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Slapping  the sleeping giant

By Mario Murillo  September 12, 2015 6PM  Branson MO

(This post is an excerpt taken from tonight’s message in Branson Missouri where the Glory of God is falling.”)

My posts rebuke and warn—people wonder, “Mario, what is your problem?”  My “problem,” is not what they think.  I do not suffer from fear or anger.    My problem is just the opposite: I suffer from Positive Militancy.   I see no excuse or reason that America cannot be greater than ever.  I see no reason why the believers in America shouldn’t and couldn’t lead the world in revival and soul winning.

The current situation drives me batty because it is all so fixable.  Our crisis is dangerous but it is a stupid danger and the stupidity is so unnecessary.

I am not negative or fearful.   My problem is that I serve a God who is limitless in power and wisdom.  His excellence infuses me with zeal to declare that we can be and do better.

To all Americans I say: There is no reason for us to cower before rogue governments or terrorists. We can restore our economy.  We can secure our borders.  We can fix our crumbling cities.

We have the best workers in the world.  We can treat them right.   We can fix our schools and educate our children.

I still believe we are still the land of the free and the home of the brave.  I still believe that there is greatness in our character but our sane voices are being drowned out by pill popping, pleasure seeking, clowns who self-identify as victims.

We can fire all of the clowns in Washington and put people of vision and patriotism in their place.  I am pulling my hair out because none of this is that hard…we have just been sold a lie.  We have had our confidence broken.  We are down but we are not out!  Wake up America!

To the American Church I say: I serve a God who is limitless in power and wisdom.  His excellence infuses me with zeal to declare that we can be and do better.   We can expose the god haters and their bankrupt ideas.  We are not supposed to sit down and shut up.   A weaker church with a smaller voice is not the new normal—it is blasphemy to think that!

If American Christians wake up…Satan doesn’t stand a chance.  If we get out of the way of the Holy Spirit, He will unload a barrage on evil that would be breathtaking!  An amoeba has a better chance of surviving on the surface of the sun than Satan to survive against God.

I believe that we can stop praying weak prayer and start praying prayers that would tear down the lies of Lucifer.  No pastor should ever have to make a decision based on fear or unbelief.

What is the matter with all of us?  We didn’t use to scare so easily.  Pastors didn’t use to seduce people into serving God.  We didn’t back down and we didn’t let ourselves starve on the table scraps of diluted preaching.

You don’t need to buy a generator or store tons of food.  You need to get in the war room.  Let God strip you of all of the stuff that this culture put on you.  Let Him infuse you with glory.  I know that we believe that perfect loves casts out fear but so does perfect fear!

Let me explain perfect fear…Isaiah went into pray crushed under a weight of care.  He was neutralized as a prophet.   No doubt he wanted an Ovaltine, a cookie and a pat on the head from God.  What he got was a display of God so terrifying that it scrambled his molecules!  He screamed in utter horror but he got the point: The thing to fear is God!

But I am not railing because our best days are gone forever.  It’s just the opposite.  I see no reason why we can’t have them back.  My resolve to get them back fuels my rebukes.

My writing is driven by equal parts urgency and faith.  I can’t hold back, the nation hangs in the balance and I can’t hold back because I know my God is mighty to save and His people are unstoppable when they obey.

Admiral Yamamoto led the attack on Pearl Harbor.  He felt deep anguish while Japan’s leaders congratulated him on a decisive victory.  He found out that Japan’s diplomats failed to deliver a final warning to Washington.  He said, “I know the Americans.  I went to their schools.  This will only anger them.  I fear that all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

I am trying to slap a sleeping giant.

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