Living Proof World Convention Reno Nevada March 30th and 31st

Living Proof Reno Slide

Living Proof World Convention Reno Nevada March 30th and 31st

We are calling on the friends, ministry family of Mario Murillo Ministries and all believers who want to see America saved to Reno! 

We invite you to two historic days of the Living Proof World Convention. The theme of this convention is The Power and the Plan to save America.   

Everyone knows that America is in dire need of a supernatural awakening.  The power and the plan for such a miracle must come from the Holy Spirit.  He has the only plan and the only power that will work.

We are surrounded by prophetic words that promise a massive harvest but what will touch off the explosion that will sweep millions into the Kingdom?  And how would we function during such a miracle?

We are certain that He has shown a plan and a path to power that we want to share with you.

The old methods no longer work.  Preachers are desperate to break out of molds that are holding back their effectiveness. It is our deepest desire that this world convention ignite fires of momentum for continual harvest in every ministry that comes to this event.

There is a growing consensus that we have plumbed the depths of personal blessing, and we have been taught to death.    What we need now is for all of that to be set on fire and to have it blaze forth into national repentance, healing and blessing.


No ministry is supposed to thrash about in a pool of frustration.  We were all designed to express the life of the Resurrected Christ.  The Holy Spirit wants your house of worship to be a center of an uninterrupted flow of healing to the millions who grope in dark misery seeking hope and deliverance.

Two words flipped Mario Murillo Ministries on its head!  They are the words Living Proof.  We are leaving the world of regular meetings for Living Proof Crusades.  This World Convention is also the official launch of our new weapon to save America.

We see this event as an upper room experience.  We will be filled with the Holy Ghost and fire to bring a fresh mighty witness to America!


Please make your plans now to be at the Living Proof World Convention.  We are gathering in Reno in the Boomtown Hotel and Casino.  This site was carefully chosen because it is a much more peaceful setting than the downtown strip.

We also feel led of the Lord not to charge any registration for this convention!

Plus, we can get you hotel rooms for amazing prices.   For a regular room the convention price is…get this $25 a night.  In their new North Tower a larger room is only $40!   But, you must reserve these rooms directly through us.  Please do not wait as these rooms will go fast!

Let us know that you want to attend the World Convention, or that you want to volunteer to help with the convention and finally, if you want rooms reserved.   We cannot wait to see you in Reno!

Click here to take your first step:

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