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Something cataclysmic is going to hit America sometime between mid-September and mid-October. It doesn’t take a prophet to know this.  Atheists, economists, liberals, conservatives—who agree on nothing—are in agreement about this one thing:  Something bad is coming.

The only questions left are: How hard will we be hit and how prepared are we for what is coming.

I do not know how much influence I have over American preachers— nor do I care.   I am saying this strictly out of my conscience before God: He is summoning preachers to His presence.  He is turning His searchlight on secret sin.  I cannot urge my fellow ministers enough: Get alone with God and surrender to cleansing.  Many have sinned against the Word of God and the Holy Spirit!

Already there is widespread bankruptcy, sickness, and scandal (400 pastors are due to resign because a hacker exposed their names. They had registered at an adultery website.)

I sense that God is thinning the herd of so-called preachers because He is forging a new Gideon’s 300 to impact the nation.  I am warning compromisers: unless you repent—you will be removed.


The enemies of God are trying to wipe out the church. But since the Church is not a human creation but is built on the ROCK CHRIST JESUS, the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

American soil is soaked in prayer.  Revivals of old have left deep wells in this beloved country.  God will fight for America.  He will not just sit back and let her be destroyed.  Geysers of glory have erupted when our nation faced dire need.

Such a geyser has erupted in Branson, Missouri.  In fact, something has happened in Branson that will change this ministry forever.  

On August 23rd we began LIVING PROOF BRANSON.  Before I go any further, I must impress something on you.  You must get this part or else the true impact of my announcement will be lost: I MADE A VOW NEVER TO DO ANOTHER EXTENDED MEETING.  This was not a light decision—it was carved in stone.  No matter how amazing an event was, we do not stay one day longer than the original dates.

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For example, we had every reason to extend Yuba City.  Mayor John Dukes was opening the meetings in prayer.  Three wheelchairs were emptied in one night—most importantly…young souls found Christ in record numbers.   If ever an event screamed out to be extended it was Living Proof Yuba City.  And yet—right on schedule—we went on to our next assignment.

Branson is totally different.  A singular Glory has come to rest on these meetings.   This Glory has massive implications—implications that at first I did not want to face.  Each night, the Glory got stronger. Each night my inner conflict deepened.

Even so, my decision to leave Branson on time stood firm.  As a matter of fact, my resolve to leave intensified.  I had counted the cost.  The cost of extending Branson wasn’t high—it was impossible.

Imagine the conflict:  You are supposed to do something and yet you are fully cognizant that there is no way you can do it.

It was the last night of Living Proof Branson.  The room seemed to quake with God’s glory.   As the meeting progressed, piece after piece by piece, my objections fell off.  I had become a prisoner of a destiny that I could not explain.

Suddenly, I hear words tumbling out of my mouth.  These were not my words, they belonged to someone else…I was speaking in tongues in English.  I was as stunned as the crowd to hear myself announce that the meetings would continue.


At first there was silence—then pandemonium. The uproar continued until it felt like rolling thunder.  Once we made the commitment, God ran His bulldozer over everything that seemed impossible.

From this outlook in the Ozarks, God has chosen to take a nationwide stand against evil, perversion, addiction and counterfeit Christianity. The divine goal of these meeting is to bring America back to God.

Here is my announcement: For an indefinite season…Mario Murillo Ministries will be conducting supernatural rallies in Branson.  God’s plan is for the Holy Fire that is engulfing Branson to spread across America.

Pastors who come will bring fire back to their churches.  Impossible cases of sickness will be healed by the power of God.


God has chosen September 11th—a day that broke our spirit as a country—as the day that a new era of divine healing and deliverance will begin. It will be heaven over 9/11. 

My appeal to you is simple: Come to Branson.  See for yourself what God is doing.  Don’t come alone.  Bring those who need Jesus.  Bring those who need healing. Do not disobey the voice of the Holy Spirit.

If you come: We meet on Friday September 11th at 6:30 PM   After that we will meet every Sunday at 6 PM and Monday and Tuesday at 7 PM.  We are also holding Friday nights open for overflow meetings.

God has told me that this event in Branson is something we have all been waiting for.  God is moving in Branson to reverse our nation’s destruction.

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  1. All Glory to God for my physical healing on Aug.30. Best was that my faith was deepened and the Holy Spirit is continuing to blaze through me. I am convicted to spread His Holy FIre to everyone of my acquaintances. Pastor Gary McFadden is even more convicted to Miracles than ever before. The fire WILL spread all over this land. Halleluja! Thank you for being a blessed catalyst for the Lord and His wonders, Mario.

  2. I was thee at the start for 4 services and God’s Glory fell each service. I had to go home but am going back for 9/11 ans expecting to see many more souls won to Christ and miracles and wonders to follow.

