There is a moment: The Branson Report


There is a moment: The Branson Report

By Mario Murillo

There is a moment when the power of God can actually stun an audience into silence; a moment when people give each other a knowing look—a look that says, “This is not going to fade with time, no one will ever be able to talk me out of what I just saw.”  That moment came tonight.

It is 6 PM and already clear that this is not an ordinary meeting.  The sanctuary is not just filled with people; it crackles with the presence of God.  One look will tell you the vast difference between a crowd of spectators and a people who draw on the Holy Spirit.

Barriers break right before our eyes.  Leaders sit with their people, with other leaders and their people—only now they know they are only God’s people.  This is a display of unity unheard of in Branson.  For example, Billie Brim has cancelled her Sunday event to support this meeting.

The worship songs begin.  Every note rises out of a sincere heart.  The people give themselves unreservedly to God. Time stands still.  The people are lost in Him.  Now they are ready for the word of the Lord.

I start preaching.  Everything is going into their spirit so fast that not one word can fall to the ground.  They want truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  No fillers or compromise is allowed.

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The Holy Spirit causes me to issue a warning and a decree. “Fire is coming on you,” I say…fire is that going to take you back to the very beginning to restore your faith…you will revisit the promises of God that you thought had died.”

I am watching Pastors weeping.  I am seeing discouragement chased out of the building.  I am seeing the birth a new conviction that revival is at the door.  Young and old now unite hearts for a divine take over.

Then it happened—that moment that I told you about in the beginning of this report.   I am led to a woman to my right.  Before I say another word you must understand my dilemma.  You are about to hear about a healing.  That healing was preceded by a detailed description of every last drop of disease that was in her body.  So complete and accurate was the word that silence fell on the audience.

“You have a ventricle in your heart that is damaged.  You have diabetes.  You have neuritis in both feet but mostly on the arch of your left foot.  The disorder in the base of your spine is causing agony in your right hip. Three times in your life you almost died and in one instance you could easily have been pronounced dead”

This is a moment of truth so intense that in the next breath I will either be run out of town as a total fraud or the fuse of revival will be lit.

Her family and friends started the fireworks.  Never in my ministry have I felt more unworthy or surer that I had nothing to do with a healing.

Jesus removed every ailment that was described.  She stood before all of the people supernaturally healed of everything!

Many, many more things happened after this but the bottom line is that they left the meeting convinced that a great move of God has started in Branson.  Into the wee hours reports of God’s power spread on social media.

There is no telling what will happen tomorrow night but it is all summed up by the actions of one young man who boldly declared his repentance and surrender to “What I saw was simply too real for me to stay unsaved.”


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8 thoughts on “There is a moment: The Branson Report

  1. All glory to God, Mario! A specific word of healing for the woman in the audience and the specific result of the young man wanting to give His heart to the Great Healer. Miracles so people will see, understand, and believe. “Now when He was in Jerusalem at the Passover, during the feast, many believed in His name when they saw the signs which He did.” – John 2:23.

  2. I grew up in the presence of God with my father having a healing ministry he has been gone since 1995. I would love to be in a service where God is moving like I am reading on here come to Dallas!

  3. I can’t imagine anybody hungry for God and revival in the Branson, MO area missing this! I moved my ministry to Branson this year with the expectation of seeing revival launch. After 25 years of ministry I’m zealous about doing whatever I can to serve that vision. God is using Mario powerfully! Let’s clear our schedules as much as we can and contend together for an outpouring!

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