From Sesame Street to Azusa Street

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From Sesame Street to Azusa Street

By Mario Murillo

If the modern celebrity preachers of today were the captain of the Titanic they would have told the passengers, “We didn’t hit an iceberg, we stopped to get ice.”  It takes skill to stand on a sinking ship and convince people it is a pleasure cruise.   Some of these deceitful voices claim to be spirit-filled.

I want to drag you from Sesame Street back to Azusa Street.  Playtime and nap time are over.   I am going to use this blog to rebuke extremes in the Spirit-filled movement.  My special wrath is reserved for the Spirit-filled community.  Pentecostal, Charismatic, Spirit-filled, call it what you will. I am directing this to all who trace their roots to the Azusa Street Revival but run their church and take their orders from spiritual gurus who oppose the Holy Spirit.

If you are spirit-filled and you nurse hidden sympathies that there is same sex marriage, limited inspiration of the scripture and no hell, I have news for you. You are not an enlightened renaissance man. You are the plain, garden-variety hypocrite.  It’s time to be honest.  Renounce your roots or return to them.  Quit the charade.

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I am being blunt because you are helping keep a false narrative alive and at the same time you are hindering true revival by opposing it.  2 Timothy 4:2-4 says, “Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching. For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.”

Why are you emulating these false voices who preach that, “Everything is peachy because God is so into you, so enjoy the happy times?”

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But what happy times are they talking about?  If you are among those who want Christianity removed from America, then the last 7 years have indeed been amazing.  An impressive string of uninterrupted legal victories for atheists and radical Muslims in the United States has dechristianized marriage, prayer, free speech and all of culture in general.  Korans are in where Bibles are out.  Christian prayer is out in virtually every sporting and civic event.

For the first time, major companies fire leaders simply for being Christian.  Mozilla fired one of their founders, the Golden State Warriors fired a winning coach, and the city of Atlanta fired its fire chief.  Professors routinely threaten and even flunk students for Christian values.  And now the gay lobby is striving to make it illegal to believe that homosexual behavior is sin.

Never in the history of America has church attendance fallen so fast and persecution against believers risen so high.  Never have more pastors been giddier over non-results.  I am sorry to say this but you are in denial if you look at your packed out church and spike the ball while America and the world drown in a sea of Islamic terrorism, atheism, drug addiction, hunger and debauchery.

Yes, some churches are packed out; but like the Titanic, the crowded rooms are a misleading picture.  The boat tilted and people slid into certain ballrooms.  What you don’t see is the floating debris and the masses that fell into the icy sea.  The facts do not lie; mega churches have not had any meaningful effect on America’s steep decline.

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We have so many wrong ideas about millennials and we have so much ignorance about Azusa Street!

We hear preachers say “millennials” are too skeptical and cannot handle Bible doctrine.  That is so wrong.   Did you know that Darwin and Karl Marx were more popular at the time of the Azusa Street Revival than he is today?  In fact, fundamentalism was organized at that time to stem the tide of atheism, Marxism, and a worldwide rejection of the Bible.

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God’s remedy for the dark, disbelieving early 20th Century was to pour out His Spirit.   And that is the answer for today!

Millennials want to deal with racism and social injustice and Pentecostalism is too conservative.  False again!  Azusa Street started the conversation on race long before Eric Holder’s pathetic attempts.   Masses of white believers came to the mission and repented over their racial prejudice.

Another false notion: True Pentecostalism is too legalistic for today.  The accusation of legalism at Azusa Street is a canard!  The good people of the mission may not have danced or worn make up but it had way more to do with a glorious distraction than guilt.  They simply lost interest in vanity and distractions.  By no means did the Holy Ghost make them judgmental.  That came from the next generation who kept the forms but did not experience the fire.

Organic Pentecostalism had great impact on the culture by sweeping millions into a Christian faith that had power, proclaimed victory over habits and trusted the goodness of God to meet every need. To say that this would not work today is to show ignorance of both millennials and history.

Here is the most painful question: Have you looked in the mirror and asked yourself how much suffering you are allowing in recovering drug addicts and those fighting sexual sin by not telling them about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit?

If you repent and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit right now you will indeed lose people, but you will gain an army.  You will lead a congregation rooted in power.  You will not live in the tyranny of the latest church growth gimmick.

What America needs right now is lions in the pulpit, men and women of conviction, full of the Holy Ghost who will, no matter what, obey and declare the full counsel of God.

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2 thoughts on “From Sesame Street to Azusa Street

  1. Awesome!!! Exactly what I have been feeling in my spirit!!!! But the looks I get when I share…….😞. Oh well….

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Mark 3:29
    “But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness. This is a sin with eternal consequences.”