  3. God moved my husband and I to Branson 10 years ago. As ministers we had not seen the whole vision of why. We just knew we had to be in Branson for “Such A Time As This” . God had ordained our footsteps. We began ministering as God lead. I obeyed God and lead two Prayer Walks over the City. We pray prayed for a out pouring of fire and Gods Glory upon the people of Branson. We took authority over the demonic forces in this areas skies and waterways. We prayed for every Theatre and Business in this town. We now are seeing the fruit of our labours. We have a ministry to the Entertainers here in Branson,”Branson Entertainers Fellowship” We know God has placed Mario here for it is now the time for the outpouring of Gods Fire & Glory. Thank you Mario for your obedience to come here. We will see you again Sept 11th. Everyone needs to get to Branson… Blessings 🙏🏻

  4. As the administrator over our intercessory prayer team, I am so pleased to see that you have decided to continue the meetings in Branson. Many years of fervent prayers, walking the land and taking it back for the Lord just like Joshua with every step we claimed it back for the Lord. Our intercessors have cried out to God, wept, travailed, called out the promises in Scripture and made declarations & decrees because we knew that God had spoken to us about Branson.

    Thank you for your obedience to the Lord to continue the meetings that will usher in the Third Great Awakening. I have seen visions of multitudes coming from the north, south, east and west into Branson. They were coming to find healing, wholeness and restoration. They will be restored in a way they never thought possible. Branson will also be a training area to prepare those who will evangelize the world.

    There is unity in this move of God that is manifesting. I pray that my trip number 12 to Branson will be an amazing experience, to see the fruit of the prayers and intense intercession come to life.

    Blessings, Linda Lee Vivian

  5. This is from my Husband Rick from a vision he had from the Holy Spirit on August 26 2015. We have this on our FB page Joel 3:1 – Dreams and Visions.
    Two nights ago, I apparently was talking out loud in while I slept. I spoke loud enough to wake Terry up. She tells me that she heard me saying “What is it what are you saying.” Terry told me that she asked me what was going on and tells me I said this. “God said I will shake the Ozarks.” I started to wake enough from speaking out to her, and I told Terry that God said I will shake the Ozarks and that His voice was mighty, powerful, and it sounded like a trumpet, shofar, as He spoke those words. We both fell back to sleep soon after this vision/dream.
    Terry spent some time yesterday looking at where exactly the Ozarks are located and she found that they are very close to the Madrid fault line, spanning 3 states. So what is the significance of the Ozarks? It appears that the Government has hundreds of “Bunkers” located there. Jesse Ventura even did a show about them some years ago.
    I always tie any word I hear back to the Bible. It is my belief that if it is from God, then I will find it in the Bible. Here is what I found.
    Isaiah 54:10 CJB For the mountains may leave and the hills be removed, but my grace will never leave you, and my covenant of peace will not be removed,” says Adonai, who has compassion on you.
    King James Bible
    Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea;
    Hebrews 12:26 King James Bible
    Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.
    Psalms 29:8
    The voice of the LORD shakes the wilderness; The LORD shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.
    Haggai 2:6
    “For thus says the LORD of hosts, ‘Once more in a little while, I am going to shake the heavens and the earth, the sea also and the dry land.
    Habakkuk 3:6
    He stood and surveyed the earth; He looked and startled the nations Yes, the perpetual mountains were shattered, The ancient hills collapsed His ways are everlasting.
    Ezekiel 38:20
    “The fish of the sea, the birds of the heavens, the beasts of the field, all the creeping things that creep on the earth, and all the men who are on the face of the earth will shake at My presence; the mountains also will be thrown down, the steep pathways will collapse and every wall will fall to the ground.
    Why shake them?
    to bring them to repentance
    to glorify Himself as God to unbelievers
    to demonstrate His sovereignty and authority over His creation.
    to bring people’s “desire” back to Him.
    to destroy those that reject Him
    So you can see, Gods “I will” Shake the Ozarks is a shaking of the mountains to bring this nation back to Him. Will this happen this September? I was not told this. God does not consult with me on when these events will happen. But know Men and Women, it will happen as He has said. Rick
    Perhaps the shaking is what you are doing there. Food for thought. Rick

  6. God bless you, Mr Murillo! Thank you for taking a stand and being one of the ministers that plays offense rather than defense. So glad to see what God is doing with you and your ministry. I read “Critical Mass” and “Fresh Fire” 25-ish years ago and they lit me up with a hunger for more of God that has never gone away. I just pulled Critical Mass off the bookshelf and looked through my underlines. It is so obvious God guided your hands/heart as you wrote those words. I will be praying for the meetings and hope to make it there.

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