There should be a much higher level of outrage going into next Tuesday

On Monday November 5, 2012, the night before Obama’s reelection I blogged this: “Many people, including Christians are planning to vote in a way that will remove faith, destroy our economy, and make America a second rate power.   Only fiery conviction can bring us to our senses.”    It all came to pass in sickening detail.

We who believe in Christ are being tested by fire.  There are values that are not negotiable:  Marriage, the sanctity of life, and The Bill of Rights. This is still not true for millions of Christians who are lukewarm and compromised.

Christians had all of the goods on Obama and still voted for him.  He had done his best to damage the nation and they still rehired him.  Black people especially suffered under his policies and stood with him overwhelmingly.  Life sucked under Obama and all of us knew it; we had an ocean of evidence of his incompetence, arrogance and malice toward Christianity and yet 6 million born again Christians voted and gave him another turn at destroying our way of life.  

hands out

I tossed and turned knowing the election was already lost.  It was lost because there was no mandate from our Church leaders to stand by our Bible convictions.  The message of entitlement had made preachers moral sissies.  The media turned a blind eye to pandemic voter fraud.  We knew we had every right to be outraged with Obama but we held it in for fear of looking racist.   Even before we voted I knew that Obama had won.

Now we hear all of this talk about how we are going to win big on Tuesday.  They say Christians, minorities, millennials, and women have finally realized what Obama has done to us and the Democratic Party.  I hear that we are going to kick them all out in a major landslide for the Republican Party.

Not so fast!   Rampant stupidity is still preying on voters.  Look at how low this President has brought us and how spectacularly he eclipsed his first term fiasco with the second term from hell.   There should be more way, way more outrage than there is.  None of these races should be this close!


This midterm election should be an avalanche of rejection of Obama and every politician that led us to this point of national humiliation.  Instead I fear that at best it will be a squeaker and at worst Democrats will, in a fashion reminiscent of organized crime pull out the smelliest victory in history.

If you are going to vote for a Democrat and you believe that the Bible is the Word of God you have got to help me understand!  You cannot do it with pride; you cannot do it from a sense of duty.  You have to be doing it for reasons that put a knot in your stomach.

I should have prayed harder in 2012!  I am praying much harder tonight.  I am praying conviction on all believers.  I am praying intense conscience pangs to overpower lukewarm or confused Christians.   Most of all I am asking God to open our eyes to see what is truly at stake this coming Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “There should be a much higher level of outrage going into next Tuesday

  1. Amen! I don’t see how anyone could vote for the same Democrats after what they have done to try to bring America to her knees. God will deal with that anti-Christ in the white house in due time, but until He does, our prayers need to be God, please continue to bless America.

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