    The Reason that the Sin of Blaspheming against the Holy Spirit has eternal consequences is because when a Person rejects the Ministry of the Holy Spirit they are rejecting the very provision that is needed for their Spiritual Growth. The Spirit of Truth who Teaches us all things concerning Christ. Sanctification of Man’s Spirit, Soul and Body comes through the Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

    Those who reject the Baptism of the Holy Spirit have a form of Godliness but no Power. Every Learning but Never Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth. They see everything from the Light of their Five-Natural Senses Interpreting the Scriptures on Face Value Alone (Letter of the Word). They have very little Spiritual Insight. What good is it to be forgiven if a believer is starving to death Spiritually Speaking?

    The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is not a one time thing. We as believers must receive an fresh infilling of the Spirit on a continual basis and this only comes through having a Personal Relationship with God (Abiding in the Vine). And not only do we need a Fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit on a continual basis we need Fresh Manna from Heaven on a Daily Basis. Daily Bread. We Need both the Spirit and the Revealed Word of God. We must Eat Jesus Flesh (Revealed Word) and Drink His Blood (Spirit).

    There are Thousands of Spirit Filled believers who are Low on Oil (Spirit) referred to in the Scriptures as Foolish Virgins who have been Spiritual Dead and Dry for so long that they see it as being the Norm. They are like Dead Dry Branches who are about to be Cut Off and thrown into the Fire. Luke Warm Believers who are making Jesus Sick to his Stomach who are about to be Spewed out of his Mouth. They think they are Rich and in need of nothing when they are really Poor and Naked. These Dead Dry Branches (Foolish Virgins) are gathering together by the thousands forming these Mega-Churches moving from operating in the Light of the Holy Place back into the Outer Court. There is very little Spiritual Growth in the Outer Court. The Walking Dead (Zombies). Don’t Let them Infect You.

    A high percentage of those in the Charismatic Movement want Spirit but hey have not learned to Love the Truth. The Man Centered Humanistic Gospel that is being Preached in this hour is making the Word of God of no Effect in the Lives of Millions of Believers. They are Ever learning but Never Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth. They think they know but they know not as they ought.

    Psychology, Philosophy, Inner Healing and Sozo which is just another form of Inner Healing is the Wisdom of Man. The Wisdom of this World which is Demonically Inspired.The Carnal Thoughts and Ideas (Idols) of Man. This Idea or Notion that believers in Jesus Christ can be Led by the Holy Spirit to replace their Bad Memories with Good Memories (Sozo) is Bogus. People need to Stop trying to Patch Up that Old Man and Starting Feeding their New Spirit Man.

    People Laughing like Hyenas, Barking like Dogs, Roaring like Lions and Jerking like Spastics with the so Called Glory Clouds with Gold Dust (Fools Gold), Diamonds and Feathers falling from the Sky??? Give me a Great Big San Andreas Break. A Person really has to be deceived to believe these type of Manifestations are from God.

    There are thousands of Charismatics in this hour who have been seeking after Power for all the wrong reasons in all the wrong places and they are finding it. They are listening to and having fellowship with Lying Spirits (Anti-Christ Spirits). Satan and his Angels have Dunimas (Power). The Scriptures warn us of the False Signs and Wonders that will be performed by those who are doing works in the Name of Jesus Independent from Christ in these Last of the Last Days. In that Day Jesus will say “Depart From Me You Workers of Iniquity (Lawless Ones) I Do Not Know You.” We have no Personal Relationship.

    They want Spirit, however, they have not Learned to Love the Truth (Jesus). It is not a Natural Thing. The Carnal Mind is at Enmity with God. They have continued to be conformed to this World which bears the image of Satan Rather then being Conformed to the Image of Christ. Christ is not being formed in them. Their Carnal Souls are like a Raging Beast and their New Spirit Man is Starving to Death.


    Isa 29:9-11
    “They are drunk, but not from wine; they stagger, but not from strong drink [but from spiritual stupor]. For the Lord has poured out on you the spirit of deep sleep. He has closed the eyes of your prophets and seers so all of these future events are a sealed book to them.”

    Those in the Upper Room were not Spiritually Drunk as many have supposed. That was a False Accusation. We are Instructed int he Scriptures to be Sober and Watchful. There is nothing good that comes out of being Drunk whether it is in the Natural or in the Spirit. There is a major difference between the Joy of the Lord and being in a Spiritual Drunken Stupor which is a form of Judgment from God.

    And there is a Big Difference between being set Free where a Person’s Spirit Comes Alive and Lawlessness where believers in Jesus Christ operate in an Independent Manner from Christ. Walking after the Flesh rather then be Led by the Spirit of God.

    It is time for those who have been apart of this so Called Renewal to Wake Up and Come out of your Drunken Stupor. Wake Up!! What is needed in this hour is a Great Awakening. Even the Elect Can be Deceived for a Season.

    Jezebel who told everyone what they wanted to Hear in an attempt to keep peace and establish some form of unity in her Husbands Kingdom was a Master Politician. Jezebel saw Elijah as being a Trouble Maker creating division in Her Husbands Kingdom. False Unity is nothing more then a Time Bomb Waiting to Go Off. How much of this Garbage will a Person Tolerate for the Sake of Unity (False Unity)? Are you afraid of Losing Your So Called Friends (Ministerial Connections)??

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