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By Mario Murillo

Here is the news:  I am ending my daily blogging but will still write one blog a week.  That blog will be posted on Thursday mornings.

Why the change?  I look back and I honestly do not know how I did it.   Can you imagine trying to post a new blog every day for 3 years on a busy schedule?    And it’s not like the interest in the blog is waning.  We had nearly 50,000 people read the blog in the last 28 days!

Here are the reasons that I am ending the daily blog.

Living Proof Reno Slide

1.We will launch our Living Proof Crusades at our World Convention in Reno on March 30 and 31, 2015. My schedule of crusades after that will make it impossible to post a daily blog.  Prayer will be the biggest reason I cannot blog every day.   The increased focus on winning the lost and healing the sick will summon me to expanded and intensified intercession.

Good Friday Miracle Rally

2.We are reopening the ARC in Martinez, California on Good Friday April 3. This is an outreach center to the San Francisco Area that will also be a studio to live stream Living Proof to the World. We need to keep a footprint in this bastion of liberalism and godlessness.   This is a God event center that is getting a dramatic makeover.

3. I hate my writing. I cringe at what happens when you write on the fly.  Hopefully I will be able to write better if I have time to look at it more than once.  I cannot promise you Pulitzer Prize winning prose but at least I will be able to edit my writing.

4. To expose the evil in our government and in false religion requires more focus. Do not think for a moment that I am backing down from exposing the spirit of Antichrist where I see it. I backed off of Obama in order to train my guns on other notable targets.  I am going from machine gunner to sniper and that means I must pick my targets with care.

September 8

5.The blogs need to provide positive solutions. America is not hopeless.  We have not lost the battle.  As I said to you in the blog about Hillary, the real question is not whether America can be saved, but rather how we can think that this great nation that has shared Christ with the world for centuries, that has even rebuilt the nations who warred against us, and who has defended Israel, will not be visited by a special miracle at this time.  I pity the fool who believes that they can take down this nation without a furious fight from God himself. 


This blog needs to chronicle the acts of God as they unfold.  We can reverse the damage of Obama, Islam, atheism and false Christianity. 

It has indeed been an amazing run but I would not be surprised if we end up with a greater impact with one blog a week than 7 blogs a week.   I am humbled that over a million people have read the blog and I am excited about the future of this blog.   Thank you for making this an amazing tool.

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  1. As Always Mario, I respect your honesty and your integrity!!!. You always share clear direction and I applaud you for that. Will miss the daily blog but will look forward to reading them when you post!!.

  2. as always you gave thought it out and it makes sense! I look forward to reading your warnings, corrections, and encouragements once a week.

  3. Mario, I quite understand your reason for backing off. There is only so much time in the day and one must prioritize. But if you would like a proofreader, I am an author and am glad to offer my services free of charge as a gift to your ministry. Interested?

  4. Bob and Bonnie Jones:
    The Keys 22:22

    “The Key of the House of David I will lay on his shoulder; so he shall open, and no one shall shut; and he shall shut, and no one shall open.”—Isaiah 22:22

    Recently Bonnie and I were shown the number 22-22; Isaiah 22:22 which has come many, many times throughout the years. We believe we were shown something that we’ve never seen before about Isaiah 22 and the keys of David.

    In Isaiah 22, a great change was taking place. Those who had been in charge were being replaced by fathers. We have many teachers but we have few fathers.

    1 Corinthians 4:15, AMP: Though you should have ten thousand teachers (guides to direct you) in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers. For I became your father in Christ Jesus through the glad tidings (the Gospel).

    The Fathers and Mothers will Unlock the Spirit of Their Sons and Daughters.

    Shebna, the old order was being replaced by Eliakim the new order. Eliakim means father of the remnant. We were shown that the fathers of the remnant were being given the keys of the Kingdom. And the fathers and the mothers would unlock the spirit of their sons and daughters which would release the Kingdom of God to come forth.

    They will come forth with all the gifts and make a way for the glory to come. Where a religious spirit has kept them bound now a spirit of liberty will set them free.

    We will see a manifestation of the gifts of God as never before. Where religion has reigned now get ready for God’s government to reign. This government will prepare a way for the Kingdom to come in the Body of Christ out of the innermost part of the sons and daughters.

    God’s government is of the people for the people and by the people.

    If I by the finger of God cast satan out then the Kingdom of God has come.—Luke 11:20

  5. The Word that I posted by Bob Jones which was given to him by God in August of 2010 is Prophetic for the hour in which we are living. 2015 is a Year of Transition. What we are seeing in this hour is a changing of the guards (leadership).

    The Transition from the many Instructors (Shebna) that we have had throughout the Church Age to the true Spiritual Father’s (Eliakim) at the end of this Age has to do with God establishing his Governmental Body on the earth.

    Jesus Ecclesia which is a Governmental Body (Senate) is a Family Business with true Spiritual Fathers. A Corporate Body of believers who will be about their Father’s Business. Jesus said that his true Mother and Brothers and Sisters were those who do the will of the Father.

    The leaders in the Nominal Church try to give the impression that they have it all together, however, the condition of the Nominal Church in this hour is a reflection of the immaturity of the leadership in the Nominal Church at large. We see in-part and we know in-part. The most mature leaders in this hour are about twelve or thirteen years of age spiritually speaking. The Nominal Church at large is like one big orphanage (Fatherless). The older brothers (Teenagers) have been Leading or Ruling over the other children (Immature Believers).

    However, it is time for those in the Nominal Church to grow up and that will not happen without the Grace (Great Grace) on the lives of the true Spiritual Father’s that God is raising up in this hour making the Transition from Shebna (Instructors) to Eliakim the Fathers of the Remnant. . Only a Remnant of the Bride will go on to perfection to be a part of the First or Better Resurrection in this hour. The Many Sons who will be Brought to Glory. The Believers on Mount Zion. The Church of the Firstborn (Firstfruits). We must move beyond the Elementary Principles and go on to Perfection.

    There is a distinction between the Kingdom Governmental Apostles at the beginning of the Church Age and the Ascension Gifted Church Age Apostles during the Church Age. The 12 Apostles of the Lamb and the Apostle Paul are Governmental Apostles (Spiritual Fathers).

    In this same manner there is a distinction between the Last Days Governmental Apostles at the end of the Age who have been in God’s Caves of Preparation being Fathered by God over the last 14 Years and the Ascension Gifted Church Age Apostles.

    We need both. A Networking of Ascension Gifted Apostles and the Last Days Governmental Apostles working hand in hand in this hour. We see a Prophetic type of this with the Seven Apostles in the Boat with a Net in their Hand pulling in the 153 Fish (Overcomers).

    Satan who is the Prince or God (Ruler) of this World during this Age has had his Day. It is a New Day. The Day of the Lord. Jehovah (Father) is about to make himself known.

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