Ultimate weapon

Revival is the ultimate weapon against the Obama agenda

By Mario Murillo

No one should be confused about what Obama’s agenda is doing.  It is demonically designed to destroy everything that made America great.  Once you get past the shock of that statement, you are ready to be a part of the cure.

It is time to wake up every intercessor, every prophet and apostle.  You need to see the great goal—the end game: Revival.  Revival in America would dismantle these anti-God policies.  Revival would wake up hearts in the State governments to reject Washington’s life-killing policies.

The true child of God cannot pin their hopes on the next election.  Both parties are poisoned.  Democratic leadership feverishly pursues an anti-Christian America.  Republican leadership is compromised by their need to hold on to the status quo.

John Boehner, Tom Graves

Revival—presented as a weapon to stop Obama, Hillary Clinton and the usual suspects—will no doubt make some who read this squeamish—but it has great historical precedent.

In history, a core of God’s people have been revived at desperate times to take a stand—first in prayer and then in action.

Praying down tyrants and their policies is a key part of our legacy as believers.  The Bible shows us Mordecai crying out to God to stop genocide—his prayer fueled the miracle of Esther.   We see Daniel fasting and praying—this catalyzed the king to decree the release of the Jews from captivity.  We see the New Testament saints calling out to God in passionate prayer—Saul of Tarsus is converted to Paul the Apostle.

It happened in London during the bombings in the Second World War. The Luftwaffe—the bomber and fighter planes of Hitler—were on their way to destroy England.  This was a battle that the Brits could not win…it was certain defeat.

Rees Howells was an intercessor who believed evil in society could be impacted by prayer.  He set himself to see intervention in the battle of Britain.  Norman Grubb said:

The next battle of intercession was over the air-raids, and the crisis of the “Battle of Britain”, when Goering made his great attempt to gain mastery of the air in preparation for the invasion of England.

In each of these vital matters, nothing was left to chance or a shot-in-the-dark type of praying. Everything was examined in God’s presence and motives were sifted, until the Holy Spirit could show His servant intelligently that there was an undeniable claim for prayer to be answered. Then faith would stand to the claim and lay hold of the victory; and there would be no rest until he had God’s own assurance that faith had prevailed and victory was certain.

Mr. Churchill, in his War Memoirs, gives September 15 as “the culminating date” in that Battle of the Air. He tells how he visited the Operations Room of the R.A.F. that day and watched as the enemy squadrons poured over and ours went up to meet them, until the moment came when he asked the Air Marshal, “What other reserves have we?” “There are none,” he answered, and reported afterwards how grave Mr. Churchill looked, “And well I might,” added Mr. Churchill.

Then another five minutes passed, and “it appeared that the enemy were going home. The shifting of the discs on the table showed a continuous eastward movement of German bombers and fighters. No new attack appeared. In another ten minutes the action was ended.” There seemed no reason why the Luftwaffe should have turned for home, just at the moment when victory was in their grasp. But we know why.

After the war, Air Chief Marshal Lord, Dowding, Commander-in-Chief of Fighter Command in the Battle of Britain, made this significant comment: “Even during the battle one realized from day to day how much external support was coming in. At the end of the battle one had the sort of feeling that there had been some special Divine intervention to alter some sequence of events which would otherwise have occurred.”

jmOneNationUnderSocialism 001

Divine intervention is now as desperate for America as it was for England in the Great War.  We do not have a Hitler without, we have a president within.  We have not yet faced bombs…but the devastation is just as real.   The policies of the White House are as destructive as enemy bombers.

But there is great hope if we act now!  Pastors, do not wait for your denomination to feel urgency.  People, don’t wait for a reluctant pastor to form fiery prayer cores.

Revival cannot be a church-growth tool.  It cannot be for emotional pleasure.  Its purpose is much higher and deeper than these trivial pursuits!  It is the retaliation of heaven against the onslaught of godless policies.  It is the tool of our deliverance from destruction.

However, if you are still laboring under the delusion that Washington is just misguided and this is simply a matter of political opinion—you will not see revival—you are not feeling the heartbeat of God.

But what about preaching the Gospel?  I do that every night.  There will never be a meeting without a soul-winning appeal.  However, it is because of souls that we must defeat Obama.  His policies have turned evangelism into a hate crime.  He means to snuff out the light of the Gospel that goes out from America to the rest of the world.  That is why his policies are the target of revival.

We cannot seek revival lightheartedly.  We dare not desire it for selfish ends.  We cannot afford to be divided by stupid disagreements.  Find common ground or lose your nation—it is as simple as that.

In Branson, we are watching a weapon being forged every night.  These mighty warriors are not coming to be blessed but to contend for one nation under God.

The healings are wonderful but that is not the goal.  The amazing presence of God is indescribably wonderful but that is also not the goal.  These people see that Satan’s plan to dismantle America is the target and tearing down those strongholds is the goal—it is the prime directive.

The Branson meetings are officially lethal to Satan because the people see it as a weapon to undo what Obama is trying to do to America and Israel. Period.

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  1. Excellent article.. I am a Brit with an American heart.. I am coming to Branson in October, will you still be there? Your word at Prayer mountain was powerful… I am an intercession with a passionate love for America and her people…

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