moreover, they were never a factor in my decision to move.  That decision was already made.  They were used by God to do something completely different. I now understand why the Holy Spirit said “honor their request and leave.”  My ties to San Francisco are very deep and when my soul was uprooted it was emotionally traumatic. God used their request and said to me “honor their request and leave,” to give me the emotional release that I needed to complete the move.


Their actions released me from a personal vow I made to defer to them on certain issues.  I am now free to confront those issues.

However, I am not released from the quest for Bay Area revival.  I do not agree with the predictions of doom over the city.  The prophecy that moves me is the word about revival that came through Bob Dylan.  It still burns in my soul! That is why we still own property in Martinez with an active prayer group there that meets every Wednesday at noon to seek revival.

Reno Expansion copy

I actually believe that our base of operation in Reno will make us even more effective in the Bay Area.  So, now hear this…if you want to win souls, heal the sick, pray for revival and launch outreaches in the San Francisco Bay Area we are your friend and ally.

In fact, we are returning Sunday November 2, 10AM and 6PM to Living Word Family Church to add fuel to the Santa Rosa Fire! 

Everything within tells me that God is going to pour out His Spirit on the Bay Area and that is why He sifting His church. However, the time is short.  Those who refuse to speak the counsel of the Holy Spirit will be sidelined.  Those who have a heart to obey and confront evil will be given greater power!

Not only are we not abandoning the army of God in the Bay Area, we are re-positioning ourselves in order to be a greater force than ever in the quest for a moral awakening both in the Bay Area and all across America.

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