By Mario Murillo

Woman blinded by glaucoma and cataracts healed.  Doctor: “Your vision is now 20/20.” Read why what is happening in Branson matters to you.

It matters to you because this event is breaking some very important molds.  It matters to you because it is real.  It matters to you because this event focuses—not on emotional gyrations, gold dust, oil stains or angels—but on Christ.

It matters to you because it confronts the godless agenda coming out of Washington.  This core of supernatural soldiers believes that America can—once again—be one nation under God.  The Branson Outbreak belongs to every child of God who ever breathed a prayer for national revival.  This is the inheritance of every intercessor who has cried out for mercy on America.

But the biggest reason that this Branson Outbreak matters goes much deeper.  Many—and I mean many—credible voices have experienced something supernatural while they visited this city.  Each of them felt compelled to prophesy this very specific prediction: Out of Branson will come a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  This torrent of prophecy is crowned by none other than Corrie Ten Boom who—while flying over Branson, not knowing what city it was below her—felt the need to blurt out, “The Glory of God will go out to the world from this place.”

The Glory has been the feature of this series of meetings.  It was while this woman sat in the Glory—hours before there was a meeting—that a shaft of light hit her eyes and healed them.  In very dim lighting, she began to read, with perfect vision, chapter after chapter of the Bible.

People no longer believe they are coming to hear a man.  They are making a pilgrimage into the Glory.  They come—with loved ones in tow—to receive miracles and power.   They drink deeply of the joy of the Lord.  They are ruined for religion and leave with unshakable resolve to touch lives all around them.

The Branson Outbreak matters to you because it is revolutionizing pastors.  They have come from Seattle, Nashville, and Naples, Florida. They are here from Minnesota, Kentucky, Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.  They bring wounded hearts and burned out vision.  They receive what they need and leave full of power and fresh fire.

Already the prophetic words are being fulfilled with much, much more to come.  In fact, the move has already gone international—people are now coming to Branson from England.

I have waited mass email

“I HAVE WAITED ALL OF MY LIFE TO SAY THIS TO YOU.  All of my life, it has come so close I could taste it.  Endless times, all of the elements were there…but at a key moment, something would sabotage it.  Some disqualifying factor would always appear at the finish line—some man-made obstacle would jump up—just as the miracle was about to be born.

Just in case it ever did happen, I had the words ready; I knew exactly what I would say if I ever got the chance to say it; I have never been able to say it.”  Do you remember when I wrote these words?  Well, I did get to make my announcement.

When Billye Brim asked me to speak at Prayer Mountain, I knew that was where I would make this historic announcement.   Billye Brim was the force behind Kenneth Hagin’s books.  She has been a mighty voice for faith and revival for decades.   Most of all, she has carried the prophecy and prayers for revival in Branson for 21 years.  This awakening is a part of her inheritance!

Prayer mountain

So it was that last Sunday Afternoon—words that I have waited a lifetime to say came forth— “We are no longer waiting for revival.  It is here!”

It is with great excitement that I tell you that the meetings at Jubilee in Branson will go on!  Friday September 25th at 7 PM…and Sunday September 27th at 6 PM.  Call 417 338 8537

Week 5



  1. I so wept deeply from heart as I read this. I sit here in Norway broken by the Love of God crying out More of You Lord More of You. I had wished that I could come but my finances have not allowed me to come. My body cries out for healing from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet literally. Yet my Greatest Cry is Jesus I need you more. That people would be enraptured by you if ever I get to preach again. Lord Explode in Branson let Your Glory Come and see what Jesus has done for us that we can give You Glory. A Wounded Warrior Peter Tkaczyk Isdalstø. Norway

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