Out of the Ashes a miracle for America


Out of the Ashes a miracle for America

By Mario Murillo

Today is my birthday and today this blog reached 900,000 views.  A happy coincidence!  This blog became my exclusive weapon to oppose the Obama agenda.   I knew from the jump that Obama’s rise was a demonic masterpiece that would deceive millions.

Here is what he said in Lebanon, New Hampshire on January 7, 2008:


We should have known from the breathtaking arrogance of this statement that he was getting outside help.   Indeed, an angel of light did shine and gave millions a counterfeit realization.  Other than an “epiphany”, what rational reason was there to vote for him?

Then he made this astounding declaration about his super powers: “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal …”

At the time that I began to speak out, many, including close friends thought I was committing ministerial suicide.  A string of pastors told me I could no longer preach in their church and that the IRS was going to get me.   Still others abused a concept of a “culture of honor” to spiritualize their silence in the face of evil.

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No one but God knows the price I have paid to obey Him in exposing this agenda to destroy America.  I have faithfully passed on to you everything I felt you need to know in order to fight off this disease on our nation’s soul.

Today, it is clear to all  that our president is an unqualified disaster.  In normal times, he would have been run out of office.  Now many of my fellow ministers are speaking out.  All he is now is a lengthening legacy of lawlessness.

Some assume that I believe America is doomed.  They see the blog as an ending stream of bad news.  Believe me; if I thought we were beyond hope my message would look entirely different!  I would not be sounding an alarm; I would be comforting the remnant.  My continual warnings are rooted in my conviction that a miracle is waiting in the wings.

I believe that our prayers have lifted scales off of America’s eyes about Obama.  I believe that the midterm election is a chance for the church to take back our nation form the polices that Obama put in place.  However, I see a miracle in the wings that is greater than any election.


Everything inside me tells me that our ministry is poised for a strategic moment.  None of the minions or their ideologies in Washington D.C. is strangers to Mario Murillo Ministries.

We met this Spirit on the Campus at Berkeley.  We collided with astounding hostility against the Gospel of Jesus for a decade.  It was hardcore, intellectual, and well organized.  God called me there to win souls, and see revival, but from every angle it was an utterly impossible task.

How God took our group on campus from a handful to two thousand strong is like a page out of the book of Acts.  But the most important result of my time on campus is only now coming to light.  This is because the intellectual deception that presently drives the White House was invented in Berkeley.   And what this ministry can do now was also invented in Berkeley.  It prevailed then and it will prevail again.

I even chuckled to see the usual suspects from the “revolution” being recruited by Obama.

Here is my great hope for America: God would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah for just twelve righteous people.  America is home to millions upon millions of godly Christians who are working hard, raising children and faithfully paying their taxes and their mortgages.  They did not live above their means.  They did not take any bailout money.  They have not bowed their knee to the gods of abortion or gay marriage.  They are the ones who are locked in prevailing prayer for America!

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Everywhere I go I meet true intercessors and I can see their prayers being answered.  Millions of youth are under God’s influence.  Because it is a great threat to their agenda, the media is not reporting the growing spiritual hunger of our youth.  Vast numbers of them are migrating back to youth groups and churches, and the surprising thing is that they are drawn to on fire churches and not to the hi-tech designer churches.

God is in a miracle working mood.  Never in 47 years of preaching have I heard or seen such dramatic healings in such abundance. A vast blanket of signs and wonders is covering us now and reports are pouring in from everywhere of healing.

It may seem right to buy a cabin in the woods and load it with survival food, but before you do consider what I say.  You will be distracted from the great harvest of souls that is coming.  You would forfeit the greatest intimacy with God you have ever known. You will miss the Grace of God that would have made you strong in impossible situations.  You will miss the great anointing that God will grant to every one of His soldiers in the hour of testing!  You would be sidelined in the church’s finest hour.

 Now I have one last great prayer:  that you gentle reader will not be a traitor to your faith by not voting or by voting for a Democrat who will carry on Obama’s agenda.   Yes, a miracle waits in the wings but also a disaster looms in the shadows.   November 4, 2014 is the day for all Christians to shake off compromise and do the right thing.

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