Andrae Crouch is still telling us to be brave, bold and joyful… through it all.

through it allAndrae Crouch is still telling us to be brave, bold and joyful… through it all.

By Mario Murillo

When Andrae’s Crouch’s fingers hit the keys of the piano, impossible divisions between races, religions, and between wayward souls and their God, collapsed like the walls of Jericho.  His voice and smile were infectious. He transformed the most illustrious halls instantly into the best church you ever attended.

If God were to take back the contribution that Andrae Crouch has made to Gospel music and to the many artists he inspired it would leave a crater that the church could  never fill.

But of all the gifts Andrae left us there is one that stands out: His ability to take his own sorrow and tragedy and make it into a song to heal others.  Psalm 76:10 says, “Man’s futile wrath will bring You glory. You will use it as an ornament!”  This is exactly what God did through our brother: he took deep, deep heartache and turned it into an ornament.

His homecoming came just as the world is filled with terror.  It feels like he left us just when we needed his gift the most.  But even this, God will turn into an ornament.   His music can be an even greater rebuke to fear, hatred and sorrow.    These songs can remind us even more loudly in his abscence that no matter what… everything is going to be alright.

It is painful for me right now to play his music, but I must because his songs will banish the very kind of pain and sorrow that I am fighting tonight.

It is not Andrae who needs comfort and encouragement…we do.   We need to know that while our world seems to be destroying itself that we should not be afraid, in fact we should be everything but afraid.  The Faith of the Son of God that resides in your heart is bold, confident and anchored to the hope of a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Now more than ever is the time for his melodies and lyrics to work their miracle in our souls.

The towering influence of Andrae Crouch will be seen in the many accolades and tributes you will see in the coming days.  Presidents, kings and celebrities will pay homage to him.  For what it is worth here is what I believe is the best way to honor his memory:

Listen and see that Andrae is still speaking, I can hear him!  He is singing to us about something bigger than our fears, more important than our disagreements, and wiser than our impatient opinions.  Andrae Crouch is still telling us to be brave, bold and joyful… through it all.


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