News that we all can use: The Branson Outbreak will continue.

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News that we all can use: The Branson Outbreak will continue.

By Mario Murillo

I left the building with a question burning in my soul.  What does this manifestation of God’s glory mean?  More to the point, what does this have to do with this volatile moment in history?

We are watching the whole world quake.  The triggers to Armageddon are everywhere.  Will it be North Korea, Russia, China, Iran or Syria that will ignite flames that will engulf the earth?  Is America sinking into an economic pit and never rise again?

We are swirling in a whirlpool of signs, omens, predictions and threats.  When have you seen atheists and prophets echo the same prediction?  Why do they all think something bad is going to happen in mid-September?

The people who packed Jubilee Christian Center last night left one planet and entered another.  They left a world of chilling headlines, heartache and pain to enter the Glory of God.  Yes!  It was simply that: an overarching cloud of Glory that gave them power, joy and peace.

Branson preaching

The choruses they sang were swallowed up by the song of the Lord.  English became a secondary language.  The Lord of Glory Himself seemed to be joying over us.

How deeply did Jesus touch these people?  When I told them the meetings were going on it was bedlam of Biblical proportions.  I have never seen an audience more overcome with gratitude.

So many miracles broke out that it would fill a dozen blogs.   So let me summarize it by telling you about one woman.  She told us she had cancer surgery three times and they had removed three massive tumors.  Now they found a fourth tumor and she could not bear to go through this nightmare again.  In each case, they had used chemotherapy and it ravaged her body.


The Holy Spirit overwhelmed, instructed me and told me to do something bolder than ever before.  We had never met until that moment that I asked her to stand.  Every eye was glued to this moment.  I said “chemotherapy.”  She knew it was her moment to receive!  But the word did not stop there.  I told her—by the power of the Holy Spirit—this is your fourth cancer.

That is all it took for the power of Jesus to drench her and restore her completely!

Come back to this blog later tonight because I have so much more to tell you.


One thought on “News that we all can use: The Branson Outbreak will continue.

  1. Go! Continue manifesting the glory of the risen Jesus, Son of God. I’m so happy for the word of knowledge that ignited faith and for God to glorify our Savior here and now.

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