The Branson Outbreak: You’ll have to see it to believe it.

youll have to see it

The Branson Outbreak:  You’ll have to see it to believe it.

By Mario Murillo

The atmosphere kills fear and destroys doubt.  An evangelist drove many miles to be here—not having a clue of what to expect.  Her last meeting went for 6 weeks and stopped—they ended it abruptly—because the people claimed they were tired.  This broke her heart because she believed it was to go on.

However, when she walked in the door to Jubilee Christian Center in Branson she instantly exclaimed, “The Glory is here!”  This is what she yearned for and fervently believed in: revival full of Glory keeps refreshing itself. 

Each meeting is completely different. Every night feels like the first night.  Do you think I am exaggerating?  The truth is—I am downplaying the real miracle of this meeting.  You should ask the people what they think.  You would be amazed by their eye-witness accounts.

Distance does not matter to this crowd.  To my right sat a couple that had driven 2,000 miles from Washington State.  Others had driven from Colorado.  Each came with a stunning account of God’s leading …and they left with an even greater testimony.

I have never seen unselfishness like this.  People are bringing people.  If only you could witness the way that they sit and expect healings for their loved ones.

God the Father is lavishing miracles on the people.  I have not seen this kind of raw power, so freely dispensed, on so many.   I stood in one section and instantly felt the sicknesses of ten people.  Ten people!

Do you see the picture of Mechelle and me standing beside Sandra?  This is the moment of her healing.    I told her that she nearly died from an accident as a young child…and that her accident ravaged 12 places in her body.


When she was two years old she fell down 3 flights of stairs and landed on a pile of rocks—when the family got to her she was dead.  Sandra somehow survived, but she lived had terrible pain for decades—that is, until last night

She was healed instantly.

The next picture shows her husband Larry.  I told him he had a blocked artery to his heart.  He looked shocked, for these were the very words that his doctor told him.    Now he received a new heart.


Sandra and Larry returned two days later.  They could not wait to tell the audience about how their lives were changed forever.

My favorite moment is when souls are saved. This night it was all men—grown men, who stood at the altar to be born again.  This fit the profile of this meeting which is to break all religious rules.

All of the clichés about the Bible belt are being broken here:

-They call Christianity a woman’s religion and yet here are the men marching to Christ.

-They say that pastors are bitterly divided here—we see them rejoicing as a loving extended family.  

-They say that folks around here are conservative about worship–these people will out praise young revivalists anywhere!

Now comes the part of the night where I begin to see the look—that look of excitement where eyes start dancing thinking about who they will bring to the next meeting.

I just reread what I wrote—and, as I feared—it feels woefully inadequate.  I knew that would happen.   That is why I named this blog; You’ll have to see it to believe it…because you will.

Monday and Tuesday night at 7 PM   Jubilee Christian Center  8537 State Hwy. 76, Branson West, MO 65737 (just a 1/2 mile west of the Silver Dollar City on Hwy 76)  Call 417 338 8537

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One thought on “The Branson Outbreak: You’ll have to see it to believe it.

  1. Just one thing I ask my heart burns cries out for an encounter with the Lord so Deep that I drown in His Unmeasurable Love. Please pray that I either encounter it here in Norway or God open a financial blessing that I can come. I know that in encountering His love my whole body will be healed as well. Thank You

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