Are we watching history unfold right before our eyes?


Are we watching history unfold right before our eyes?

By Mario Murillo

I walked out of the meeting last night in Branson reeling under conviction.  Tonight shook me to my core.  It is not that I have not seen great meetings before—I have seen astonishing healings and massive altar calls—but I have never seen all of the elements of awakening together in one room, at one time. Never!

Let me go further…I have never seen a night that carried this kind of fire power.  This has the aroma of answered prayer; unspeakable yearnings that have bombarded heaven for decades.

For those who must know, yes, there were wonderful healings.  One woman who was told to go home and die by doctors received faith to be healed.  Cancer ravaged her body, specifically her leg.   I saw the moment that faith obliterated fear.  She stood and walked in open defiance to the disease.  Her act of faith ignited others.  Soon we were watching militant ministry.  People overcome by compassion started praying for others.  At least 50 people confessed that they had been healed.

Now the floodgates of salvation opened wide.  A surging billow of holy love swept over the people and washed them up to the front of the building where they sobbed their way to Christ.


I took a fleeting look at the audience.  Tears of gratitude flowed from the faces of saints who had not seen this kind of fire and glory in 40 years.

As I said, I walked out reeling under conviction.  Are we watching history unfold right before our eyes?  What caused my inner agony is that I knew all too well the answer to that question: It all depends.  Can we keep the hand of man from reclaiming this revival the way the weeds reclaim abandoned towns?  Will hidden agendas surface and swallow the move like a sink hole?

What will the epitaph say?  Will it be death by emotionalism, legalism, hedonism or pride? It was at this moment that it became so clear that this act of God should not end… that my first duty was to keep evil at bay while staying out of the way.

A great and mighty revelation struck me.  The Moravian revival that began on August 13th, 1727 in Germany lasted 100 years.  It led John Wesley to Christ.  It featured the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, unceasing prayer and sent out more Protestant missionaries than the entire church had in 200 years.  It is a testimony of a movement that never stopped praying and obeying.

Most people do not realize that Henry Ford did not invent the automobile and Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb.  Both inventions came decades before.  What they did, was to create sustainable versions of the car and light bulb.  That is why we remember them.

Our  task is clear in Branson.  Seek sustained revival…if we can lose ourselves to the Holy Spirit then we can see history—nation changing history—unfold before our eyes.  What will the meeting be like tonight?

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3 thoughts on “Are we watching history unfold right before our eyes?

  1. Dear Mario, Blessed is the Lord in His works, and His Spirit blows where He wills. He now impresses me to say: Orthodoxy is the sustenability of the mighty Branson revival, and nothing else. Orthodoxy is the stronghold of the Spirit. Orthodoxy alone can keep the hand of man `from reclaiming this revival the way the weeds reclaim abandoned towns`.

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