An American wake up call

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An American wake up call

By Mario Murillo

A locust-like cloud of mountain renaming, climate-science changing, grievance industry law suits, race baiting, heterophobia, flag burning, random beatings of citizens and cop-killing have descended on us.  They are all connected—they are all tentacles from the same beast.

As I write this, BIG GAY is bussing its storm troopers to a small town in Missouri.

Here’s why: Two hundred students protested to keep a boy that “self-identifies” as a woman–but is still anatomically male—from going in the girl’s locker room.  Turns out the girls don’t want his anatomicals in their dressing area.  Somehow, in the mind of secular progressives, his intrusion into their showers supposedly ranks up there with Rosa Parks sitting in the front of the bus.

So the activists are coming to the football game in retaliation.  Only, it is not retaliation… it is premeditated bullying—it’s a staged event.  Likewise,Black Lives Matter taunts by design.  Their chants of “kill the police” are strategic.  It is low-grade ISIS tactics.

America, your wake up call is this:  His fullness Obama is pleased with the multifaceted undoing of order and civility.  He is overseeing the demolition of democracy.   But there is something even darker at work: systematic Christian persecution.

On June 25, I posted this prediction: “The Holy Spirit made it clear that persecution against Christians is going to spike in the United States in the next few months.  He also made it clear that this would touch off a towering flow of miracles of healing.”

Now let me state that at the time there was little reason to expect this prediction to be fulfilled.  Experts said that the Supreme Court would not legalize same sex marriage.  On top of that…gay leaders assured us that they would not take legal action against Christians if same sex marriage prevailed.  The court did and the activists did.

For the first time in American history, Kim Davis sits in jail for being a Christian.  I solemnly warn you that a much larger wave of government abuse of Christians is on the way.

However, the last half of the prediction is: A towering flow of miracles of healing.   That is happening!  Something amazing going on in Branson, Missouri: A nuclear explosion—inside a church building!   You heard right.

An innocent church building that was minding its own business has been commandeered for revival. From here, shock waves of Glory are crashing into Branson and parts unknown.

Crowds are forming as early as 4:30 every night get seats at Jubilee Christian Center.  Reports of divine healings and dramatic conversions replace local gossip over lunch counters, in stores, and at schools.

Branson 5

John Burton took this picture just as a miracle happened.  He said on his Facebook page later, “I have not seen this kind of raw supernatural power in many years.”

How can I describe Living Proof Branson to you?   It is an explosion that keeps on exploding.   Word spread.  In one night the audience doubled and is about to double again.  Something happened in the people; it has become the trademark of Living Proof Branson.  Hundreds of hearts become one beating heart—a heart with unending passion for Jesus.

The reports of healings are staggering.  Healings of cancer, diabetes, and every other kind of malady have been reported.

After the meetings, into the wee hours, postings about God’s power spread through social media.  Post after post confirms healings and extols the power of God in the meetings and compels people to come to the meetings.

I have had good meetings before—this is nothing like a good meeting.  This has all the elements of an awakening.  This is a fire that will not be put out and it can rage across America.  In other words, it is not a revival meeting…it is an American wake up call.


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3 thoughts on “An American wake up call

  1. It is ABSOLUTELY factual! The ‘buzz’ … it’s not just all over town, it is into numerous states as well as beyond the borders of America!!!
    The miracles; life transformations have been nothing short of miraculous from an all powerful God! He is moving in such force….people do not want to leave the premises!
    Continued telephone calls; people coming to the doors asking ….is it true? Is it still going on? I need to come! I need to bring ‘so & so’!
    We have heard repeatedly from Strong Prayer Warriors that have stormed heaven for the Branson area and beyond….that they have NEVER seen anything like this here before!
    I cannot encourage you enough….to get to the meetings; bring the unsaved; the disenfranchised; the sick; ….just come! A great awakening will not only begin in your life but in those around you!

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