My Tribute to a Great Man of God

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 My Tribute to a Great Man of God

No one can find the words to describe the devastating tragedy.  Nine people died in a plane crash that also took Dr. Myles Munroe, along with his wife Ruth and daughter, Charisa.   Millions around the world feel a big hole in their heart. 

Connie Carpenter who leads Word of Life Ministries in Ventura California told  me that in 2014 Dr. Monroe said something very prescient: “we should die so successfully and leave a legacy behind that is so complete that no one will have to write anything on our tombstone.”  He fulfilled that mandate completely.   He has left us a body of work that will live on and even continue to expand. His recorded messages, his writings, and the spiritual sons and daughters he raised up are a lasting treasure.

Myles Monroe was a classic teacher.  His presentation was so classic that many thought he was being new and revolutionary.  The fact is that he simply rightly divided the word of truth and the power of that balanced word struck a deep chord with masses all over the world.

He eschewed the notion that Bible truth needed to be tailored for those who were squeamish or that the Cross and the Blood should be downplayed.  He ignored the myth that modern audiences would not listen to extended messages of truth.  He could hold an audience’s attention for two hours and more!

His God was at once gigantic, magnificent, generous and demanding.  He had a revelation of a Christ that proclaimed that no believer should lead a small life; no one was disqualified from greatness and everyone should be pulled by the gravitational force of their destiny. 

People often divide preachers into two categories:  Those who preach what the people want to hear and those who preach what the people need to hear.  Dr. Myles Monroe occupied a unique third category: He preached what the people needed to hear in a way that made them want to hear it.

World leaders were drawn to him the poor were blessed by him.  His revelation could challenge the intellectual and inspire the common man all at once.  His life proved that you could be at once joyous, cutting edge and excellent. 

We have lost a great man.  We must mourn for his family and remember something very urgent:  Everyone on that plane was priceless and deeply loved.   To all of the loved ones who are coping with this profound loss, we all extend our sincerest condolences and prayers for supernatural comfort from the Holy Spirit.

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2 thoughts on “My Tribute to a Great Man of God

  1. Mario thank you for these words of tribute for this wonderful and powerful general of the Kingdom of God Dr. Myles Monroe and his beautiful beloved wife Ruth. I so agree with your comments that words just don’t seem adequate.
    Dr. Monroe has impacted my life to such a degree that I will never be the same in ministry, business and life. All around the globe I’m quite sure thousands are still stunned as they just can’t believe he is gone.
    Death is such a difficult event for us humans because we were never created to experience this event it was never God’s original intent. Yet as painful as it is death has truly lost its victory and the grave has lost its sting forever for those sealed by the covenant blood of Jesus Christ.
    It is my prayer first of all for his family and church that the Holy Spirit would work the work only He can do as the great comforter. Secondly it is my prayer that all those that have been under Dr. Monroe’s influence and ministry would resolve in their hearts and minds to take immediate action with more determination and zeal to contend for the faith as it relates to preaching and teaching the Kingdom of God and rising up leaders. These two passions or I could say obsessions so consumed this man of God it was just remarkable the revelation he received on just these two subjects.
    Thanks God he had the foresight and disciple to pen and record these precious truths in every media form he could that if the Lord tarries future generations will be taught and blessed.
    Although we grieve here on earth because of this loss Dr. and Lady Monroe are rejoicing they finished strong and a true legacy has been left.
    Steven Willaims

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