Do you deserve a second chance? By Mario Murillo

Do you deserve a second chance? 

By Mario Murillo

 Sunday November 2, 2014

A wise man once said of a fool, “One day he will realize he lost a diamond while playing with worthless stones.”

 We can all look back at something we lost because, at the time, we did not know how precious it was.  Now it is priceless.  We have lost dreams, friends and even family and if we are sincere we can admit that we played with worthless stones and let a diamond slipped through our fingers.

The question is not can we get it back but are we worthy of a second chance? 


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On June 19, 2012 I wrote these words about a night in the Santa Rosa Fire:

“My hand trembles writing this to you!  My heart races at the possibilities!  To God be the glory!  The meeting begins as harmless as any other gathering until the first note of the first song and then you know!  You know that you are in a place that is only partially connected to earth.

Last night the people violently took the message to their hearts about the 4 lepers.  I told them that these lepers crossed the desert in search of food nothing else.  They crossed into the camp of the Syrians looking for a blessing but left to change a nation. 

I said to the capacity crowd that is exactly who you are.  You are people who came for a blessing but found out that Jesus has something infinitely greater in mind for you, your family and this city.

I am seeing things that I have only read about in histories of revival.  The zeal, the force of faith and the total submission to Christ is overpowering in this place.  This is supposed to be smug, independent, godless California.  You would never know it!

Person after person who was riddled with pain takes the bold step of faith and charges around the church demonstrating their healing!  Spines, eyes ears, kidneys, lungs, hearts, arms, legs, every part of the body has been healed of everything from cancer to migraine headaches…many of the healings last night were young people and children!

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Today these words haunt me because I know why I wrote them.  They were my accurate record of meetings that were beyond wonderful.  Today I am back in Santa Rosa for a second chance.

Here is what I have learned about second chances.  Seconds chances are not about grace or works.  It is about God seeing if we are the kind of person that would waste a second chance. Those who are granted second chances must be brutally honest.  Here are two vital insights to second chances.

1. To deserve a second chance you must learn from your mistakes. Obvious isn’t it?  If we do not know what we did wrong we will do it again.   I learned that I gave up too easily.

I now see that there were many things that we could have done to keep the fire going and growing.  There were plenty of creative God ideas available that will help us protect revival in the future.


I learned that I cannot be afraid to offend if it protects revival.  Now I know that I would handle this kind of situation completely different.

When you know what mistakes you made you must move on to see why you made those mistakes.

2. People do not give up on something because it became too hard but because it was no longer worth it to them. In This is a key to why we made our mistakes.  This can be made obvious by taking a simple test. Look back at the reasons you stopped pursuing revival. It was fatigue from keeping a demanding schedule.  Now that fatigue seems unimportant because we so  see so clearlly that it was worth the price.

Today I am looking for a second chance for the Fire of God to engulf Santa Rosa.  Join us for something amazing.

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One thought on “Do you deserve a second chance? By Mario Murillo

  1. I can’t wait to see what God wants to do in Reno and Las Vegas! Don’t stay too long in Cali! Praying for revival across this whole nation!!

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