Branson outbreak

Corrie Ten Boom was flying over Missouri.  She looked down on the Branson area and spontaneously burst out a declaration—the Glory of God is going to breakout to the nation from here!”   The person seated beside her was stunned.

Corrie Ten Boom

Add to this testimony a stockpile of dreams, visions and prophetic words about God’s glory overshadowing this famous resort city.

Last April, I came to Branson for the first time in my life.  I was preaching at a wonderful convention for the International Convention of Faith Ministries.  The meetings were incredible!

While in Branson, I reconnected with some dear friends who lead Jubilee Christian Center in West Branson.  Over breakfast, Dale and Jeanie Daly dropped a bomb on me:  “You need to come to Branson!”

I searched for a way to tactfully explain that Branson did not fit the profile of a Living Proof Crusade.  We invade at risk cities and centers of gang and drug activity not resorts.  Instead, God commanded me to be still and listen to the heart of these precious people.

All I could do is promise to pray.   That was enough for them.   So I prayed and received one of the top surprises of my life:  The Holy Spirit made it plain.  I was to come to Branson in on August 23 and expect an eruption of His glory.

I began asking “why?”   Then it hit me.  This is one of the last places in America that steadfastly remains family friend.   (Disney certainly cannot say that now that they are one degree above Las Vegas.)  As a bastion of family, Branson is an endangered species.


Dale and Jeannie copyThe looming moral disaster of America is coming to us through people; people who would like nothing better than to erase all that is decent and wholesome.   Branson looks more and more out of place

Most people who come to Branson love America.  They come to escape the sadness of our decaying nation.  They come in search of an America they once knew—an America that was stolen and they wonder, “Who took away my country?”

They take in the shows and the attractions, but eventually they have to go home.  That is when a deep sadness hits them.  They must return to the real America and the brief escape only serves to deepen the pain.

Why Branson?  It is the heartland of America.  Why now.  We are running out of time to turn this nation back to God.   There is a cry to God for national awakening that is going to be answered here.

Forget the fact that I am preaching in Branson.  That is not important.  Dismiss in your mind that this is another invitation to a meeting.  This blog is not an advertisement–it is an attempt to get you to link hearts with me for Branson.

If you can drive to this monumental event…do it!  Everyone who reads this should pray for these nights. I know that something is going to happen.  I know that loved ones will be saved and incurable disease will vanish.   We are only a few days away from something epic for the Kingdom of God.

Living Proof Branson ad


  1. Praise God for all you have done in Brandon. We are Praying for a Revival for the year of 2016!! Thank you and Mechile for the sacrifices you have made to be here.

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